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Friday, December 30, 2005

There are several different factions fighting it out for control of world domination..

The groups and leaders as I see it:

Islam - Maitreya

Talmud - NWO - Bush

Christianity - Sananda & Germaine

New Age - Hatonn, "Christ Michael"

I have been feeling this huge, huge beast in my spirit lately, it's very violent, and it's rising to the point where it's disarming nations and countries and then sending it's rapists in to breed terror and fear and violence. This is Islam.

I've never known Maitreya to be associated with Islam, but if you look at his past appearances he's appeared in Arabic countries. Not only that, he's just as vicious as they are and he's Arab. He's not "Mohammad" although maybe he'll claim to be later, but he's not a Jew either and yet he will dominant the world scene.

Islam is a beast. A total beast. I wish I could describe the fear, terror, and violence this is and has brought to the world, for some reason the Lord is grabbing my attention to it more than ever now. I have already put up a website on Islam several months ago at

Everywhere they go violence errupts. They are the pawns of Satan. Rape breeds fear and that is what Satan thrives off of, the energy from fear. The more energy, the more powerful he becomes, and can become..and that's why the world in the last days is such a place of terror, fear, wickedness and violence. He needs it for power.

Countries are growing powerless over their inability to stand against Islam and the violence it brings because the leaders are part of it. They're all into the brotherhood of evil so they may not like each other but if it's evil they'll protect it.

I was thinking today perhaps this is one of the reasons Yah is moving His people into safe havens for now. Islam's violence and gangs of rapists are coming to America.

Where are His shepherds and why aren't they moving to protect His sheep? Where are these with riches and great wealth? Have they stored up the storehouses for His people in the coming times?

I have heard from people in Canada, Australia and Argentina who are establishing safe havens for the Lord's people or are being led to. He's moving His true shepherds and those who are His to begin preparation of havens. Just as He has with me for America.

Time is short. The violence is coming. The Antichrist is coming.

Are you prepared or helping others prepare? Seek the Lord in all things and Listen to His Spirit guiding you.

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