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Saturday, December 24, 2005

I just posted a new article on How To Stop Alien and Military Abductions and Attacks at

The Lord never leaves us defenseless against those who seek to harm us. We're called to be overcomers, not victims to our enemies. He wants us to defeat our enemies and He will help us and show us how to do that, we just have to seek Him.

Many people freak and get paranoid when they believe they are all of a sudden being followed, or they're suffering from attacks such as ELF attacks (dizziness, headaches, painful chest pains) or becoming a victim of any of the military's black technology they use against believers, Christians and Patriots.

We can fight them. We can protect ourselves. And He's showing us how and telling us what to do if you'll listen.

I've been dealing with this stuff for at least 6 years now if not longer and just when I think I've seen it all something new pops up. Some things we just have to put up with, like an invasion of privacy, but others we don't.


I hear from alot of people who just don't want to celebrate the pagan holiday of Christmas yet find themselves embroiled in family disputes and fighting because of it.

Then you hear of all these Christians fighting and appalled because they are taking Christ out of Christmas.

Christ isn't in Christmas to begin with. They should take Him out and quit mocking and using His name to commercialize off of Him and compromise with the pagans.

"We're just celebrating His birthday." Well His birthday was back in September/October, others would argue it was even earlier than that, in the Spring. Obviously it wasn't in December. December 25 commemmorates Mithra's birthday. The Sun God. So naturally all the Christians who worship the Sun-God on Sunday would feel compelled to celebrate his birthday. They worship a different Jesus than the Jesus of the Bible yet insist they don't.

How many of these same Christians who are so insistent on celebrating "His birthday" a man-made tradition are going to be celebrating His Passover in March/April a commanded feast and appointed time of His? Are they doing what they're told to do or just doing what they want to do?

We're told to keep His appointed times and feasts. Those were not abolished or cancelled. His apostles still kept them after Jesus/Yahushua arose from the dead. The early believers kept them as well and we're going to be keeping them during the Millennial Reign. Keeping them was never to stop, yet the churches stopped it and adopted man-made traditions and replaced His appointed feasts with Christmas trees, bunnies and turkeys. Say what???

Where The Churches Went Wrong: The Deception of the Ages

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