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Thursday, December 15, 2005

My interview with Gianna Hayes for last night was sabotaged. I couldn't use my phone. I had internet access just fine, but couldn't call out on my phone or receive phone calls. I had over $30 worth of books that I had sent to her "lost" at the USPS and now it is apparently at the Pittsburgh bulk mail center.

If it's at the Pittsburgh bulk mail center, how can it be lost? They sent me a piece of the original envelope I had mailed the material in with the send and return addresses neatly cut out in one huge piece, nice of them eh.

Not to mention during my own radio show 2 weeks ago I lost my phone connection with about 5-10 minutes to go while I was talking to a caller from Canada about chemtrails.

The problem even with going to taped messages on my website(s) is bandwidth and going through excessive amounts of it. Right now it's Reality Radio Network handling the bandwidth for the radio shows, when I stop doing the shows and go solely to taping messages on my websites I will be picking up all of the bandwidth usage by those downloading the messages to hear them.

It could turn out to be a nightmare in bandwidth fees. But I'll do what I always do, trust in Yah to take care of the bills.

I do appreciate those who support this ministry. I couldn't do it without you. And I know the names of every person who supports this ministry because there are relatively few. I love each one of you.

But it seems with millions of hits a month to my websites and radio shows, and audio messages, I shouldn't even have to worry about bills. At all. Yet every month I don't know if the bills will be paid or not until the very last day most of the time. It gets tiring.

I need more people who will step up and support this ministry on a monthly basis. My bills are getting larger and I'm tired of living on the wire ready to fall off at any time.

I'm here for the Lord's people. I need them to be there for me as well. I can't keep on without their support.

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