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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

An amusing story..

This morning when I was waking up and still laying in bed the thoughts of personal hygiene products came to mind, like soap, shampoo, toothpaste etc..and so I figured it was the Lord telling me to get stocking again because I've let it go over the past couple of months and I just haven't spent the money on it I've been using it to cover the usual expenses etc..well I went to the Post Office later and a friend of the Lord's had sent me a donation basically stating, "this is for supplies only, not your websites or radio show, just supplies." LOL. I got a kick out of that. I love how Yah works.

There's many things at my survival pages at that I still need to get and stock up on so I thank Yah for His people and for thinking about me. Also I don't know about your areas, but in this one we have a dollar store that carries all kinds of personal products, even canned and boxed food and all kinds of stuff you can stock up on. I usually stay away from mainstream grocery stores when it comes to stocking. They're to expensive.

A lot of generous donations this month from friends of the Lord's and I thank you and have asked the Most High to bless you. I love you all.

I for one am thrilled I haven't had to use the ceramic heaters I bought back in October for this winter. I have them in storage so at least I won't have to worry about stocking those again, if I need them next year I'll have them. Originally it wasn't looking good for this winter at all and the Lord had me preparing for that, better to be prepared and them change their wicked plans than be caught off-guard.

Every time I expose their plans they change them. The surprise factor seems to be very huge in their agenda. They like to surprise people with attacks and destructions, they don't want them forewarned and prepared in advance.

That's why I always encourage people to ask the Lord Himself what to do, what they will need for their particular area. To have Him lead them. Because it's not the same for all of us usually, what some people experience or may run into, others don't and won't.

A lot of the Lord's people are busy on the orgone and seeing for themselves how amazing it is.

Something that's been hitting me lately and it's not a Word from the Lord or anything but knowing what I know about their plans I thought I'd mention it. Hopefully by even exposing their plans on this Avian Flu they will do the usual and cancel it and go on to something else. But if this Avian Flu hits like they plan it too, and hard, then multi-millions could die here. They will spread it through chemtrails, and like I've said before, chemtrails can't penetrate orgone saturated areas. But that still leaves a huge problem folks, areas that do get hit by chemtrails and the people who touch things the chemtrails have affected or laid on, will spread it around with their hands by contaminating objects with their contaminated hands...and possibly into your chemtrail-free area.

The way to survive is by wearing masks and gloves. The Lord may have some of His people lock themselves up in their homes for a couple of months and not leave them.

The wicked plan to have this Avian Flu hitting hard in/by March. If the Lord tells you to stay inside your home for 3 months are you prepared? Time to get prepared just in case. Some of you may be lead to leave your area(s) completely. Maybe for a few days, weeks, months. I don't know. I just know it's important to listen to your spirit at all times and what the Lord is leading you to do no matter how crazy it seems. If it's Him He'll keep telling you over and over and leading you in what to do. He won't "go away" He'll keep at you and trying to get your attention so you know it's Him.

The months March, April, and May are the ones to watch for for attacks of any kind by the wicked.

That's all I'm calling them anymore, they drive me nuts, they're all wicked, New Age, New World Order, factions here, factions there...they're all wicked.

And they're all darn right too, I WILL BE HERE TO FIGHT THEM when they arrive. Lord willing of course. I know it worries them or they wouldn't even mention me and what awaits them (by me) in their writings and channelings to their deceived followers. Well guess what? Their followers ARE waking up to the lies and games and deceptions of these "Ascended Freaks." I'm hearing from them and they are hearing the real Lord trying to get their attention. Amen!!

They have such big plans on their grand entrances to earth and how they're just going to come and dominate and control everything here...HAHAHA...look how fast Ramon Watkins was shut down..Ramon who?

These Alien Ascended freaks haven't seen anything yet.

I'm ready for them!

I seem to have lost my annoying frequent astral projector/remote viewer. I warned you, I warned all of you..stay out of my house. No he's not gone because of me, the LORD HIMSELF took care of him.

I had much patience. Yah took care of it. Enough was enough.

Don't mess with Yah!

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