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Monday, January 16, 2006

Is the real Dick Cheney dead and gone? Apparently there are reptilians who claim the real one was tortured, eye-gouged, and beheaded. And the Cheney we are seeing now is just a soul-scalped clone.

Of course those who run the New Age such as Christ Michael, Sananda and other freaks have always claimed that Bush Jr., Laura, and Cheney were clones. Is the real Bush dead to or is he just so possessed he has no control of himself or anything at all but what they allow him to have?

People who get involved with the occult, secret societies and New Age do NOT have a happy ending. There is no peace and real love in anyone or anything but the Most High God Himself.

People who voluntarily allow themselves to become soul-scalped by alien or demonic beings such as the rich and famous (for more power and wealth) and even channelers for these beings suffer horrible deaths and then eternity in the lake of fire where they will suffer the affects of being burned alive forever and ever, but never cease to exist. They have to suffer in relentless pain for eternity. That's their reward for serving Satan and his deceivers. And most won't learn until it's too late what really awaits them.

They expect luxury and great wealth in the next life for everything they did for the scumbags in this one. What next life? You have this life and then judgment. They laugh and mock those of us who try and warn them and then find out to late we weren't so crazy after all.

In order for Satan to spend so much time trying to discredit something, don't you think the thing he's trying to discredit then actually exists? Of course it does.

He created eons of false religions and idol gods to just try and discredit the One that is correct. The One he can never stamp out, century after century, year after year. The best he can do is keep people away from the truth by blinding them with his lies and mockeries so that they won't realize what is the truth. And that's why there are so many secret societies and occult groups. The more deceived the merrier for Lucifer.

Mankind was redeemed through Jesus/Yahushuah's death on the cross and resurrection. He defeated death. He arose and walked the earth for 40 days before He ascended into heaven. And no other imitation religion out there offers salvation or eternal life in heaven unless they have accepted Yahushuah's redemption and walk in His ways.

Yes there are alot of religions they teach the return of a Messiah, or madhi to mimmick the real return of Yahushuah to judge and destroy this earth. They are Satan's mimmicks to lull the gullible into sleep and damnation from finding the real truth in Yahushuah.

Who else's grave is empty? None others. None.

Most of these false religions are welcoming the return of their messiah(s) to restore earth or bring peace, prosperity, blah blah.. they were established and set up by Satan to expect the return of a messiah so that when he brings his New Age alien agenda to earth they will accept these phonies as their long-awaited messiahs.

And most in the world will be completely fooled by this. By seeing their mahdi, or buddha, they will find legitimization in their religion that it was correct, or the real one.

They were set up and deceived and will be until their deaths and they find out nothing awaits them but the lake of fire for rejecting the truth as it is in Yahushuah and the Most High God.

Don't believe me. At least start asking for the Most High God to reveal the truth to you in all things. Does eternity mean anything to you?

And it doesn't matter if you are moslem, hindu, buddhist, start asking the Most High God to reveal the truth to you in all things.

The Most High God created heaven and earth. Go to Him direct.

I challenge you to do it for 10 days. Every day ask Him to reveal the truth to you in all things and mark it on your calendar as each day passes. 10 days. If you are sincerely looking for the truth He will lead you to it.

Many people today are becoming 'star seed.' Another term for 'light beings.' What exactly is that? It means they have been soul-scalped and their souls have been replaced by alien/demonic beings.

It means that person's body is still alive and active on earth doing what they were doing before, but now instead of being that particular person, it is something else inhabiting that person's body.

This is becoming more and more prevalent today.

People involved in secret societies and New Age doctrines are opening themselves up more and more to soul-replacement. They invite demons into them for more power, or invite aliens into them to speak through them (channeling), and this paves the way for a complete soul-scalping or soul-replacement.

Where do those peoples souls go? Perhaps they are outright killed, or thrown into the astral realm to live until their bodies here on earth die. In the astral realm they are hunted and abused and eaten for food. Their astral bodies are the same as the one they had on earth, but now they are stuck in a prison realm, a holding tank until they are killed to then face judgment.

This stuff is happening. And it's happening with more and more frequency as we head into the arrival of Satan on earth as the Antichrist.

I've heard our government agencies, all of them, such as the NSA, FDA, DOE, all of them are being run by soul-scalped humans. The reptilians are replacing the souls of many of these humans and running these agencies as the Directors, Secretaries, etc..

And it's not just politics. Who/what do you really think people like Pat Robertson really are? Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland...

And there's not a thing they can do to me to keep me from getting this information out. I serve and I am protected by the Most High God Himself.

It's a war folks. And it's on earth right now. It's an all-out invasion of the 4th dimensional realm overtaking and possessing the humans of the 3rd Dimension realm through body/soul-replacement.

You are an easy target and candidate if you are involved in any type of New Age or New World Order agendas because THEY are the ones running, establishing, and implementing those agendas on earth! They set out the traps, and if you fall into the trap to support or help the advancement of these agendas you are a prime candidate to be overtaken by them.

Get out of the traps!

Stop supporting our government and their New World Order policies and tactics, stop supporting our military that supports our government and the NWO and implements their policies through wars...stop supporting the New Age with all their Ascended Master lingo and freaks and their NESARA and other programs they want to implement on earth, stop supporting the religious beast prophets that are leading our mainstream denominations today, and get back to The Most High God!!

Otherwise you're just a candidate and waiting to be replaced, soul-scalped by them. Their picking humans off left and right right now.

Don't get caught in their traps!

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