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Monday, January 23, 2006

All quiet on 1-23-06.

As I said it would be.

I hope now people take note of all the eons of professed believers on the Internet who are claiming to hear from the Lord who are hearing from the ELF God and probably still won't admit it!

The ELF God loves giving impending disasters with dates! And it's not the Most High God it's the military and their high tech weapons playing God and speaking to your head!

The LORD does not speak to your head!

I've been saying for 2 years now or older that 90% of the "Christians" on the internet are NOT hearing from God. But they are so drenched in their errors you can't get through to them!

They're deceived. All of them.

Visions, prophecies, direct "words from God", now do you see how easily fooled people can be with demons and not only that, military high tech? YES they can produce false visions, dreams and 'voices.'

The most gullible and easily accessible to deception are those who speak in Satan's false tongues movement. And they all feed off each other and share the same ranks of demons.

It is not the Most High they are hearing from.

They will excuse it away and claim prayer saved the day so they can keep the facade going and the gullible following them and hanging onto their every demonic dream, vision and prophecy.

They are full of witchcraft and guile.

They need to repent of their witchcrafts and sorceries and allowing Satan to work through them and deceive them. If they were seeking the truth in all things from the Most High Himself they wouldn't be dwelling and drowning in their errors and deceptions and witchcrafts. But they refuse to seek Him for the truth! They don't want the truth! They want to have these false signs because it makes them feel superior to others and more gifted from God. It's a joke, it's deception against His Holy Spirit and the Lord allows it to happen. Why? Because they don't seek Him, so He allows them to drown in errors and witchcraft! They worship the angel of Light..Lucifer in the guise of the Most High!

Not to mention how many of them are actually channeling messages from aliens and demons and attribute it to God!

Stay away from these Lucifer deceived worshipers. They can't see it because they refuse to, but you don't have to be suckered into it either!

The Most High God lives in eternal time not linear time like us. He does not give dates for hardly anything unless it's related to lunar time. All He ever says is "soon" because He is indifferent to our time and does not operate at our linear time level!

Take note of all of those who sent all their dreams, prophecies and visions to you in regards to January 22 and 23 of this month and ignore them because they are not hearing from the Most High! And the ones who passed their stuff around don't have much discernment either or they would have rebuked it for what it was...garbage!

Wake up people!

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