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Monday, January 02, 2006

Someone recently asked me, "Isn't NESARA God's plan to bless people?"

No, it isn't. Not my God's. Not the Creator of heaven and earth and everything on and in it. Not the Most High God, Yehovah/Yahweh. It's not His plan, it's Satan's plan to deceive the world into a charade of delusional peace and prosperity.

It won't last long. It's just a ruse to get people excited into thinking all their dreams of greed and wealth are going to come true. It's an enticement to lure people into accepting the new economic program instigated by the beast prophet to ensnare the souls of men and women by receiving the mark (which could be a tattoo or chip) number or name (of the world ruler) in or on their right hand or forehead as prophesied in Revelation chapter 13.

They claim they want to restore constitutional law under NESARA. Yet if you refuse to actively participate in NESARA you can't buy or sell anything, in essence make a living, shop, bank, or even drive a car. You are incompacitated from living in society without getting the mark/number/name and joining this new (forced) economy.

At first it will sound voluntary. They may use their crystal city fraud or a decorated UFO hovering over earth as I depicted at to get you to join. "Join the new economy and get a free tour or access into the "new Jerusalem or Zion." Or whatever they may call it.

NESARA sounds good. It sounds great on paper. Until you see the dark side of it. They don't tell you all of the conditions of reaping the 'benefits' of NESARA until after it's been accepted worldwide. Then they'll come out with, "ok you love it, we got it, now to join it you must do this or that.." And that's where and when they'll get you with the small print.

God, Yahushuah, is not coming to bless people. He's coming to judge and destroy the world. He's not setting up a new economy program on earth. Satan is. And Satan is a liar.

The most gullible Christians to be deceived by Satan's coming charades is the 'blab it and grab it" crowd.

They've already bought into the heresies that God can be manipulated and that they can demand anything they want of Him and He must respond. Who are they to demand anything of God? It's by His mercy He hasn't opened up the earth and swallowed them into hell as He did Korah and his followers at the temple mount during the time of Moses.

They claim there's over 7,000 promises of prosperity in the Bible that are rightfully their's for the here and now. Really? Yahushuah said to not lay up treasures on earth but in heaven. Yahushuah said we can't serve two Gods. It's either Him or Money ( includes possessions). Yes there are those He blesses for His own purposes with great wealth, such as Abraham, Job, and others. But the majority of Israel was not wealthy. He wasn't even wealthy Himself when He came but a carpenter of small reputation. "Jesus of Nazareth?" they proclaimed...because He wasn't of the rich and wealthy elite, yet the blab crowd claims He was and that He wants everyone to be wealthy. What He wants is for people to submit to Him so they can enjoy the rewards and wealth of heaven. He's not an investment opportunity to get rich on earth unless you're a beast prophet selling lies to make millions $$ off the gullible who support them. They're wealthy because of all the money they defraud and steal from the gullible. "You can be like me" they proclaim. While you're scraping to pay bills waiting for that windfall from the heavenly stock market to hit they're enjoying the fruits of your stupidity.

The Word-Faith beast prophets of Satan's will condition them to accept NESARA, or whatever economic program it is that is announced by the False Prophet, the right hand man of the Antichrist's and second beast identified in Revelation chapter 13. I have an article on this at .

Yes NESARA will probably be promoted within the churches with that very lie, "this is God's blessing for you."

How many Christians today have read the Book of Revelation? Because they need to. It's not taught in the churches today on purpose so you can be deceived later. They WANT you to be deceived don't you get it?

Read the book. Satan comes first in a grand show descending from the sky, then he and his global economic leader (the False Prophet) implement a forced (voluntary at first no doubt)economy on the world. Those who refuse to join can't function in society, those who refuse to worship him as God are killed. After 42 months of global mayhem, death and destruction Yahushuah will descend to earth at what is called The Battle of Armageddon to judge and destroy the world (what's left of it by then). You can read all about it in The Book of Revelation.

Read folks, read. Pray for understanding and discernment while you are reading it.

see my articles on NESARA at and

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