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Thursday, January 05, 2006

I just posted my new article How Aliens Target, Manipulate, And Control Mankind at

I also posted some newly translated articles for the Espanol section at

Did America make secret handshake deals with Ariel Sharon they didn't want to or can't keep? Is that why he is being assassinated?

Cerebral hemorrage is a common remote viewer assassination technique. And would anyone question it since he was scheduled for heart surgery today? Perfect timing wouldn't you say? The way I see it, they are simply trying to sneak another assassination under their belts without being outright suspicious by a sleeping public or questioned.

And the whole West Virginia mining disaster has alot wrong with it. It was a set up.

The foreman goes in the cave approximately 10 minutes before a (coven number) crew of 13 goes in and declares it safe. Then it explodes killing 12 of the miners. I don't think #13 was suppose to survive. I'm always glad to see their plans get foiled.

You gotta wonder how they pick which disaster to pull off and why that particular one. A small plane crash, a mining explosion, the list goes on.

I'm not saying there's a planned murder(s) behind everything that happens here, just the ones I'm alerted to and I know are set ups or assassinations.

Just another day in Babylon..

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