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Sunday, January 29, 2006

My blog now available in Espanol....

Thanks to Raysa Cruz, who has done a great job, my blog is now available in Spanish at

Sometimes I hear from people telling me that my blog is down. It's not usually down folks, you just can't put the "www" in the address, it won't work that way, it's strictly

Raysa, a missionary from the Dominican Republic, has done a lot of work in translating my articles into Spanish at and now is going to keep up with the blog as well. May the Most High bless her for her efforts in helping millions around the world be able to read what I write.

I kept hearing from a quite a few people about the difficulties they had, or the weird things that happened while they were trying to listen to my last recorded message and I kept wondering why, out of all the shows I've done, was that message seemingly the most sabotaged out of all of them. So I listened to it again tonight and just had to laugh. No wonder the droids hated it. It was about the Lord and building a closer relationship with Him, it was about spiritual warfare and kicking the demonic into the was about various things that naturally they wouldn't like. The more who wake up to their tactics the less powerful the demonic are against them.

I started a new announcement list of my daily blog, articles, website updates, messages etc..You can sign up at Many people have asked about just an announcement list for my material rather than signing up for discussion group type formats such as my orgone blasters and/or NWO vs. Christians lists. So I've made that one separate.

And for those who have accepted the Lord from reading my Salvation page at or any of my websites, I praise the Lord for you and welcome you to our family in the Lord. Realize that our Salvation in Him is a free gift but following Him and doing as He commands is what we are to do to keep our salvation in Him and grow in Him. Renounce your old ways and seek the Lord daily for the truth in all things and ask Him to teach you how to hear Him and who He is. Lean on Him, don't run to religion for the answers, run to Him. Develop a relationship with Him where you're talking to and seeking Him every day. He will mold you into the person He wants you to be for Him. It's a process and a journey don't expect everything at once. He will lead and guide you, follow Him.

Have we been experiencing the calm before the storms of 2006? Seems like it. Enjoy it while you can. This is a time to prepare for the rough times ahead folks.

Is it Planet X or comet X? Seems this 'planet' is larger than earth, yet has a tail.

I'm watching to see if Maitreya heads into Egypt to start leading the Arab countries and uniting them. You would think he'd be showing up soon. No hurry. His arrival means nothing but death and destruction to millions of Arab-beast-Antichrist. Is he "the Antichrist" or just one to come before the final one comes? I don't know..but he's vicious. Time will tell.

Find your peace and strength in the Lord. He is our Rock.

I stand on the Rock.

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