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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Is a Pole Shift Coming?

Is a pole shift coming? And exactly what would happen in such an event? Would we know what was going on?

Depends how it happens...if it's 'sudden' or if it takes place over a few hours, or days, or weeks. We've been watching the earth's axis tilting for over a year to a somewhat minor degree, but it's getting more noticeable to the people who live on this planet.

I can remember reading last year how every day pilots had to readjust their compass settings to be sure they were correct in regards to the north/south pole...and where the poles were exactly, for that day or week. There were minor changes starting to take effect indicating that the earth was tilting by small, varying degrees, and knocking off compasses creating problems for pilots of airliners.

Now people who live farther north and away from the equator are noticing the sun is rising in the northeast and setting in the northwest. Not rising and setting in the East and West, but Northeast and Northwest.

Earth is being pulled toward the sun, slowly for now, but eventually real havoc is going to hit this earth.

What strikes me is that a few years ago I asked the Lord "what happens that's so bad, or scary, that it scares some people literally to death? (I'm assuming it causes heart attacks or heart failures). And I got a spiritual vision of the earth moving toward the sun and no one could stop it. We were on a collision course with the sun.

Another thing I saw at a separate time, several times, was one of our planets being broken up into huge chunks in orbit too close to earth. In other words, if you looked up in the sky you could see a huge chunk of this planet just floating overhead, not from a vast distance away, but definately too close to earth for comfort. Perhaps like another moon, same distance, just sitting there. At the time, I wasn't told anything about it but I thought of it as being Mars having been blown up into huge chunks from the result of Jupiter blowing up. Jupiter is a 90% gaseous planet, it could blow up, and if it does, it's going to adversely affect Mars sitting next to it. And that's what I saw.

People all over are mentioning how the sun seems so much bigger, or the moon. And yet our government says nothing...reveals nothing.

Our entire solar system is in for some major changes. Planets are going to be knocked out of alignment and suffer destruction because of Planet X coming in, the planet that for so long "didn't exist" if you wasted your time listening to NASA. They have absolutely no credibility, they get paid to spread disinfo and lie, and cover up any real truth they find. And yet it's funded by taxpayers? It should be disbanded as any type of government paid-for-by-taxpayers agency.

Ice age's indicate a 'sudden' change in the atmosphere. Not a gradual, but sudden. They've dug up people out of the snow in the northern hempishere along with animals who were and had been instantly frozen to death.

What would a sudden pole shift do today? The same thing to the victims of our 'new north pole.'

It would cause great upheaval of the earth's faultlines and plates. Huge earthquakes would rumble everywhere...the oceans would roar, coastlines would disappear and entire cities would be overtaken by water. Destructive winds would create hurricanes, tornados, cyclones, and damage from one end of the world to the other. Volcanos would be set off by the shifting plates and faultlines and possibly go off.

It would be complete mayhem, all over the world. And it could last for hours, or even days. I'm sure the effects could prolong itself into weeks and months before the earth was 'settled' once again.

I'm no scientist, but I have long seen in the Bible Codes that a pole shift was coming, that our government could even implement a fake one with weather weapons to further along their own agenda for world depopulation and conquest and control of it for their master Lucifer if they wanted to or had to. Seems like they won't have to, the incoming PX and the disturbance it's causing by coming into our solar system will do it itself.

If the NWO stays in charge, martial law will be declared everywhere and they will seek to relocate people out of destroyed areas to safer ones. Don't be a victim of their "help." Their trains run one the death and concentration camps they have waiting for such an event as this to start opening and using them.

If the Alien-New Age faction/fraud/facade takes over, then they will use earth's destruction as a time to come in as our 'saviours' and 'help mankind.'

In fact this May 25 or even 6/6/06 could very well be in their minds to begin their assault on mankind with their Day of Declaration and you can read it at the bottom of my site at where I lay out their plans for Maitreya's 'grand' entrance.

May is a dominant month for martial law caused by weather havoc, via a sudden pole shift or just outrageous weather caused by the shifting earth is doing already.

Perhaps that is why in Reverse Speech all the 'elite' are so adamant about getting off earth soon. You'll start to see them quietly disappear as they all secretly head to Iraq to board their UFO waiting in the desert, or even underwater in the Euphrates canal somewhere. They've been building that thing for years and stocking it for their escape off earth while all the devestation takes place. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, they'll all quietly disapper as will at least allegedly one million of their ilk from around the world descend to Iraq.

All I can do is try and figure out exactly which devestation they're talking about and running from. It all sounds disastrous to me. Not them leaving the planet, but "why" they are.

Stock up on canned foods and water folks. We could be in for a ride of bad weather. Isaiah said in the last days the earth would rock 'to and fro like a drunkard.' Is that going to happen this year? In May? I don't know. But I'm preparing you for it. I would be sleeping at the wheel if I didn't.

The other scenario of the Reptilians running to get away from the incoming Anuk's at least leaves the earth intact. All of the Illuminati families and high ranking Satanists on earth are Reptilian shapeshifters and/or possessed by them. Over the past few years I've had run ins with people who claim to be from Illuminati families who broke away from them and now serve the Lord. But my experience has been with all of them that they are still controlled by the aliens and demons that control their families. Any person, child, born into an illuminati family has their mind splits before they even start kindergarten. They're MPD's or what they call DID's today, Multiple Personality Disorder AKA Dissassociative Identity Disorder. And they are allowed to think they have broken away from their 'families' but what happens is that they are used as pawns and just allowed to work in the 'religion' aspects of their deceit and infiltration of the earth. They will become ministers, or pastors, or evangelists, or start up their own ministries for the "Lord" yet they will be controlled behind the scenes by the aliens and demons that they think they have run from.

It's all a game. Their freedom is an illusion. You can tell because they're all unstable. Get them mad and their true colors will show. Or they change things constantly because they don't know what the other "personalities" have done (they're MPD). Or their covering the tracks of their MPD personalities and seem incapable of being able to maintain constant order or a train of thought that lasts for very long. They're always changing things. Or they get sucked into the apostasy agenda and are used to spread apostasy to the believers of the Lord and keep them in errors. Satanists are some of the most religious people I know.

But anyway, back to May.

If we have a quiet month then great, I'll save these warnings for next year. But don't fall asleep for June-July either because if May comes and goes we still have those two months and September to watch for.

I'm not trying to predict anything. I'm just trying to prepare you for the things that could happen.

The months May-June-July and September never look good for any year until this stuff just happens and there's no more warnings, just disasters.

No one knows exact times.

Even the New Agers go nuts because Satan and all his beast apostles can't give them exact times as to when they are going to come as our 'saviours.' All they do is estimate and watch their estimations come and go.

There is something I feel compelled to mention before I end this posting, for May, 2006 there is a possible fake rapture, where thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of people disappear as Lucifer plays out a rapture onto the world. If he's coming as "god" then most of the Christianity he's deceived is expecting a rapture first, and so he'll play that out, albeit it's a fake one, it's not a rapture, it's a volunteering for abduction.

New Agers around the world who have sided with these aliens, who call themselves Ascended masters and gods, and whatever else these wicked fallen angels could throw at them to get them to believe, are promised to be evacuated before the coming pole shift or destructions on earth. The New Age calls it cleansing. Science calls it a pole shift. They are all being conditioned to believe that the UFOs will take them to safety and then return them later to help rebuild the earth. I can remember in Kathleen Baxter's book, "Divine Revelation of Hell" where she went on a 40 day tour of Hell and recounts her experiences being taken there. While there, she was shown a glimpse of the future, and in it she saw UFO's coming into hell, one after the other, they would land and shuttle thousands of people off of them and into hell.

These New Agers, or lightworkers as they like to be called, are told they are going to be taken to beautiful cities in the inner earth where all of their needs will be met and they'll be with their families and loved ones, and blah blah blah. They'll be taken to inner earth alright, straight to hell.

And what gets me is these people never pick up on common sense. They throw common sense out the window to get that "it sounds to good to be true, but it is" feeling. They're hoping it's all actually true, because that's all they've got, hope...and they're putting their trust in their 'friendly good little aliens" to be telling the truth. "They have to be telling the truth, they're so nice and sincere." Wake up people.

One of the things they so adamantly preach to their flock is that they have to willingly go when they see the UFOs and be at peace, or the evacuation or abduction up the beam of light into the UFO will kill them. But don't worry, there's medical staff on hand to resuscitate you if you die on the trip up to the UFO. Are they for real? Do they not think that if these beings were "gods" they couldn't transport them safely? Or abduct them for that matter safely. It would be completely laughable if it weren't going to deceive so many people.

They need all these sheeples' free will to take them to hell. These people are going to willingly allow them to take them. Of course they're being lied to, but that's what Satan does best, lie. He DECEIVED (lied to) 1/3 of the angels in heaven during the first rebellion to get them to join his rebellion. And now he's doing it again through his comrades to deceive these New Age sheeple into joining his side...and what do they get? HELL. They're going to be taken straight to hell.

And so I want to reach out to all those in the New Age who are reading this, don't be deceived folks. "If it sounds to good to be true, because it is" Holds up here...don't think it changes and that for once that phrase will be changed for your benefit. You're being lied to. And for those of you who don't even know who/what this Atonn looks like, I have his picture at my website at He uses the names Hatonn, Atonn, and Christ Michael.

In the Bible code for May 2006 I saw unholy-caught up. So imagine my surprise to see the New Age campers hyping about being evacuated this month.

I even wrote an article about this years ago you can read it at

The New Age plays into Satan's hands to help him fulfill aspects of his coming dictatorship on earth.

Wake up people.

Lucifer is this god of light they speak of. In secret societies members pledge their oath and loyalty to the God of light because that is Lucifer, AKA the angel of light. He masquerades as a God, the God. He is NOT the Most High God, Yehovah. He's a pretender, a deceiver, and a liar and uses his comrades such as Atonn, or Christ Michael, or Maitreya, or St. Germain, or Sananda Immanuel to deceive people.

Lucifer IS Satan.

He has many deceptions coming onto the world. There is only one way to make it to heaven and receive eternal life with the Most High God, Yehovah. Accept His redemption that He offers and follow HIM. Not Atonn, Maitreya, Sananda or whoever else Satan throws out to distract people from the truth.

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