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Saturday, April 22, 2006

For Those With Ears to Hear...

We are kicking butt! The orgone we are making is going to make this country almost uninhabitable and completely unbearable for the alien-fallen angels who are planning on coming here and making America their home base.

I have been looking at a Bible Code for the month of May and the only real thing that stands out is that with the coming of Maitreya/Jesus they are going to be shocked and angry at the effect our orgone is going to have on them! Are they coming this May? I don't know, but it's the only thing dominant in the code and I've looked at 3 of them!

We must continue getting orgone out as much as possible! Especially if you don't want these freaks and their armies in your town!!

Orgone assimilates into the air and destroys the chemtrails THEY are spraying to make our atmosphere more conducive to them. They need the iodine in chemtrails for some reason...and our orgone is destroying their strongholds with those!

We are crippling their plans for their coming empire! Amen!! But we must continue on, the battle is not over!!

It's going to be hard to convince the world they are hosts from heaven with ugly boils all over themselves...LOL...and that's exactly what the orgone we make is going to give them! Boils! They won't be able to breathe or stand being around any area that contains orgone! It literally burns them!


Who are we? We are those who fear and love the Lord, the Most High God. We are His people and His warriors called out in these last days to take a stand against His enemies!

We are 'contaminating' the air and earth for them which will cripple their plans to waltz in here as charming "heavenly hosts" and Ascended Masters! HA!!!!!

They will be revealed for what they are and that is why Satan's war against the saints will move from behind the scenes to an outright physical war because of his anger that he can't beat us otherwise!

And how many will like sheep be led to the slaughter and led away to these concentration camps without a fight? Resist them folks! Don't let THEM murder you and your families! Protect and defend yourselves! The Lord will lead you in what to do.

Israel of the past never disarmed and laid over in war like defenseless wimps to be led to the slaughter and neither will His people of today that can hear!

We are in a battle of spiritual war proportions that is going to move out into the physical realm soon enough!

Many things are going on behind the scenes folks...we are at war with Satan and his armies!

Don't back down! Take a stand against the enemies of our beloved Most High God!

We are winning a major battle against them! The war is the Lord's to win, but He is leading us to fight battles until the final showdown He will have with them Himself. So let's not let Him down! We can fight and win the battles He asks of us!

Some of you are timid wimps, others still have their heads in the sand, I'm speaking straight to the warriors who know who they are in Him and have ears to hear.

Continue on folks! The battle is ours!

They can't be very impressive and deceive the way they want to if they can't breathe in the open air and they're covered in boils! Ha!

Ultimately it's a battle for souls and keeping people out of their grip and being deceived by them!

We are the frontline of attack and they don't even see it coming!

Carry on warriors!

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