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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

It's Really Hard To Tell...

It's really hard to tell at this point if May, 2006 will be the year that the aliens arrive physically on earth or continue their battles and games behind the scenes and work through "man" to do their physical work on earth to further Lucifer's agenda.

I was amazed to see my recent mission for Yah listed in the codes...I've only been back 2 weeks, He knew I'd go, He already knows the end from the beginning. Sometimes the Bible codes can be truly amazing. Well ..most of the time. It gets annoying when so many people are sending me links to Rastafarian or atheistic websites to look at someone elses codes that are pure amateur and garbage for the most part. A huge part of doing codes is discerning them, analyzing them, interpreting them, and doing them right to begin with. How can someone not led by the Spirit of God understand the Spirit of God and have His discernment? They can't. And that accounts for about 98% of those who do Bible Codes. They aren't even HIS people.

I battle in both spiritual and physical realms so it's very hard to know when all of the things will move out into the physical realm and Satan's apostles will roam the earth. They already control a lot of things behind the scenes. So when I see them listed in the codes it can be difficult to interpret if we're going at it literally and in person in the physical realm because otherwise, WE'RE ALWAYS GOING AT IT. LOL..!

I'm always warring against them. Another day another battle and in both realms and it's always dominate in the codes. When the fourth dimension merges with ours then everything will be out in the open and their time on earth will begin to play their facades that they are from 'heaven.' And I'll be here when they arrive to expose them for what they are.

Some of the terms associated with Lucifer's apostles...are..
angelic in appearance but goulish and demonic animals
Arab (Maitreya)
Ethiopia (Maitreya)
Mecca (Maitreya)
hemlock (poison)
messianic-rabbi-priest (roles they play)
commandment (law, legislation)

When they arrive they'll have things to do...I'm not sure of the time between when they arrive and when things really start rolling as per the prophetic timeclock and the last half of the tribulation period starts.

I'm sure it will take some time for them to charm the world so they can deceive mostly everyone in it before they start implementing a forced global economy and the worship of the Antichrist as God. Of course they won't call him that, but that's who he is. He'll claim to be Christ, but he's the Antichrist.

May-June-July and September are dominant months for them to arrive and start thier charades on earth.

Those are also dominant months for martial law and complete weather chaos on earth.

This year, June is a war month. We have two war months in 2006, March and June.

Will they start air raids against Iran in May and then escalate the war against them in June? It's possible.

Or it's all masked talk and what they really plan on doing is attacking space and the incoming UFO(s) of Lucifer's armies. A literal star wars. They keep mentioning in RS about the net that surrounds earth catching on fire or being destroyed and that's a possible way of how they do it.

I don't see any countries being attacked in May, it's all space related material and the arrival of Maitreya and that's dominant at this time of year, it was also dominant last year at this same time.

Is a comet going to hit earth or a 'string of pearls'? I don't think so. I think it's all gov disinfo. This "ex-French" whatever..and who's propping him up? Gov disinfo agents.. Dr. Salla..the king pawn, and the other sites and shows he's been featured on that I've noticed 98% of them are all either omegan or gov pawns.

I refuse to take anything either of those groups say or do seriously. They love the element of surprise when they do something, so for some reason they want everyone focused on an incoming comet strike.

Bush's days are numbered. Impeachment is on the way. Perhaps that's the game plan, get all the 'conspirators' and/or patriots focused on a comet so they get off the bandwagons for impeaching him for a while.

But I don't know. Other than what I've seen in the codes I haven't gotten a word from the Lord on next month other than in regard to some personal things... but I will seek Him more on it. He's been pointing things out to me in the codes but I worry even yet after that if I'm ever getting it all right. It's hard to differentiate between the realms at times, what is going to happen in the physical vs. what is going to happen in the spiritual realm.

But take notice folks, Bush's ratings are at an all time low, they claim what, an approval rating of 38% when AOL polls are showing 20%... but hey look, a string of pearls is arriving next month...

It's either an outright smoke screen or a clever way of saying "a string of UFOs are coming" and that one, I could believe.

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