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Monday, April 24, 2006

Out With The Old...So Soon..?

A lot of people seem to be sitting at the edge of their seats waiting for May and worrying if something will happen to earth.

Is a 'string of pearls' comet fragments, going to hit? It could.

But what I'm finding the most dominant in the codes is not the fact we're being hit or could be hit by objects from space, but that we could be invaded by the Anunnaki.

Granted, I've warned for years that May-June-July are the dominant months for their arrival when they come, so I'm not surprised to see it dominant in the Bible Codes for May, 2006. But at this point, I'm just not seeing anything else...and that will probably be the same for June and July as well.

No string of pearls, no comets, just their arrival. In particular, Maitreya and "Jesus." I'm convinced they are coming separately. Maitreya is Arab, "Jesus" is Israelite.

Maybe we'll have a Freddie vs. Jason scenario. With the Arabs screaming Maitreya is Allah the moon god and the Satan-led apostate Jews and Christians claiming this "Jesus" is their long awaited Messiah, perhaps that is what ignites WW 3.

I don't think Maitreya is going to be around for the long haul. This "Jesus" coming is Satan, not Maitreya. Perhaps Maitreya will just be the pawn to get the Arabs to get Satan's chip and worship "Jesus" as God.

Maitreya is a savidge. He fits in perfectly with the animalistic and completely barbaric Islam religion.

Whatever happens, Islam isn't going to stand, Satan already owns most of them in it. What's the thrill of deceiving people you already own into worshipping you as God? They already do. Satan's been running that religion forever in the name of Muhammad and the Quran.

And the New Age crowds dominating America and Canada will have to face the realization that they were lied to and led along like puppets. They don't intend on establishing NESARA, it will never come to fulfillment. It was a pipe dream to sell the gullible on to invite them here. A bribe. "We'll make you rich, just invite us here" along with their other lies, the Bible Codes say it will be negated. In other words, they'll be here but they won't implement NESARA the way people expect it.

The arrival of Maitreya always signals the demise and death of G. W. Bush Jr. in fact it usually indicates my own death as well...guess we'll see won't we. I'm not shaking in my boots here. If Yah allows it then so be it. Until then we have work to do. And that's what seems to tick them all off the most, the work we are doing. Which means we're effective against them. Very.

They hate being exposed. It flabbergasts them. That's why I have so much fun exposing them. I'm not afraid of them and I refuse to be bullied or intimidated by a bunch of Satan freaks or even Satan himself. They're fallen scumbags who are fuel for the lake of fire that Yah is going to put them in when their allotted time is up.

Yes they have allotted time. They will be allowed to play their charades on earth for 42 months. That's three and a half years for the world to see for themselves that they wont' be able to accomplish most of what they claim they will. They must be politicians. And people will believe their lies that their gods and hosts from heaven. Nothing could be more laughable. But the fact is that those who do believe them and follow them will end up giving their souls to Satan for eternity. And that, is no laughing matter. Don't be deceived by them!

This May could come and go in relative silence and peace. And then again, we could experience some destruction from objects in space or even the entrance of Maitreya and Jesus this year. We're never going to know exactly what's going to happen until it does.

I'll tell you what I do expect since the gov is sending out their pawns to scare everyone into thinking comet fragmets are hitting in May, I expect to see the ELF-NORAD god pumping prophecies and visions to the apostate with impending gloom-date warnings that always seems to follow the heels of gov disinfo pawn warnings.

They're equally annoying.

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