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Monday, April 03, 2006

It's Pure Suicide to Reveal Info..

"It's pure suicide to reveal information on Hepsebah" I have been told.

The information I had on her I've had for a while. It had nothing to do with a convo with Anton Lavey's son I had a couple of days ago, in fact, he didn't even mention her. Most people who know her or know of her, won't even mention her so you have no idea they even know about her.

And when you ask about her to people who should know or probably know they get strangely silent and ignore the question altogether.

The Lord told me, "I am going to reveal new information to you and I want you to expose it and bring the darkness to light."

So does it look like I fear man? The Lord doesn't lead you where He doesn't light the way. Or protect you for doing what you're asked to do.

It probably isn't information for others to expose to the public if they're not led by Him to do so, but all they have to do is tell me so I can..LOL..

I live for exposing the works of darkness and revealing everything about them and their plans. To me it's fun. Their entire realm goes into a shambles and an uproar and I sit here and laugh. I'm not afraid of them. My Father is bigger than their's.

Besides, I've been called to do this sort of thing. So what fun would it be if I got scared or ran to hide? Or refused to do my job?

You know who this Hepsebah reminds me of? In that movie The Ring, the woman who climbs out of the tv set..that's her I bet..LOL

Her last known residence was in Ohio somewhere, guess I better be looking over my shoulder in case she shows up at my house..LOL..

People who have been in the illuminati or have connections inside it all fear for their lives for even knowing anything they know. So I am not belittling their fears. I've never been involved in any way to it so I don't harbor the same fears as they do. I also simply don't care what the Illuminati thinks because when the Lord tells me to do something I do it. He doesn't tell everyone to do the same things. He keeps many of His people hidden for that very reason, to do work and gather information behind the scenes so He can use others to reveal it. And that's where I come in.

I just had to laugh as I sat here thinking about this woman beast and all her occultic connections and serpent seed and the thought of that woman crawling out of the tv set in that movie came to mind. She was wicked looking wasn't she?

What else could we expect from a bloodline grandaughter of Lucifer's? That's about what I would expect...not an Avon lady.

Her stomping grounds are SW Missouri at a powerful Satanic location they have there and a Metaphysical school they run there, also there's an underground base/hill side they use for a UFO garage in Windyville, not to far away near Lebanon, Missouri. She also has been in Oklahoma, Ohio and likes to hang out on Indian reservations and has a flare for expensive jewelry.

Sounds to me we need some orgone planters to hit SW Missouri, especially the areas of Springfield, Windyville and Lebanon. Are there warriors out there reading this?

"On earth as it is in heaven." Everything to take place in the physical realm, such as earth, takes place in the spiritual realm as well. That's why you'll hear of Lilith in the spiritual realm, and the physical form of her probably being this Hepsebah, but I can only guess.

There is a Lady Magda, who has been seen with Sananda, I have her pic at my site Is she the spiritual female beast that will manifest in our physical realm with Sananda? Hard to say.

It just gives new meaning to the "whore of Babylon" when you realize there is also a female masquerading as the physical form of her. And you thought it was Hillary...tsk tsk. So did I, until I started seeing them separate in the Bible codes, so then I knew this female beast was someone else that was going to arise to power in the last days. I'm not talking about political power, like Hillary would do, but supernatural ghastly power to deceive the world and oversee the death and destruction of Christians around the world, particular America.

Obviously she's not much of a soccer mom.

Passover this year is on the 14th. I was mistaken earlier and declared it was April 12. It starts on the 14th and I have updated my information on it at It could be the last one we ever get to celebrate. If you've never celebrated it this could be your last chance to do what's right and give up the Easter bunny.

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