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Friday, April 07, 2006

It's Raining and Pouring...

It's a dismal day, a good day to stay in bed and sleep!

I've been hearing from quite a few about when Passover is, the 12,13, and 14. I think the 13th is the correct day, but it seems odd to celebrate a Holy Day on an occult number such as 13, I didn't like it, so I asked Yah about it and He said, "celebrate on the 14th." So that, I will do.

I've been hearing from quite a few that they've felt led to buy camping equipment and prepare to leave their areas whenever they have to. Some are even packing their cars just to be prepared.

There's a nifty site at they have all kinds of stuff..

I also have a page at

This is the year to prepare.

Yah bless His Saints

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