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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Sons of Darkness Will All Be Destroyed..

We're surrounded by vipers, snakes, wolves, alien-human hybrids, aliens, tares, fake Jews, and they will all band together in an alliance as the Sons of Darkness to make war against God's people, the Sons of Light.

In the War Scroll, found among the Dead Sea Scrolls the Sons of Light battle against and destroy every one of the Sons of Darkness. That doesn't sound like being led like sheep to the slaughter to concentration camps and just rolling over and dying does it?

Jesus said He would make our enemies our footstool. So why is it we allow such evil to dominate the world and us in particular? It is we who have the Spirit of God in us to conquer and defeat evil. Jesus said He came to bring a sword, not peace.

If Israel's neighbors didn't want to live peaceably around them as neighbors then they would go to war against them.

The problem with "Israel" today is they've abandoned the community concept and no longer live together as a group. They're scattered everywhere, in every community across America, and the world. And this allows many to be picked off as easy prey by enemies and wolves.

Many might think it's ok because "we're a Christian nation." Look around you, at what point do you refer to America as a Christian nation? Satan and Satanism dominate America today. Occultic secret groups and societies such as Skull & Bones and Freemasonry dominate our politics and religion. Our government and churches. Over 53,000 members of the Southern Baptists alone are avowed Masons who worship Lucifer as the God of light.

The Pentecostal leadership is dominated by the Masons. TBN is owned by the Masons. At what point do you finally decide to pull your head out of the sand and see things for the way they are? It's not the way I am telling you they are, it's the way THEY ARE.

The true Isreal of today is not a nation of Jews who reject Jesus. It is all those who have accepted Yahushuah/Jesus as their Messiah and seek, follow and worship the Most High through Him.

The New Israel of those who follow Yahushuah replaced the old bloodline/genealogy based Israel of the past. Who is a "Jew" today? Those who seek and accept Yahushuah as their messiah.

It is these people that make up Israel today through the New Covenant that was established between God and man.

Yet so many revert back to the Old Testament mentality of an ancient bloodline/genealogical Israel. They attempt to track down and establish who or where the tribes of Israel are today. That might be nice for some historical reason, but it has no significant value. It's like tracking down all the races of any nation over time.

God established a New Covenant with man when He sent His Son, Yahushuah/Jesus to die on the cross in that all who accepted Him as their Messiah and followed His ways would become the new "Israel." Most of those who call themselves Christians today probably could trace their roots back to one of the original 12 tribes because that is where our history began as a "church". And those who can't are grafted into the branch, their accepted by the Most High as one of His regardless where they came from.

Most Christians today don't realize they ARE Israel. The church didn't replace Israel, the church is inhabited by Israelites.

Sure there are some who take it to far with the Replacement Israel Theology theory. America didn't replace the land of Israel. There are believers in Israel today just as there are in every country, nation, and island of this world.

It is ALL of these believers who are the New Covenant Israel whether they're in a literal church or not. No matter where they live. And most of these churches in America and around the world are so apostate most of His people who have obeyed Him and seek Him for the truth were led out of them already.

Being an Israelite today, or Jew spoken of in the KJV is a condition of the heart, not color or race. Whether one follows Yahushuah or not makes him or her an Israelite or not.

And that's who or what Biblical Israel is today, those who follow HIM.

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