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Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Hepa Counterfeit..

The lady posing here named Hehpsehboah, is NOT the Hepsabah of the Illuminati. I'm sure she's part of the group itself since she's alien and New Age fringe, but she's not the one I spoke of in my article The Biggest Secret of All at or posting here. The names aren't even spelled the same, just similar.

Planet X..coming in 2 parts?

It appears that Planet X, known as a brown dwarf or dark star (despite the fact it's red) is followed closely by a comet, known as the Blue Star. I've heard reports before that PX had a tail..and that's why, because the comet follows closely behind it.

To give you an idea of their sizes, PX is about 10 times the size of Earth and the Comet Blue Star is about 4 times the size of earth.

I've heard people call PX or Blue Star "Wormwood" and that's not the case. According to the book of Revelation the comet Wormwood falls into the oceans and poisons 1/3 of the water. IF PX or Blue Star fell into our oceans earth would be completely history.

Neither one of these objects will hit the earth directly, but they will bring in all kinds of unwanted solar disturbances that could cause other comets to hit the earth. And they will.

It will allegedly knock our planets out of alignment as well.

And don't forget about Jupiter blowing up and in the process blowing Mars to chunks. I haven't even mentioned that one in a while. Yes, it's a plan of the wicked illuminati who are planning to blow up Jupiter to mimmick the star of Bethlehem. In the process Mars will be affected and blow up itself into huge chunks. Serves them right.

I'm not sure how it will affect earth, but at this point, how much of earth is there left?

When Lucifer rises to power there won't be one day of peace. It will be literally earth shattering and solar shattering events one after the other. Billions of people will die within a short span of a few years. 2/3 of the earth's population will die, only 1/3 of the earth's population will be left when Yahushuah returns with His Saints at the Battle of Armageddon.

The numbers sound familiar don't they? In Lucifer's first rebellion against the Lord 1/3 followed him and were deceived. In his second rebellion against the Lord only 1/3 of the earth's population will be left, and the majority of them deceived and following him.

It's the arrival of the dark star, PX that signals Lucifer's rise to power.

As Yah said, eventually the warnings will stop, and the events will just start.

Are you ready? If you're on the fence get off of it. If you haven't given your heart and life to Yahushuah do it now while you still have time to learn how to follow Him and do something for Him with the time you have left on earth

Only what we do for Him will last ... for eternity...our rewards are in heaven with Him to be enjoyed for ETERNITY. That's a long time compared to an average life span of 70 years on earth don't you think? Eternity never ends. And the way it's looking, most people aren't going to be hitting retirement age by the time Lucifer rises to power.

The first thing he does is make war against the Saints.

Put your trust in the Lord and listen to Him and seek Him.

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