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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

That's Just How The Story Goes...

As I analyze them...they analyze me. Sounds amusing but that's how the story goes.

I think having these emails with Sananda over the past week has made me realize just how divided Lucifer's kingdom is...I mean I knew it was...but this takes the cake. He creates chaos and division and then sits atop of it all.

Northern Orion must be a busy place.

How many councils does Lucifer have running his mess he calls a kingdom, or is it just the one Illuminati Council referred to by many names. I don't think it really matters to know all the details of how he does things, just important to recognize when his footprints are into something. And that's mostly everything.

I wonder if they all know how much they are all just pawns being set up and put on a race coarse against each other. There are so many camps, factions, groups, that have been created by Lucifer himself to bring his agenda on earth that each one thinks 'they' are the 'one' that will win and rule alongside of, or instead of, Lucifer himself.

He runs them all.

He keeps them divided and in the dark on what the others are doing. Our government refers to it as decompartmentalization. When they have a project they break it down into pieces and fragments and subcontract them out to others to be fulfilled, whatever the task is, then all the pieces are gathered and the puzzle/project is completed by a select few who actually know what is going on, or think they do.

Lucifer's mastered decompartmentalizing his agenda. His overall plan is broken up into various pieces and factions while the 'subcontractors' the Satanists, secret societies, and various military and governmental groups aligned with him fulfill their role in what they believe the project to be. Each only getting a piece of it and yet each led into thinking they have it all. But only Lucifer himself really knows what it is. Those who think they are in the know, know nothing. These people are completely clueless.

As far as the outcome, we know what that will be. Satan loves to quote Paul but completely ignores the Book of Revelation. He takes what he can manipulate and use and ignores the rest, if not rewrites it.

I knew Paul was their man. I've known it for a long time but they certainly hammer the nail home when the first words out of their mouths are Paul's, or twisting the words of Yahushuah himself. And I'll show you how he does it in the next post.

Do you need any more evidence, proof, whatever it is to see for yourself who I am or why I do the things I do? I'm a THREAT to them and they (aliens) know it. The humans sit back and watch what's going on but they can't figure anything out and the gov't agencies are even worse on that one. It's amusing.

They walk in darkness trying to figure out the light. And they'll still never see what's right in front of them.

I don't hide anything.

In all their power, numbers, and arrogance they'll never truly understand an army of one and every believer in Yah is an army of One. Those who have awakened and know who they are in Him or can be led by Him are being led into the battles of these last days to expose, destroy, and tear down Satan's kingdom on earth. Many work together, many work alone. Yah Himself will have the final victory but He is leading His warriors to battle every day...are you part of the army or part of the problem...

I thoroughly enjoy being a pain in Satan's collective ass.

I'm not here to build an army I'm here to wake one up. Let's get busy folks we got time, let's use it...there's much to be done before he arrives on earth.

Yah bless His Warriors,

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