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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Things I Know...

Things I Know...

I know Al Gore runs the Shadow Government...

I know since he wasn't appointed president of the USA he was appointed head of the Shadow...

I know the Homeland Security facade and many federal and intel agencies are run by Al Gore...

I know it is Al Gore who has ordered the surveillance of perhaps thousands of Patriotic and God-fearing Americans who have been deemed as "enemy combatants" and "terrorists" because they stand against the New World Order and everything it stands for.

I know it is Al Gore who has ordered the assassinations of those he fears...those who dare to expose the real agendas behind the New World Order.

George Bush is a puppet of his father and Dick Cheney.

I know Dick Cheney is a double agent for the New World Order faction and the Alien Agenda faction.

I know Hillary Clinton is behind the planning of putting America under Martial Law.

I know it doesn't matter who is president of the USA, whoever it is will give this country over to the Antichrist when he rises to power.

I know it is the "Aliens" and the Alien Agenda that is behind the plagues hitting earth, and the gruesome ones to come that will decimate the USA and the rest of the world.

I know when the rampant plague comes that begins in several cities killing millions and then starts to spread the economy will completely crash.

I know stocking up on gold and silver is a good thing for now, but not all the gold and silver in the world will buy you a loaf of bread that doesn't exist. Hoarding your money could cause your own death. Don't horde it, spend it and stock up on food and water. I know the Apostle John said that people in the last days "would be throwing their gold and silver in the streets."

I know Yahushuah said, "even an ant prepares for winter." Stock up on guns, ammo, food and water and be prepared to be able to stay warm with no electricity or gas. Provisions folks...stock up on provisions.

I know living in groups is the one way to survive the coming disasters for safety and survival. Form alliances with other believers and start to prepare and plan for what's coming ahead.

I know time is running out and 2007 could be the year for an economic crash, famine, death in the millions, pestilences, earthquakes and natural disasters like we've never seen in this country.

I know when the massive plagues/pestilences start that it's time to go into hiding. You'll have a short time to get what you can from the stores before they close for good...if you wait till then to stock up and prepare it will be to late to do an effective job.

I know a big part of the NWO and Alien agendas are to kill and murder as many Americans and as many people as possible around the world through starvation, famine, harsh weather conditions with lack of electricity, and economic collapses causing anarchy, panic, murder and chaos everywhere. Stores will be closed, transportation will be shut down, there will be no protection in the cities or countrysides from our police or military. If you are going to survive you are going to have to be hidden and able to defend yourselves.

I know that the majority of pre-tribbers and those in the churches today will walk like sheep to the slaughter to "protection" which is internment camps, never suspecting their own GOP government and churches have set them up for assured death and destruction with lies, false hope, blasphemies and apostasies.

The deceived never believe they are deceived and never realize they are until it's too late.

I know that because of disobedience to Yahushuah, His Word and His Laws America is going to suffer every curse of Deuteronomy 29. Grace did NOT replace the Law. Only Satan thinks so and those who listen to and follow him and his interpretations via the seminaries. Only the sacrificial aspects of the law were fulfilled, the rest still stand.

I know most of this will fall on deaf ears, I'm not here to save or help the world, or even all those in the churches today, just the small remnant that can hear His voice.

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