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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Elect vs. The Church

I hate it when people take it upon themselves to add me to their apostate mailing lists and start sending me emails of "Words from the Lord" that are nothing more than channelled garbage messages from Sananda and St. Germaine. It's almost amazing how many "Christians" have no discernment at all. But we were warned that in the last days deception would abound. And it's rampant in the churches today. A majority can't and don't recognize the voice of the Lord' they think it's their duty to embrace and send around messages channelled by Satan's generals because they have no discernment to know otherwise!

It's nauseating. I don't know how many times I've had to tell people "You have absolutely no discernment, please take me off your mailing list" when I never asked to be on it to begin with!

I don't mind if someone sends me something and asks my opinion on it, for them it's better to be corrected and learn something than fall in the mire of channelled garbage that most in the churches have sunk into.

Pentecostals are the worst. The entire denomination is channelled and run by Sananda, St. Germaine, and the demonic realm as are most/all of the denominations, but the Pentecostals are WIDE OPEN to deception because they channel demons in their tongue speaking! Their visions are from the demonic realm and so are their messages. And you can't tell them otherwise. In the past I held out hope that maybe only a majority of them were deceived but now I know ALL OF THEM ARE! Now I'll get feedback..."you can't say all of them are" because they'll claim they're in the 1% that isn't. I'll tell you what, I've known hundreds of them over the years and they were ALL drowning in deceptions and the false light and illumination of Lucifer, so how's that for an average? 100% of the ones I've met or talked to!

The Lord told me that speaking in tongues is a manifestation of the Spirit of the FLESH. Not HIS Spirit, the Spirit of the FLESH! And if you don't believe me ask HIM yourself! Here's how the deception works...the believer/person begins to praise God in song or worship and begins to feel His presence..well that's "Christianity 101" folks, if you want to feel His presence start praising Him. Then, they allow the flesh of the Spirit to take over and begin to speak in tongues, replacing His Spirit with their own spirit of the flesh, which welcomes demonic oppression/possession at this point and they begin to have visions, or "words from the Lord" which are in reality channelled messages from the demons who are oppressing/possessing them. It's the false light of Lucifer that illuminates them and they think they are feeling the Spirit of the Lord..a clever deception by Lucifer and his angels of false light! And most won't abandon the deception because they love the feeling they get from it because they think it's the presence of the Lord! If they can be that deceived now..wait till the Antichrist rises to power! He'll give them all the 'feeling' they want! Not ONE APOSTLE EVER spoke in tongues! Paul was not an apostle! ( These are not spirit-filled believers they are demonically possesed!

The ELECT aren't deceived. They may have been at one time, or for a while, as many were raised up in the Spiritual Whores of Babylon, the churches of today, but they left them, and aren't in them, and every day more are being added to the list as they understand exactly WHY they hate religion and the churches today and start waking up to the truth about them! The fact is there are many believers who KNOW there's something wrong in the churches today but they feel they are abandoning "God Himself" if they leave! Wrong! Go with your instinct! It's the Lord trying to reach you!

There are so few that are actually the Lord's churches. I heard from a pastor the other day who has been teaching his congregation about the Illuminati, chemtrails, and everything else about the evil agenda of the NWO and who the players are in it and I was amazed!! Now there's a church with a heart for the Lord! So unusual for today...a church that preaches the truth and is preparing their flock for what is coming!

Several years ago the Lord told me I would teach His prophets/pastors/shepherds and to see them abandon Babylon and turn away from the apostasies and learn the truth is just incredible. You can't learn the truth if you think you already know it..because those who are deceived don't think they are! That's why it's called DECEPTION. The only way out of it is to start asking the Lord Himself to teach you the truth in all things. And keep asking Him every day, be persistent and consistent and you'll be amazed at what you learn and what He reveals to you!

The Lord will honor those with a love for the truth. It clearly shows they are HIS.

I encourage all pastors to put aside the conditioning and mind control shoved down you from the seminaries/cemetaries and start asking the Lord Himself what the truth is! Most have been ordained from man and not God! It's time to turn your back on man and start seeking God! You are responsible for your congregations and that's a HUGE responsibility. Learn the truth and start preaching the truth! That's all you have to do! Preach the TRUTH. And you can't do that if you don't know it, and you don't know it if you're preaching seminary dogmas and doctrines you were told were the truth and that's all there is! There's much more! There's alot of deception coming, if your congregations are ignorant of them now, how will they be prepared for what's coming?

The Elect have been busy...they're not once a week Christians they seek Yah every day and they are doing the things He leads them to do to prepare for what's ahead.

Next year the timeclock starts to roll and millions of people are going to die...

Are you ready?

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