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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Covenant Communities...

Lately I was giving a review for a soon to be published book called "Blueprint to Bondage" an excellent book that I'll be offering for sale on my websites when it's published...anyway it mentioned "Covenant Communities" and that caught my eye. For years I've been warning to prepare ahead for the coming times and align yourselves with others. I wanted to build my own camp for Yah's people and even sought donations to do so, but it never added up to even being able to buy five acres of land let alone the many acres that would be needed to house alot of people...

I referred to it as an encampment, or camp, and in this book the author gives it the name "Covenant Community". I wasn't real sure what that would be about so I asked the Lord Himself what a Covenant Community is.

The Lord said (in so many words) a Covenant Community would be one in which a person enters into a covenant with Him and agrees that if he/she does all He commands and follows all His commands that He will take care of that person (people) and provide for their needs, such as water, food, warmth, staying dry, etc..(basically shelter from the elements).

At this point I almost expected Him to start quoting Leviticus and all the relevant laws of today that we are to follow, and I'm sure at some point that would/will come about, but what He did tell me in regards to a few of His commands were these:

If you are establishing a Covenant Community with the Lord then:
1. There can be no TV's in the community. At first glance you might think, "Wow, how am I going to live without a TV!" Well after living without access to one for almost 3 months this summer I can tell you it's completely possible. I never missed it. The reason there are to be no TV's? Because in the last days the TV set will be a vehicle of mass destruction. The TV's will be used to emit electromagnetic and other high tech ELF waves and weapons that will be used to literally enslave, destroy, and kill the person watching it. Think of HDTV as "Hasten Death TV" and you'll get the picture.

If you're watching TV, then you're "still alive" and their plans are to kill you, they want you dead! Stay away from the TV's when their agenda begins to play on the world scene, watching the news will not be good for your health...literally. Or watching anything for that matter. And the Lord forbids them from even being in Covenant Communities. Don't expect some kind of special protection from Him if you directly disobey His order to not watch it. Annointing it won't do you a bit of good, He says to stay away from it...period. Radios and shortwave radios are fine. In fact you can assign a person or people to listen to them so they can update the people in the community about what's going on in the "outside world."

2. No cursed objects are allowed in the Community. And as a matter of fact, printed/paper money is not allowed to be in the community at all. I was a bit surprised when He said this but it makes perfect sense. Our printed money is an abomination to Him. There are Satanic symbollisms and pictures all over our printed money that are seen and unseen. Gold and silver are His, not this fabricated printed money we have today. It is a cursed object. Also, CD's and video covers etc..especially from mainstream recording studios and production companies have Satanic symbollism and graphics on them as well. I don't know what you'd do with videos anyway, but for those who have CD players etc..the covers to these are not allowed. Get plain covers or cases for your "Christian music" CD's.

3. A council should be established to hear the grievances of those living in the community. You would think at this point, people would be happy to just be alive or cared for, but people are never satisified, there's always someone with a gripe or complaint about something or someone else. Having to live with other people in a confined community no matter how large or small won't always be nice or easy. So expect problems to pop up and be prepared to deal with them via a council of people appointed ahead of time to deal with problems and keep peace within the community.

4. The 10 Commandments are to be followed at all times. Anyone in the community found guilty of breaking a commandment will be sent before the council for possible removal from the camp. It will be up to the council's discernment when dealing with commandment breakers.

5. There should be one person above the council to whom all appeals of council decisions will go to. If someone doesn't like a verdict or degree handed down to them by the council, they can appeal to the highest member of the camp, or one put in that position of authority to hear appeals, what one could refer to as "the appellate judge."

Anyway these are a few things the Lord has shown/told me about establishing a Covenant Community.

We need people around the world establishing these Covenant Communities for the Lord's people. The last days are approaching quickly and the time to build and prepare is now.

Covenant Communities can be large or small. Just enter into a covenant with Him to provide your needs and in exchange you will do all He commands. He may use you to establish a community to include others or just lead you to one that already exists.

But He can't lead you to one that already exists if none exist! Get busy people...this world is fading away.

Yah bless His Warriors

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