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Monday, October 30, 2006

The Horsemen Ride

Morgellons plague, Lyme plague, Bird flu plague, AIDS, Mad Cow disease, all of these are joint man/alien plagues that have been cast onto mankind and will get larger as the days roll by.

The 4 horsemen, the 6 Seals, all of these are Satan's wrath on mankind being implemented and played out on an unsuspecting world. Famine will hit the east and spread to the west.

Outright chemical bio attacks will hit the populations of the world as well. People will die instantly as they breathe and inhale the deadly poisons that will be spewed onto the earth by planes and those who will break vials of these poisons in large public gatherings to infect them all.

Some of these plagues are slow and tortuous, while others are instant death.

For Morgellons and Lyme diseases some of the more noticeable symptoms are the open sores/lesions on the skin and small black "dots" on a person's skin.

Chemtrails, vaccinations, tainted food supplies, contaminated needles, these plagues and diseases are being spread in various ways.

There will be much death, famine, and destruction before the last days Antichrist will arrive.

Do something or die.

Protect yourselves and prepare for the times that are coming. Stock up on guns and ammo while you can to protect yourself and families from robbers, thieves, and murderers. And it won't be just civilians causing civil war and anarchy in the streets, but our own government as well who will come after all those who fight against or won't go along with the New World Order. The United Nations has been settling foreign troops in our country for years on secret military bases and underground bases so that when martial law is declared it can and will be enforced by these foreign troops.

Our government is not supporting and upholding the Constitution of America, it is destroying and eliminating it to establish a Fascist police state here in America to be controlled by the UN. It doesn't matter if a democrat or republican is in office, they are working together to bring America under the control of the UN's New World Order.

Satan's wrath on mankind.

What can we do to protect ourselves as the Lord's people?

If you look at Israel's past they were enslaved and conquered as a people every time they unarmed themselves and went to sleep! They couldn't defend themselves! So why does the Bible mention it? Because they were foolish for being unarmed! Read my article on A Call to Arms at

The Lord has given us a weapon to use against the Giants of these last days. When David sought the Lord to take down Goliath the Lord led him to pick up 3 stones/pebbles. David took down the Giant Goliath with a slingshot and a stone! With the other 2 stones he took down both of Goliath's brothers! One shot one kill! When I sought the Lord on how to take down the giants of our day He led me to orgone!

This is an excerpt from an email I received yesterday:

".....You're right though, about bad orgonite vendors. I am one of them, in fact, and have sold thousands of dollars of (rather cheap,) orgonite. what you are wrong about, though, is that while I am happy to disperse bad orgonite amongst the human population, I do keep mass amounts of good orgonite for myself and my comrades. "

Do NOT buy orgone from Ebay! Do NOT buy orgone from anyone associated with Don Croft! Make your own! I have the directions on my website and some pictures at

Don Croft is pure evil! His entire group makes orgone that will destroy the health of those who buy it or make it as he instructs them to. It not only destroys the health of the people who follow or listen to him, it will kill their pets! He sabotages and makes BAD orgone. Just as there is good orgone, there is bad orgone. The orgone Don Croft makes and promotes benefits and helps the New World Order!!

Orgone can destroy the NWO and combats their evil plans against us! It prevents high tech weapons from being effective against you and tormenting/harming you, it will keep alien and demonic beings away from you, they can't stand it! And in the last days when Satan comes to earth with his forces, orgone will DESTROY them!!

The Lord Himself will win the war agains the NWO, but we can and are winning battles against it and nowhere did the Lord ever say to sit down and allow Satan to walk all over your head! Stand up and do something about it!

The Lord said His people would do exploits in the last days, and this includes the two groups of 144,000 it is not just them alone!! The Lord's real people aren't sitting on their butts whining and declaring typical church brainwash, "we don't have to do anything"! Hogwash! Do nothing you will die! Plain and simple. Because you are NOT doing as the Lord says to do! He will allow your death(s)!

So many are going to follow their pastors to the pits of hell and to death! They think they are Christians but don't even know who HE is. God said to follow HIM not man! Your pastors have become your idols!

Stock up on food and water, when you lose your job, when the economy crashes, when the plagues hit, will you be ready? Stock up on camping supplies so if you have to flee your area you're already ready!

NEVER allow the government to 'relocate' you! They can't wait to send you to your death in a FEMA camp!

Whatever happened to the thousands of Katrina victims who were sent to FEMA centers and camps? Has any ONE of them ever resurfaced again???? How come we haven't heard from any of them?? I'm not talking about those shipped to the Astro Dome for PR purposes, but the ones shipped across the country to FEMA centers.

Those implementing the NWO sit day and night and plan for your death and destruction.

Do something or die!

Do "Christians" get sick today? Die of Cancer? Go hungry? Lose their homes? Lose their jobs? If God allows these things to happen to them now, what makes you think He'll protect them from it later?

Quit drowning in dogma and theology and get off your butts to prepare for what's coming ahead!

Yah bless His Warriors

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