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Thursday, November 02, 2006


One of the biggest hindrances believers face today is that last days prophecies aren't going to happen the way they expect...and they aren't aware of it. If they were it wouldn't be such a hindrance. In fact it's one of the stumbling blocks I had to jump over myself, to realize all the programmed theology I'd grown up hearing and believing most of my life was as out of line with Scripture as most churches are today.

Once you can see the programming (you're brave enough to admit there's problems and face them without the fear of going to hell), you can unprogram yourself by seeking the Lord Himself for the truth in all things instead of believing what your pastors are teaching you, because most of them have no idea what the truth is either, they just tell you what they're teachers told them. (And then you're programmed to believe that by questioning anything they say you're being unloyal and unfaithful to God and not a real Christian). And it's an endless cycle.

You can break the cycle.

Stop believing what man says and start reading the Bible for yourself and asking the Lord Himself to show you what the truth is. You'll be amazed at the things you learn and even have to unlearn and throw out. You'll be amazed at how many people misquote passages and ignore others to hold onto predisposed views and opinions and you can ask the Lord to tell you what HIS are. Because HIS are the only ones that matter.

It's ok to question things, because we're supposed to. Don't you think if we have to stand in judgment and be accountable for ourselves that the lack of ability to think for ourselves is part of that? "Well so and so told me this" is not going to be an excuse for living in errors and apostasy when the Lord told us HE's the door and we're to knock on HIM. There will be no excuses.

Yahushuah said the last days would be as the days of Noah, people marrying, partying, carrying on, totally unaware they were in the last days when the Day of the Lord would come upon them catching them unaware. Not coming upon them, but upon them (already). He used the thief in the night metaphor as well to describe it. They laughed at Noah preparing for the flood, probably even while it was raining. I wouldn't doubt it for a second. I can hear it now, "prove it's going to rain." The Lord said it was going to rain didn't He? For most, what they consider as "hearsay" from the Lord means nothing to them, because they don't know who He is and aren't one of His and yet they establish themselves as experts on what He said or says and mock and attack those who do hear Him.

Some things never change do they.

Today the serpent seed (Scribes and Pharisees modern day fake Jews and fake Christians) are always around to nash their teeth at you or proclaim that their Satanically inspired teachings, theologies and doctrines from Satan are of the Lord.

I was rather amused digging through the Bible Codes the past week and seeing how affected and completely shocked Satan and his beast prophets are that the Serpent Seed doctrine is being revealed. That what actually happened in the Garden of Eden is being exposed. They thought they had it wiped out and forgotten about, hidden from mankind. But they underestimate the power of the Lord to bring all hidden things to light.

I find it repulsive that Satanists such as "Rosicrucianists" would even attempt to decipher the Bible Codes such as at the site. How can they discern the Lord's Word when they don't even know Him or have His Spirit to discern? And what's even funnier is the "Christians" who declare the Bible Codes are witchcraft, or of Satan. The Bible is clearly encoded, so they're saying Satan encoded God's Word? Is it God's Word or isn't it? And exactly what part is or isn't?

Exposing Paul as the fraud he is was a huge blow to Satan and his prophets, and now the Serpent Seed is the icing on the cake ( So they think. The Lord will pull a remnant out of their grasp, He always reserves a remnant for Himself. Every time Israel sunk into idolatry and apostasy there were always a remnant that stayed with the Lord and in His truth, just as today. I started a website at but it is far from completed, in fact I haven't been able to work on it for several months now since the free trial version of my FTP prog expired on my laptop and I don't have my regular computer set up yet. But it's a start.

And it goes for both sides.

Just as Satan thinks he has a monopoly on the believers and churches today and thinks things are all going to go his way, he's going to have stumbling blocks to overcome such as genuine truthseekers and the 144,000. Just as the believers who think they have it all figured out and events are going to happen in a certain way A, B, C, and won't recognize the tribulation period because the events aren't going to happen they way they expect, they're going to have to overcome themselves and their own predispositions.

Scripture is told through parables and literal meanings. It is left up to interpretation if one is not given outright as to whether it is an allegory or should be taken literal. While some interpret one passage as symbolic, others interpret it as literal, and this leads to 100,000 different denominations in this country alone with every one thinking they have the 'truth' and "they" are the only church that does.

No religion or church has all the truth. Every one has a little piece of it but no one has put it all together correctly. No one.

So with room for error and knowing no one has all the truth, why do so many people spend all their times and lives thinking they know everything and have it all right? Because they don't. I just merely keep seeking the Lord for more and more truths. It's a process, a journey.

When it comes to last days events and prophecies nothing is set in stone. Why? Because the free will of man can change the course of events, prophecies can be interpreted 2 or 3 different ways, and at times we as a people simply misunderstand what is being said. There are several candidates or men/beasts who could fulfill the roles of the Antichrist and False Prophet, and until a particular route is chosen by Satan we won't know exactly what is going to happen or who will be what. That's why there's so many good guesses on who they could be...because any of them could be.

We may know events to expect, like the worldwide chipping/marking but will it be that obvious and will it happen as expected? This is why I stay on top of events happening and analyze them, always watching and waiting for the coming events to be fulfilled so others can be warned.

Not to mention that one Scripture can have layered and multiple meanings, and what one person learns from one layer or meaning, someone else can learn the other(s). And instead of putting all the information together and looking at it as a whole...people argue that one is right and the other is wrong causing division.

The church's unquestioning obedience to government was the hallmark of Satan's strategy using Saul-Paul-Antichrist to pound them with. "Pray for our leaders and obey obey obey them to the pit of hell or martial law camps whichever comes first" (sarcasem) Not to mention getting the church to break and violate the 10 Commandments instead of keeping them, yes go worship on Sun God day and ignore the real Sabbath on the 7th day as instructed. Can you hear him laughing? Especially every sunday when churches teach their congregations to follow the 10 commandments and they're breaking them themselves! Hypocrites! And how many are still celebrating easter bunnies instead of Passover? How many rush to buy those new easter dresses for church making themselves an abomination in God's eyes?

And should we really bother praying for Satan's children? He already owns them. If you still think Bush is a Christian and Pat Robertson and Billy Graham are as well, then you're head is really stuck in the sand.

I get emails from the Beverly Hills Islamic Center. They love me over there ( ). As most churches and Christians do. And the fake Jews in Israel who worship Satan's Talmud really send the lovin ( ).(for those who don't get it this is sarcastic). Not to mention there's a Fortune 500 company behind most of my attacks online and who are the real ones behind those who hate me. Oh sure, it all seems like just innocent opinions or attacks from people who just disagree with you all of the time right? Wrong. These are 'professionals' trained to harass and discredit whoever is on their "list" to attack and discredit. I already know who the top of the chain is and some of the agencies involved.


And you know what? I don't care. Not one garbonzo bean.

Because out of the 6.6 billion people out there, there's a remnant who know I speak the truth and there's a remnant who know who I am, and there's a remnant out there kicking butt and tearing down the strongholds of Satan and being soldiers for the Lord instead of singing about wanting to be on Sun God days.I don't have all the truths. But what God reveals to me I reveal to His people. I certainly had a 20 year programming of religion and falsehoods. It's taken years to unravel that and throw out most of it...and to know what to throw out and what to keep was all from Him.

No, I don't know everything. But enough to keep 13 federal agencies always interested in what I know so they can adjust their own intelligence. I don't care about them, what I do care about are the Lord's people and just being able to lead them through this mess that's coming up. It's a war folks, it's a daily war...some of you just have no idea.

Have you hugged your kid today? Have you shot a dolphin yet? (haha just kidding, for the dolphin worshipping freaks).

Don't they ever realize how ridiculous they all are? Revere a dolphin, worship an owl, do a ritual..oh yeah those are the winners...NOT! LOL..

Another warning to those who can understand, stay away or you're going to lose even more of your footmen and women. I'm not playing with you freaks anymore, I think I've shown you over the past few months I have no more patience or tolerance for your stupidity. You lost one recently and you'll lose more. You are no match for the Most High who gives me the authority to destroy you as He chooses. Stay away. Another warning falling on deaf ears I'm sure.


Yah bless His Warriors

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