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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Radio Comeback...

I get emails every day from people asking me when I will make a radio comeback. I have been in talks with a radio network and we'll see what happens folks.

I need financial supporters and backers to get me on the radio and keep me on. The hand full of supporters I've had over the years have graciously enabled my websites to stay up. I have about 20 websites. I don't make money by having websites up, they cost me money. When people visit my websites I have to pay for that visit. Website owners have to pay for traffic and the amount of space used for that website. Apparently a lot of people don't understand the internet or how it works. Unless you're an Alex Jones with a video of the day to sell, or have backers and supporters of your website(s) or ministry, then the expenses come out of your own pocket. The internet is not free unless you have free webspace such as

Having a radio show doesn't make you money. It costs you money on the internet. You have to pay for the expenses of having a show, for the air time, for the phones, etc.. etc..If you have sponsors of the show then the sponsors help cover the costs. This isn't normal radio, internet radio doesn't make you money it costs you money. And that's why so many radio shows turn into "sell a book or video" shows.

I'm not government funded, I don't have a secret group of whatevers or whoevers paying for me to speak for their agenda. I'm just a simple servant of the Most High who is crowded out of the way by the 'big guys' with big $ behind them.

There's tons of people still going back and listening to my old radio archives from when I started 2 years ago. I make all my archives available. It costs bandwidth for people to listen to those archives. I have to pay for that.

One of my website's alone gets a million hits a month ( Donations received from that particular website to keep the site going? Not one. And yet it's one of the more popular websites on the internet, several months ago it was featured on a cable show in New York on the paranormal and 'weird' ... they liked the website logo.

I get tired of watching the mega-devil's get supported by the "Lord's" people while His real people are kicked to the curb and completely ignored...I'm covered with bruises here...

Get involved. Become a consistent backer and supporter of my online ministry, You can send donations and contributions to:

Sherry Shriner
P.O. Box 531
Carrollton, Ohio 44615

Anyway that's my 2 cents on that,

Yah bless His Warriors

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