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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Femlicans and Femocrats

You had to wonder exactly how long the perversion was going to go before it finally hit the fan, or was allowed to via the media.

For those following the NWO and the scum behind it none of this is a suprise. For the past umpteen years it's been no secret of all the pedophilia and sexual perversions among the NWO freaks. Religion, politics, entertainment, music, not one area has escaped the perversions that Satan puts into everything he's involved with.

In fact if the real truth was portrayed by the media perhaps the sleeping country would be so repulsed they would demand change and government accountability for their actions.

Our government runs and protects child prostitution rings, even funds them, and several of these child-victims now adults have come forward to expose politicians involved, and what's been done about it? Nothing.

The White House squatter has been a bi-sexual since his college days, and probably earlier than that but as long as he quotes Scripture the sleeping churches and country refuse to believe the evidence before their own eyes that he's not what he portrays to be. Patriots have died exposing the corruption of our officials, such as Sherman Skolnick and many others, and what is done about it? Nothing.

From victims and eyewitness accounts the corruption runs high and wide. Bill Clinton is a bi-sexual, George Bush Jr. is a bi-sexual, George Bush Sr., is a pedophile, Hillary Clinton is a bi-sexual, many senators and congressman are involved with child-prostitution orgy parties, the White House has male prostitutes for the president and on taxpayer expense I'm sure. And the media continues to look the other way in fear of retaliation.

If the femlicans lose control of Congress than we have the femocrats in charge. Does it really matter which group of perverted idiots is in charge? Neither are fit to run America.

Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi are going to make Bill Clinton and George Bush Sr. look like pansies.

We'll go from a war in Iraq to a war against the environment. If it isn't bad enough having to hear the squatter contradict himself about how we're winning the war in Iraq (then need more troops and money) it won't be much better having to hear the femocrats controlled by shapeshifting blood drinking addict Al Gore whine and lie about global warming. Remember several years ago when he was caught shapeshifting on national television? Now there was an internet huff that should be revisited again.

If you think anything is going to get better you're in dreamland. All we're going to do is go from one nightmare to another.

If they start their global warming crap I'll personally stick my own head in the sand just so I don't have to hear it.

But first they'll have to take care of business. If the femocrats take over Congress than it's only a matter of time before Bush is ousted from office. I know it doesn't necessarily seem that way since the femocrats there now are practically all in bed with the squatter and do everything he asks (forever blackmailed by the White House), but watch...Al Gore won't sit for long in the shadows and the piper will call for his dues against Bush.

No, things aren't going to get better.

And you have to be sick of hearing about the American-French alliance. I know I am. Call it what it is, Al Gore's New Age Alien Alliance working to bring down the Bush faction of the NWO.

They will align with the femocrats in Congress to finish the job against Faction 1.

Remember Al Gore 'invented' the internet, and he uses it much moreso than the Bush faction ever has. A couple of websites exposing Gore and his alliances
and Yes he's up to his eyeballs with NESARA and the "alien" crowd such as St. Germain, Maitreya, and Sananda.

Why the push for environment changes and the constant ramblings about global warming? Because the "aliens' can't tolerate our atmosphere, so changes are needed for them to be able to live here. They plan on changing earth's atmosphere from what it is now to a "Garden of Eden" type atmosphere so they can walk among us in their own 'forms' instead of having to take on human bodies as 'walk-ins.' That's one of the reasons for the massive chemtrail program, not only to kill and maim populations with the fibers, diseases, and cancer causing agents they use in the spraying, but to also change the makeup of the very air we breathe.

With the femocrats in charge the Alien Agenda will rise to prominence and power. When I even stated there WAS an Alien Agenda years ago, people laughed and ridiculed me to no end, now they can watch it for themselves.

In the 10 years I've been on the internet I can't think of one time I haven't been vindicated. The truth always comes out in the wash, no matter how long it takes I'm always vindicated.

For those who have stuck with me over the years you're going to be absolutely amazed at what we're going to accomplish against all these scumbags sold out to Satan.

We're not a rag tag band of believers sitting on our thumbs, we're an army that's busy, watching, preparing, and getting ready for a good laugh.

It's going to be amazing.

Yah bless His Warriors

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