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Saturday, November 25, 2006

D-Day 2009

One nation's terrorist is another nation's hero.

So how do you globally define the word "terrorist" in a way all nations could or would accept? In a global form of government the same laws would govern equally over all of them.

You would have to eradicate patriotism, national pride, national identity, and anything and everything to do with how one nation perceives itself as being different from any other. They would have to adopt the "we are all one" mentality. They envision every country with open borders and one government over them all.

The New World Order is about undoing what God did at the tower of Babel. The Lord separated the people into nations and tongues, the NWO is trying to unite them all back into one. Ultimately they know their own plans will never work, it just gives them reasoning behind their madness and plans to kill and murder 5.5 billion people because these people are in their way of achieving their goals of eradicating all life on earth but their own. Who are they? Satan and his fallen angels.

They have been confined to ruling behind-the-scenes for thousands of years. They live in our aerospace and under the earth, when they operate it's through humans whether directly or indirectly. Their offspring on earth (most notably the Illuminati families) dominate banking, economics, and governmental rule. Just as they did in the days of the Biblical patriarchs. And they are ready to make their move from being behind-the-scenes to dominating earth physically, mentally, and in every way possible.

According to what I've seen in the Bible Codes Satan will establish his administration in 2009/2010. In the Jewish calendar, their "2009" could be our September, 2008. From now until then we are going to see some drastic and disastrous changes as the nations of the earth jockey and get prepared for the coming arrival of their "God" so he can be handed the reigns of global control. Secret Societies, groups, organizations, governments, militaries, and religions are all working together to condition the people for this "New World Order."

Satan's not coming as a great political leader, he's coming as a religious leader who will control politics. One of his beast pawns will come to form a 10 nation confederacy of Arab States and go to war against the 'infidels' and surrounding nations. Through Islam he will make war against the Christians and God's people and overcome them and kill them.

Wars, famine, plagues, economic collapse, death and destruction, this is what we will face during the next couple of years and it won't get any better when the Arab beast arrives because he will make war against everyone that stands in his way.

In America there are too many people who oppose the New World Order and the Satanic government of ours that wants perpetual war to drain the economy, kill off men of fighting age and ship them overseas so they can't defend their own country from the coming occupation of UN/NATO forces and civilian internment camps where these soldiers own parents and families will end up as prisoners to be executed and eliminated. Our military will be shipped out to fight in contrived wars in other countries so their own can be destroyed and they aren't here to do a thing about it, all in the name of "democracy."

Patriotism is a threat to Satanism. Militaries of the world will be destroyed through poisoned vaccinations and perpetual war until there's nothing left of them. Satan doesn't need them. When he comes to ultimate power he has his own forces in the millions who will help him conquer and control the earth. Humans are hated and not wanted or needed by him.

In Revelation 9 and Joel 2 there are over 200 million supernatural demonic beings waiting to come to earth to torment and kill mankind. This is not a Chinese army as taught by the churches, it is a demonic army that has been waiting in judgment inside the earth until Satan is allowed to release them...once he does..those who don't know the Lord or have His Seal on them may as well stick a fork in themselves because they're 'done.' Satan's going to destroy them with pain, suffering, and eventual death.

Under the lie of establishing a new Eden on earth, or a Kingdom of heaven on earth, Satan will destroy it instead.

Where is America in all this? They will hand over the reigns of our country to the rulership of the beasts. After all, they're the ones who have helped make so much of what is coming possible. They have built over 100 joint human/alien underground bases across the country for the "aliens" and Lucifer to plan and implement their coming occupation and takeover of earth. America has been and is Satan's home base and yet the majority of Americans don't even realize it.

The clock is ticking...

Yah bless His Warriors

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