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Friday, November 03, 2006

GOP = Hitler's Party

For most of my life I have considered myself a conservative. I viewed the Republican party as the closest thing to my own beliefs.

But now you have to ask yourself, who are they?

Pro-abortion, liberalisms of every kind, and Big intrusive government was always a hallmark of the Democrats. Now it's the champion cause and fruit of the Republicans. They say one thing and do another. By their fruits you will know them and actions always speak louder than words. Unfortunately the deaf can't see either.

When Hitler rose to power he used the country's conservative party to do so. Hitler loved to quote Scripture...and it kept the Christians in line. Someone who quotes Scripture must be one of God's right?!!

Yahushuah said in the last days while they were claiming "peace and safety" their destruction would come. Who's? Israel's! He was telling them to watch for so they would know when destruction was around the corner.

Do you think anyone's getting it today? The Global War on Terror IS their battlecry for Peace and Safety. So what's next?

Destruction is coming.

Now here's the question, who's the Israel of today? The land or the people? The land is infested with fake Khazar Jews who worship the blasphemous and Satanic Talmud and reject Jesus as Lord and hate His followers. Do you think the Lord wants to bless them or is? Do you think He wants you to support those who hate HIM? Exactly whose side are you on? In fact who did Jesus say were His people? Those who keep His commandments and follow HIM. Is that Israel today? No. Is it the church today? No. They don't keep His commandments either and their following Him is lip service.

The Israel today is everywhere, spread around the world, they are pockets of believers here and there who don't subscribe to modern day Satanic footholds and apostasies. They are 'separated' from the world and with HIM in Spirit and Truth.

Some have managed to find enough members in one area to actually have a church and congregation based on the Lord's truths. But it's rare. It exists, but it's rare.

They're not the big mega churches that are rich and in need of nothing. They just have a genuine love for the Lord. A genuine love for the Lord. It exists..but it's rare.

Politics and Religion are in bed with the devil. We don't have a party for believers to be involved with or support anymore. Choosing between the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil!

True believers who love the Lord have been deceived and abandoned by the party that was suppose to represent them. We have no one! So what are we to do?

When man's laws violate God's laws we are to follow God's and not man's.

But George Bush quotes Scripture...really? So does Satan. And GW Bush holds a membership in several of Satan's secret societies! You can't serve two masters! Admit it, the Christians have been played and deceived by Satanists! I don't know why they can't admit it, I didn't like it either but saw it for myself and heard it with my own ears back in 1990. So what are they too proud? At first it's a shocking realization, but you get over it and get smarter and move on. The problem is most believers didn't learn with the first Bush Sr, who is one of the highest ranking Satanists in this country, and they didn't learn with his son Jr either, who was elected into office twice! I was fooled the first time because I was asleep at the wheel and not paying attention, and much younger! But boy did my eyes open when I realized I had voted in a freaking Satanist to office! And all it took was listening to him speak himself!

Do you think the Democrats would have done better? No. We'd still be heading toward global slavery and the appearance of the last Antichrist, just on a different road. Both roads lead to the same demise of America and our world. It doesn't matter which party is running the country, they are both sleeping with the devil! The GOP party has become the homosexual/pedophile party just like Hitler's was! They HIDE under a Banner of Conservatism!

And their sexual preferences and closets (and lies) aren't the only problem.

Our government agencies and military have combined groups, organizations, hospitals, companies, foundations, and churches with alien and demonic beings. They work side by side together. These alien beings can make themselves look human with holographics, they can also take the skin off of humans and put it on their own to make themselves look as human as possible without being detected by the ignorant masses. The masses don't think it's possible so don't even suspect such a thing can or is happening.

Our entertainment industry is full of these alien and demonic beings who have infiltrated as humans and who have taken over human beings as walk-ins and clones. What happened to the original celebrity? Most likely dead or imprisoned somewhere.

Paul McCartney is a classic case. He's not the same McCartney that started out with the Beatles band. The original Paul had green eyes. There's a website online that features the differences between the orginal Paul and the Paul playing Paul now..but I have it buried in my links somewhere. You can Google it and try to find it if you want to research it yourself.

The point is this, the Parable of the Wheat and Tares has probably never been as blatant in our society as it is now! They're EVERYWHERE!!

Satan's seed and Satan's forces are walking among us as humans and most people can't tell the difference!

His "seed" would be harder because they're born as normal humans, they just have his blood because they are descendants of him! But you can see who they are by their fruits! And that's what most people completely refuse to do....LOOK. The dominant characteristics of Satan's seed is along the same line of those with sociopaths and psycopaths. They have no real conscious and nor can they truly empathize with human emotions. They fake it when they have to show sympathy as an emotion or are expected to because sympathy is one thing they don't have toward anyone or anything!

Hybrids, half human and half aliens are among us by the hundreds of thousands, and most can't tell the difference on those either. Conditioning? The X Men movies, along with 'star kid' or "indigos."

Clones..will increasingly become a part of our society as well, featured in the movie "The Island" Hollywood was telling you exactly what they've already been doing in secret!

The last group to hit the world stage will be the robotic humans. Robotoids. Half human half "machine" which is really just humans completely controlled by chip implants and demonic beings in a human body (my guess, something like a zombie but can look and act almost human, unlike a zombie). Conditioning? The Terminator movies.

Hollywood has been subtly revealing to the public through their movies what is and has happened, happening, and coming.

Is there really such thing as fiction? The truth is stranger than fiction. Where do you think they get their ideas from?

Just because the world's going to hell in a hand basket doesn't mean you have to go along for the ride. Let them go themselves.

Break their cycle, be different in Yah and as a warrior and truthseeker in HIM and don't go along with their program.

They're leading...don't follow.

It's a mutiny folks! Our establishment is going to hell and we don't have to follow them there!

Stand up and be a voice and warrior for the Most High.

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