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Friday, November 24, 2006

Yahweh's Voice

A friend sent me a poem yesterday and it made me speechless. From a fellow warrior in Yah's army, I thought I'd share it.

Yahweh's Voice
(From R.R.)

Yahweh speaks to those he wanted. He speaks
with authority, speaks with love.
His Spirit, his voice you can hear in our hearts.
His Love is so pure that will lead us from the dark.

Now, is the time to work for Yahweh. His message of
repentance let's announce to his people.
Love him, Seek him, Depend on him, is all what he wants.
It is Yahushua's teachings, -- Are you deaf, Don't YOU GET IT?

Those of you who have ears listen to his voice. Listen to
the call of our Father and make a choice.
Make a choice but be sure it is his Will. For if not, Hell is
waiting for us my dear.

Before I don't know that he chose me for this work. I am
always unsatisfied in what I am doing, I am bored.
I tried to serve him in the church I have known for years.
I have no idea, I am breaking his heart and ears.

It was a lip service, like a robot when I pray. That is why
I got bored in that way.
I know there is something wrong from the church I was in.
I cannot decipher the reason for those things.
Years had passed I go along with my will--I tasted SINS.
But his voice led me out and repent from my sins.

I realized that a person chosen for a task from him,
he knocks all the time, to see the TRUTH from him.
He led me to Sherry, his voice in the wilderness.
To learn more of him and focus on his Will.

From Sherry. I learn how to know him more. I learn
to know his voice, which I follow since he called.
The articles expose the dark world, the articles I will
use to help Sherry proclaim God's words.

For those of you who have this calling -- Wake Up!
Listen to his voice.
Follow his will, stand by him and make a noise.
Make a noise to tell the TRUTH. Tell the people
the plans of the FOOLS.
Tell them to return to YAHWEH, through Yahushua's
name - our SALVATION.

The voice in the wilderness will teach us to be strong.
The voice in the wilderness can never be wrong.
It's the voice from Yahweh his message to his chosen few.
It's his voice you can hear in this END TIMES......

......Thank you Lord for Sherry Shriner.

" We are a TEAM. let's work together for Yahweh's glory."

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