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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Part Two...Annihilating Strongholds

Annihilating Strongholds...Part Two

Two years ago I went on a road trip to Arkansas. Yah led me there to orgone certain areas and to tear down particular strongholds of Satan's. At the time I felt I was also there to secure areas of safety for people to flee to when needed. Not to mention ridding the areas of Satan's dominance and influence and proclaiming them as areas secured for the Most High.

Other than being followed around by a UFO it was just a time of hiking, canoeing, sight seeing and getting some work done.

I knew at the time there would be a larger area that would need to be covered. In particular, many of Satan's strongholds across the country. In fact, I knew a trip would have to be taken across the country to get all of the areas needed. At the time I told Yah, "I will go, just prepare the way." He said (in so many words) that He would not send me, that He was going to offer others the chance to stand up and be warriors for Him so they could have the opportunity to build rewards for eternity through their obedience in answering His call to them. I wasn't to particularly happy. Not because He was going to call and lead others to do it, but because I knew they wouldn't. I was way more pessimistic and I said to Him, "They won't do it, I know these people and I deal with many every day and even if they hear your call and feel your leading for them to do it they won't. They won't do it Yah, and you know I will, I'm still here and willing to go and do what needs done if you change your mind."

A year later I began to feel His leading to go and cover these areas out west and sure enough He prepared the way for me to go. What He has told me is that there have been many called to stand up to do things for Him that have refused to do what He has led them to do. And at Judgment when we are rewarded for the things we have done for Him they will be without excuse as they are shown what they could have received for eternity if they had obeyed Him and done what He had asked them to do.

I don't know who these people are that He gave this opportunity to but I see it a lot. People pray for the Lord to lead them and then when He does they don't do what He asks and leads them to do. They have tons of reasons why they can't do it and instead of asking Him to prepare the way they refuse to do what He wants and so He leaves them and gives someone else the opportunity. They simply don't want to go out of their comfort zones. Yahuah told me that when He leads people to do things they will have no excuse at the Judgment Seat as to why they have no fruit to show Him and they will see from Him Himself why they have no or little rewards compared to what they could have had from Him if they had done what He had asked them to do. They will see in heaven when it is too late to go back and change anything the impact they would or could have had if they had just done what He asked them to do. And this alone is going to upset a lot of people when they see what they threw away because they wouldn't obey the Lord.

One thing I have learned from doing the Bible Codes other than the various paths that can be taken in our lives either as individuals or as a country based on free will and the actions we take is that there is a council in heaven, very much like the one Satan imitates in his kingdom where he has a council of leaders that plan and implement his plans on earth.

This heavenly council is the one that chooses whom they will use and lead to implement Yahuah's plans on earth. He works through His people. When something needs done they will decide who is the most likely to get it done, or who is available to do it, or who they can depend on to do it, or simply who they will give the chance to so they can build fruit on earth for Yah and rewards for eternity. They gather a list of people and then choose whom they will call to do it and it is then the Lord who leads and calls that person.

I used to always see the term "lottery" in the codes and instantly thought of it as the literal lottery many states have where you can spend money to win money. But this was a far more different type of lottery and Yah revealed to me what it was it opened my eyes to how things work in heaven and on earth.

So I prepared. I didn't have the attitude of "I told you so" with Yah, but one of "thank you for giving me the opportunity." It took many months of preparation and I had even thought at one time I would never be ready by the date I had established to leave. I had considered delaying but Yah said, "You must go now, do not delay" and so I headed onto the road, on a journey that would take me across the country and tearing down the strongholds of Satan.

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