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Friday, June 15, 2007

Annihilating Strongholds...Part 1

(this is the first of a series of reports I'll be writing)

Well I'm finally home. It's been a long two weeks as I traveled across the country putting over 6,000 miles on my car but after all is said and done the only two words that mean the most to me are Mission Accomplished!

I know there are many who are fighting me tooth and nail about the war I have implemented, instigated, and fight daily against Satan and his strongholds over this country and even world. Because they understand the truth about it and how it is destroying them and their plans for a NWO their way. And yet there are many who simply don't grasp the picture either although they feel it's something the Lord has called them to get involved with as well.

First let me explain things a bit. The entire Alien Agenda of the NWO is based on surviving off of and feeding off of Dead Orgone Energy, or DOE. This DOE is an energy that keeps them (alien-fallen angels, think of Satan and his kingdom) alive on this earth and allows them to live here, manifest, and even implement their agenda on earth with their famines, wars, death, and weather control weapons. That is why we see so much of their chemtrails and HAARP weapons in action today. They know their time is coming when they will have a short space of time to overtake and conquer the earth and implement their agenda on earth to produce a false Christ and force the world to worship this false Christ or die. The Bible speaks of it in the book of Revelation and throughout other various books within it through various prophets.

Knowing what is coming is one thing, knowing HOW they are going to do it is another. And that is what Yahuah has led me to over the past several years, HOW they are going to implement their plans on earth to accomplish the coming prophesied events. We can't stop the coming events completely but we can diminish the power of them and ruin their plans of how they think it will be as to how it will actually be. And that's been the most fun of it for me. Just taking their "big plans" and destroying them into going into just little plans of survival mode on their own behalf.

To create DOE in America their biggest weapon has been the weather and chemtrails. If you'll notice, they are destroying the creation of clouds. I just traveled through 4 states and didn't see one cloud until I got 50 miles from home. When clouds appear they send out planes to spray thinners over the clouds that dissipates them. The earth creates on its own a living energy, also referred to as orgone energy, or lifeforce. Another term is "loosh" and I've written an article on how they create and feed off of loosh at
I know it sounds "New Age" but this is how things actually work and it's through mind control and religion that much information has been suppressed to keep people in the dark of how things work so the evil ones can work in the background unnoticed and unhindered as they set out to destroy and work against anything that is positive and turn it into negative to benefit themselves and no one (or very few people) has any clue of how they're doing what they're doing or why they're even doing it.

Because they are trying to destroy the living life force and energy that the earth naturally creates, in the process they are going to destroy our atmosphere, earth and most life on it. For every cause their is an effect.

They have been using HAARP to control the weather to create DOE, in the process as an effect this HAARP is eventually going to blow up our atmosphere. It is the government black ops who are heating up our atmosphere and destroying our ozone layer. Because it is the governments of the world who are working in cohoots with Satan to prepare the earth for his arrival with his aliens-fallen angels entourage.

Living and healing energy is like a fire that burns them. DOE is like Kryptonite that empowers them. So they need, have to have and want lots of DOE.

Don't let them fool you, their "healing" powers are not actually "healing" they are allusions and the use of magic from DOE, not Living Energy.

Living energy is what we receive from the Lord Himself. All of His people have His Holy Spirit, and His Holy Spirit is also manifest via Living Energy in His people. The earth also contains this energy as He created it. That is why the Bible says the earth moans and groans at the coming and arrival of Satan on earth...the pagans call this energy "mother earth" the Indians referred to earth as a 'great spirit' because the earth itself is a living force that contains living energy and Satan is working to suppress this living energy and turn it into dead energy suppressing the life force out of it.

It might be easier to understand it as taking a live being or thing like a animal or human and squeezing the life out of it to where it's just a limp, dead object. That is what they are doing to the earth because in their attempts to keep a constant supply of DOE they are squeezing the life out of everything they are messing with.

And that's why the Lord led me to Orgone Energy... To Positive Orgone Energy which is this Living Energy that the earth already creates that they are trying to suppress. By combatting their DOE and making our own POE orgone we are putting and keeping POE in the air and atmosphere and helping the earth heal itself from their attempts to destroy it with their DOE.

So as you can see, as in everything, it's a war. It's a war of DOE against POE. And this one is one Satan takes personally, because when you attack or try to limit his DOE you are attacking literally the very air he breathes and how he will survive to manifest on earth.

DOE creates "loosh." This loosh is their gasoline, it's their energy, it's what they use to feed off of and run off of so they can operate on earth.

Not only can we combat their DOE with our POE, but I have listed the effects POE has on them before and I'll list them again how POE effects these evil beings. Positive vs. Negative, living vs. dead, good vs. evil everything has an opposite and every cause has an affect. You have to figure out which side you fit on and what kind of effect you are causing, because even we as mankind fit into this same power structure of either good or evil, of either positive or negative. Each human being creates energy either good or bad, living (positive) or evil (dead).

excerpt from

Orgone in the Bible Codes:

Orgone is an energy. It can be made as a good energy or sabotaged and used as an evil, negative energy. Like everything, Satan always perverts and mimicks what God creates, has, or does.

I see what this positive orgone energy does to Satan and his Annunaki giants all the time in the Bible Codes. In fact I've kept quiet about a lot of it until now.

If I reveal to 'you' what it will do and does, then 'they' know because they read everything I write. But if I don't inform Yah's people, they won't get busy and do the exploits that are needed worldwide.

We are literally going to fulfill prophecy and that is why I can't keep silent anymore. Time is running out. Terms I see all the time in the Bible Codes in relation to Orgone and what it does and is going to do to the Anuk/Nephilim fallen angels:

These terms describe Satan and the "aliens' reaction when they arrive here:

These terms describe what it will do and the results of what this orgone causes to and against them:


Terms relating to the faction (Faction 4) of the 144,000:

Can you imagine the shock and horror of the Man of Sin to arrive as a "God" or "Messiah" and he's covered in boils? LOL! And the laughter of God's people!!

Satan won't be able to heal himself yet he can "heal" others to try and persuade them of who or what he is? The Bible Codes says it's COMICAL and an "Embarrassing Defeat" of Satan's forces who fully intend on arriving as "angelic hosts."

The air will be saturated with orgone and it burns them, it causes them to have boils on their skin, and they can't breathe, the 'contaminated' air asphyxiates them. It's like a horrible plague that destroys them and causes their deaths.

There are so many "Christians" today who think it's their job to just sit on their butts and do nothing about the NWO but argue and rail against those who are doing something to battle against it for the Most High here on earth.

It's not our duty as HIS people to EVER sit on our butts and just wait on Him, HE uses HIS PEOPLE to implement HIS PLANS. Even if it's just one person, or a band of 50, or 500, HE will accomplish His purposes through them.

It's easy to see how one of Satan's coming biggest defeats on earth is handed to him by just a handfull of people who love the Lord in WALK and talk. Why? Because the majority of believers today are sleeping, lazy, fearful, and kidding themselves of who and what they think they are in the Lord.

In reality a fragment, a group of people out of the 144,000 who are already awake and know who they are in Him are the first ones to toss the NWO it's first major defeat and victory for Yehovah!

Many people today are in denial of who they are. Inwardly they know they were born for a reason to be here in the last days because I hear from MANY of them.

They just fight it, and in reality are fighting HIM and losing reward for being cowards and fearmongers and who will lose their position and rewards in Him if they don't get off their butts and start fulfilling His calling He has for them. If you feel led to do something then do it! Your instinct is usually HIM trying to get your attention!


So in essence this is what my trip was about as I travelled the country not just destroying the strongholds of Satan's with POE, but according to Yahuah Himself, we annihilated them!

And as I've said every cause has an effect. Because I have listened to Yah and have implemented this war against Satan himself I am now the target of their Tesla Microwave not only were we very successful in our mission for Yah, I am now the targets of Satan's wrath because of it! And I'll write more about that in my next report.

Yah bless His Warriors!

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