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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Part Four...Annihilating Strongholds

Annihilating Strongholds...Part Four

Dulce is a busy little town booming with growth and locally owned businesses. It features 4-5 restaurants, a health and fitness complex for the residents and modern state of the art schools with a sports complex. I was impressed with the schools as they were not what I was expecting. In fact I didn't expect Dulce to be anything more than a sleepy little town as stated in various places on the internet in reports from others. I found it much different than that and the state route that runs through it is being widened into 4 lanes so there is much road construction through Dulce to accommodate the growth and traffic in the area.

The Dulce Base is widely known to those who have studied underground bases and joint human and alien bases. It is anywhere from 7-15 levels deep and located inside the Archuleta Mesa of Dulce which itself is located on an Apache Indian Reservation. The Mesa overlooks the town and can be seen at a distance even before you enter the town itself.

I have an online ebook about Dulce at
that describes from first hand accounts what actually goes on at Dulce. It's a joint human and alien base and those who work at Dulce ride the super-shuttle there each day then return from where they came. I suspect most of the people that work at Dulce probably live in Durango, Colorado. During my trip throughout northern and central New Mexico I made it a point to go see Durango, Colorado. I had for some reason stumbled on an Oprah Winfrey show some weeks earlier before I left for my trip and she was traveling across the country from California to Chicago. One of the
places she stopped and visited and featured on her show was Durango, Colorado.

She featured Durango as a sleepy little guppy town with a historical aspect (she went to the historical district and showed that small part of Durango like it was the main feature of the town). She asked people "what do you do here" and showed bikers heading to the mountains for a day of biking. From watching Oprah's feature of Durango it was a small old town with not much going on except for those interested in outdoor activities such as hiking and biking. So I wanted to see Durango. I was drawn there for some reason.

What I saw in Durango was nothing that Oprah had featured on her show. Or the comparison of reality to what she showed was as night and day. Durango was a huge metropolis. I was shocked at the actual size. There was a sign pointing toward the historical district so I knew that was where Oprah had gone to shoot her footage of Durango. But the historical district was a mere blurb of what Durango is really like. With mountains in the background and a river running through it there were strip malls everywhere, elite hotels such as the Hilton and many others. The Hilton Hotel sat back off the road and looked like a palace or huge mansion. It was the only time in my travel that I had seen such a display of wealth. For a town to feature the hotels and booming commercialism
that Durango does, it obviously caters to a wealthy crowd of people.

So who are these wealthy people and where are they coming from? The residents on the streets of Durango were majority Mexican from what I could see just from the main traffic. There were many, many Mexicans there. I even saw cars with Mexican license plates. I got the distinct feeling in my spirit as I drove through there that Durango is the residence for many of those who work at Dulce. Durango was far from a sleepy little town nestled against the Rocky Mountains. I also had the feeling that Durango was being established as a haven for the elite to run
to when crap hits in the fan here in America.

With so much commercial activity it would take many, many people to keep those businesses open. It appeared to me that there was much more business and strip malls there than actually needed by the residents. It's a booming place alright...but not for the right reasons. At the Dulce Base they torture, torment, and experiment on humans. In fact eyewitness testimony from those who worked at Dulce reveal that thousands of humans who were abducted and kidnapped "never to be seen again" were being held in cages and used as food for the aliens. Level 5 of Dulce base is referred to as "Nightmare Hall" where they crossbreed humans with animals. It is also at the Dulce Base where they have perfected Dreamscape Manipulation and other mind control techniques they use via the black ops of our government and military.

As you drive through the town of Dulce itself it makes you wonder if the
Indians that inhabit the town have any idea what is going on under their noses, in a place they call home. As we drove around Dulce we stumbled on the backside where one map referred to the State Route as 666 and on another map it was called SR 491 (if I remember it right, it was something like that). But even driving closer around the mesa itself we managed to stumble on a road that branched off and one of those roads off the fork of the main road we were on was most likely one that led to an entrance into the mesa and Dulce base itself. It hit my spirit at that time that it was an access route into the mesa itself.

This Dulce base is carved right out of the mountain itself just as NORAD is with Cheyenne, Mountain. We had stumbled onto the direct road that led to NORAD across from Fort Carson. We had a habit of being able to do that. Another "Yah thing" or just His way of making these places accessible for us. And never were we ever stopped by anyone asking us what we were doing.

As you leave Dulce there are oil drilling apparatuses sprinkled throughout the land. It didn't take but about 30 miles to see who was maintaining and behind the extensive oil drilling in the area. As you enter Bloomfield, NM there is a building for Haliburton. I can't say I was surprised.

As we drove through Durango and Dulce we were busy with implementing enough of our devices to completely annoy the evil and wickedness that inhabits those places. I wasn't securing them for the Lord's people, I was chasing the evil out of them by just annoying them and making it impossible or just plain miserable for them to reside there. It was a huge accomplishment. In fact what we did to that entire state was. We annihilated Satan's strongholds in New Mexico. I got
the biggest surprise in Los Alamos.

Los Alamos itself has been in the news over the past few years. A place where President Clinton had allowed the Chinese to enter and steal American secrets with his approval. A place where a laptop computer had disappeared with classified and secret information on it, and it goes on. I never expected to get very close to the labs themselves. After all, with such important and classified research and black op projects being implemented at groomed at Los Alamos you would think it had security tighter than the White House itself. But I kid you not, we waltzed right onto the main base of labs at Los Alamos and if you think I was shocked you should have seen the look on the security guards at the main entrance security building. If I could waltz around that base unhindered and unstopped who else has done it and can't?

I'm not the smartest crayon in the box. Most of the time I'm just grateful to be one of the crayons in the box itself. With our old trusty map we had used to get us around in New Mexico we followed the directions to Los Alamos. We thought we were heading to the town itself. As we winded down a mountain we entered an unusual area where it looked like a college campus. There were signs for buildings everywhere. I saw one sign that was pointing to "Tech Buildings #16, 17, 18, 19 etc.. and then another one for the explosives building. It was at this point the realization hit "We're right smack in the middle of Los Alamos!" THE LOS ALAMOS base itself. I was shocked. I was expecting to be pulled over by security at any minute and drilled by them. But we didn't see anyone.

It was late at night and there was no sign of life anywhere in that place. We continued to drive and right smack in front of us the road ended at the Security checkpoint main gates. We realized it was the entrance to the base and that we had just driven through from the back side. So we drove up and there were two security guards inside one of the gate buildings that resembled something like what you would see at a toll booth on the highway and they were as shocked to see us as we were to see them. I pointed to our map and we asked if this was the way to Santa Fe, New Mexico, they said "yes" and we continued on our way. They never asked how we got onto the base or where we came from or what we were doing
there, we just drove right on out of that base and headed toward Santa Fe, New Mexico.

It had to have been the Most High directing all of that and making it possible for us to have just stumbled on that base. And then not to have not been accosted by the security at the main gates...that had to have been from the Lord as well. We were laughing, it was too amazing. Every time we ever appeared lost we always ended up right where we needed to be. It was a Yah thing. At this point we were starting to enjoy it. It happened almost everywhere we went. It's almost like we were invisible when we needed to be and we just got our work done
for the Most High.

We made our way back to Taos, NM and rested for a day, well I tried to. At this point the hotel was a charade of commercial vehicles with access to microwave beam energy weapons and I was being fried and boiled like a chicken. I knew we had to leave that place and it was confirmed by Yah Himself who told us we had to leave Taos the next day. We had accomplished everything we had set out to do in New Mexico and had attacked and accosted the main strongholds of Satan there in Taos, Durango, Dulce, and Los Alamos. It was a good feeling knowing we
had just messed Satan up pretty bad.

It was our desire to destroy his little kingdom he had set up here in America and by the time we finished our trip we had done exactly that. Yahuah said to me, "you (and the others with me) have executed everything perfectly." We did our job in New Mexico and now it was time to move on to the other strongholds of Satan's in the country.

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