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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Part Six...Annihilating Strongholds

Annihilating Strongholds...Part Six

Now that I've traveled across the country I have to say that driving in the midwest is easier than anywhere else. In states like Ohio, Indiana, Illinois they are clearly marked with signs and even directional signs so you know how far the next city is even in a different state. I always took it for granted and didn't realize how good we have it until I headed out west. It almost seems like everything is a mystery. If you don't have a map or know where something in particular is you'd never find it.

It takes about 10 hours to drive through Kansas and during that time I never once saw a sign for Colorado as I headed west. In New Mexico there are very few signs for anything except the town directly ahead unless you're in Santa Fe.

I never expected the nightmare we would get heading into Utah. Utah is a beautiful state and Provo and Salt Lake City were both huge metropolises situated next to each other much like Dallas and Ft. Worth.

On one side is the moutains and off in the distance on the other side is Salt Lake. I was amazed at how secluded they keep Salt Lake from the residents there. There are no neighborhoods that directly border the lake, they keep it at a distance from the general public area although there are many residential areas "as close as they can get" to the lake. There are only 2 ways to even get close to the lake and that is by the state park entrances at the north and the south sides.

Other than those two entrances the lake is restricted from public access. I thought that was very odd. What was even crazier was trying to drive in the entire metropolitan area of Salt Lake City. The lake itself was as the others throughout the country, way below it's normal water level and driving across the state park access road to the visitor's center was about a 5 mile hike with nothing but the lake on each side of the road. It was beautiful scenery but through the first mile or two there was a sickening stench of dead fish.

The streets in Salt Lake City are named as numbers. They don't have exits with street names, but street numbers...and the entire city is like this. They should consider that maps of their city contain the names of the streets themselves and not the numbers. It was explained to me that the city is laid out in a grid system starting at 00 from the Mormon Tabernacle and then everything goes by a number and direction such as 4700 S, or 4700 N. It looked like a military mess to me. I spent the night at 273000. I certainly couldn't tell you what the name of the town, street, or area was other than some place in Salt Lake City.

We stayed for a couple of days in Salt Lake City. Despite the problems of actually finding the places we needed to go to we were having fun tearing up Satan's seat in America. We went down to the Mormon tabernacle at night to have some fun and it completely floored me to see the 'new' Mormon temple. Within the city there is a "temple square" and it contains both the old and new Mormon temples completely surrounded by a concrete wall that is closed off to the public other than during visiting hours.

What shocked me was that just before I had left on the trip I had been looking at anomalies on the moon that had been leaked on the internet and on various websites throughout it that NASA had not itself made public. Perhaps at one time and then they took them off of their website so they were grabbed by others interested in the 'dark side of the moon.' I remember seeing one structure that was huge and it looked like a palace and it's located on the dark side of the moon. And as I stood there at temple square in Salt Lake City there sat a replica of that same picture I had seen from the moon! I don't know how anyone else hasn't put this together already. The new Mormon temple and the object/palace on the moon are the same exact structures!

I took pictures of this so I will post these pictures on my website at here in a few days. I still need to sit down and figure out how to upload pictures from my camera to the computer.

Anyway, I was shocked. I don't know why, after all Mormonism is just another branch of Satanism and in the Satanic Bible they claim Mormons as their own. The demon Moroni runs Mormonism and I've heard from others who were once high ranking Mormons that in the deep basement underground level of the temple that is restricted to public access they have a gold plaited throne room with an actual throne for Moroni.

I did enough work there to completely annoy and tick off the wickedness of that entire area for a very long time. Our war against evil is not just a physical war but a spiritual one as well. I took them on at both levels and Yah said to me as I left, "That was perfect!" and that's good enough for me.

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