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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fighting NWO Weapons

I decided to just write a blog on ways you can defend yourself against the high tech weapon attacks of the NWO.

I hear from many people who, like myself, are under constant attack in one way or another by those in the NWO who are desperately trying to intimidate, harass, stalk, hurt, injure and even kill those they deem a threat to them and their agenda.

America the free? Hardly. Free speech? Hardly. On the legal books and TV it may appear that way but ask the thousands across the internet who dare speak out against this Satanic and Luciferian freemasonry regime implementing the NWO in America and they will tell you how it really is, how 'free' speech really is.

And then there's the few who make no difference at all for Yah and who aren't being harassed and so think everyone else is crazy. If you're standing up as a patriot or a Christian in this country the backlash is incredible. All I can do is pray that these couch potatoes experience everything the patriots and warriors are so they will see for themselves how free this country is. That would shut them up.

These are various ways most are being attacked on a daily basis:

Phone conversations being recorded - when you hear a click or echo on your line you're most likely having your phone conversation recorded. Or when the line sounds like it's being forwarded to somewhere else before it actually begins to ring to the person you are actually calling. This goes for landlines or cell phones. Not all of my conversations are recorded but for the most part, most are. Or they block you from receiving phone calls from particular people. They will show up on your caller ID 2 days after they had originally tried to call.

Unemployment - Many of those who find themselves speaking out against the NWO will in one way or another end up losing their job and unable to find employment, some for long periods of time and some will just never work again. I have heard from several having to resort from white collar jobs to becoming taxi drivers to survive. Some couldn't get hired if they paid someone to hire them. They are blackballed.

Disability - Many end up on disability because of health issues stemming from the constant ELF attacks against them. Sudden brain tumors, or illnesses that kill them quickly are another route 'they' like to use to assassinate "big mouths".

ELF Monitor Attacks - ELF (extreme low frequency) is an attack by electromagnetic weapons they can use and target you through your computer monitor. Sudden heart pains, headaches, light headedness, a sulphur taste in your mouth...these are characteristics of being ELF attacked. I put POE (positive orgone energy) orgone on the top of my monitor and it stopped the attacks. If you don't have POE orgone then turn your computer off and get away from it for a while.

RNM Attacks - Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM). These are the attacks of the twilight zone kind. They hit you with EW's (eletromagnetic waves) and you begin to hear sounds and noises that seemingly are coming out of the thin air. If you have hard wood floors you might hear what sounds like bowling balls rolling down them. You might hear music being played and people talking (this one can also be a result of a chip implant and chips are like 2-way transistors to where at times you can hear what's on the 'other end.'). I think part of this RNM also has something to do with Dreamscape Manipulation where they can beam false visions and dreams into peoples minds as they sleep.

Beings Appear in Your Room as You Are Sleeping - sometimes you can see them, standing inside your bedroom as shadowy figures and other times you can see clearly see that they are military or normal 'people' staring at you. Other times you can hear them walking around inside your house or bedroom but you can't see them. Or you can hear them walking around and even talking outside your house on your property but you can't see them. This is what I've referred to as the "cloaked military."

Black or Huey helicopters - seem to have a constant presence of helicopters of one kind or another over your house or neighborhood? They use this for intimidation but it's largely just more amusing than anything else.

Sabotaging Computer Broadcast Streams - trying to listen to or record a broadcast on the internet and all of a sudden it starts to do weird things like echo, skip, cut off completely....these are some of the tactics they use to keep people from listening to internet broadcasts. It's the CIA that owns the servers of the internet. All web hosting companies and websites on the internet are on CIA servers. They can sabotage websites and broadcast streams from their end of the servers whenever they want to.

Directed Energy Weapons - these are the most intense forms of outright assassination attempts. They blast you with Tesla Energy Beams to burn you from the inside out as they're trying to kill you. You may experience redness that resembles a sunburn or you may feel like your skin is on fire and there's no redness at all. If you're in a car when it hits there's not much protection. If you leave your car and get into a crowded place they will have a hard time tracking you. If you're at home and getting blasted as you're sleeping put mirrors in your windows it will reflect the DEW's away from you and back to them. If you see beams of light entering your home cover your windows with dark blinds or dark curtains. If there are any openings in the blinds or curtains they can use those to blast the beams through. Make sure the windows are covered completely.

Food Poisoning - they can cloak themselves (become invisible) and enter your home (or workplace for that matter if you have a job) to poison food or even coffee that they know you will be eating or drinking. It's very important to ask the Lord to bless your food before you eat it.

Street Theater - ever see cars or even semi trucks just vanish into thin air? They will use the element of surprise to startle you hoping to cause you to have a car accident. Or they will will blind your car from others being able to see it who then run right into you at high rates of speed. They will also use small animals to run out in front of you to startle you to cause an accident. Learn to just run them over. Most of these kinds are just holographics the "at the last second" kinds usually are..they want the element of surprise to cause you to react quickly and end up wrecking your car and possibly hurting yourself in the process.

Email Vacations - ever send an email and it takes hours or even a day to get to it's destination? You can track your emails to see where all they go before they get to their destination. I don't know how it's done but a friend of mine tracked some of my emails a few years ago when I was using Outlook Express and told me they were being routed into the White House. I don't think they still are since I stopped using OE but I don't really know either. The CIA can put tags on your emails so when they leave your email box you won't know where they are being forwarded to unless you understand tech and can trace route things.

Bedroom Theater - It always seems to start with this one. Night time harassments are their play time. I put POE orgone in my room and under my bed and it stopped it. If you have the eyes to see you might see humans, demons, or alien type beings in your room staring at you, shaking your bed, or making noises to let you know they are there. Sometimes you can hear loud doors slamming indicating a portal opening or closing in your immediate vicinity that they are using to get access to you. They can be around whether you realize it or not which is why I like the orgone because they can't stand to be around it and will quickly leave and eventually stop coming. My favorite is to just outright catch them in my room and ask Yah to send His Warrior angels and bind them and cast them into the abyss. I've sent eons of demonic and possibly alien beings to the abyss in the name of Yahushua. And when the humans don't get the message I ask Yah to do with them as He will. Humans (these particular ones) can only leave their bodies as spirit beings to operate in the spiritual realm via demonic power. If you bind the demonic beings enabling them to do that and cast them into the abyss then the humans can't get back to their body. Their physical body dies and they are stuck in the astral realm. When you start to take action against this kind of theater they'll stop messing with you. They learn who they can mess with (because the person won't do anything to stop them because they probably don't know how) and who they can't. Calling on the name of Yahushua will also cause them to flee your area if you're awake when it happens and you conscious enough to take action against them. Sleep paralysis is getting common, if you have control of your mind call on Yahushua or the first chance you can and then bind and cast those beings causing it into the abyss in His Name even if you don't see them.

There are spiritual warfare prayers listed at my website just look for them in the search box.

You don't always know what you're dealing with...they could be alien, demonic, or human beings. Once you learn to defend yourself against all or any of them they'll stop messing with you. But you have to take action. Being passive in a spiritual war just means you're going to get run over. That's why it's called warfare.

If you can't recognize what you're being attacked with and you're pretty sure it's a 'human' weapon of some kind ask the Most High to break their equipment in Yahushua's name.

If you're on the phone and you know they're listening ask the Lord to scramble their lines so they can't hear a word of what you're saying.

So here's a few pointers, use what you can.

Yah bless His Warriors

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