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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Part Five...Annihilating Strongholds

Annihilating Strongholds...Part Five

We left Taos and headed toward the 4 Corners area. I had always wanted to see it for some reason. It's the point where 4 states meet, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah. They have a monument there honoring veterans so I thought that should be interesting already knowing there's a huge underground alien base at the 4 Corners area.

As we headed out of New Mexico we stopped to eat at a Chinese restaurant. As we were eating I was feeling heat waves hitting my body and started to become dizzy. I had to leave the restaurant and go sit in the car. As we drove the assaults continued from their DEW's (Directed Energy Weapons) and it was a pretty good drive to the 4 Corners area. While driving down a deserted state route I vaguely caught a white flash run from the top area of my car straight underneath it toward the other side. We figured it was a rabbit but it was so fast all you could see was a flash of white illuminated by the headlights of my vehicle. It wasn't the first time during this trip rabbits out of nowhere would shoot under the car. When we were heading to Los Alamos a skunk sitting in the
middle of the road took us by surprise and I had to quickly react and swerve to miss it. I thought it was odd that these minor little things kept happening but then the thought came that perhaps there was something more to it. Were they trying to get me to wreck my car? I never thought much of it after that until heading home I was driving toward St. Louis and a semi truck disappeared right before my eyes and yet another semi truck a bit further up the highway seemingly stopped in the middle of the highway and I about rammed it from the back going about 70mph. Were they using holographics and/or real objects to cause me to have an accident and/or injure me and my passengers? I don't know but I wouldn't have put it passed them.

Getting into Arizona was a different type of scenery and I enjoyed it. Each state has it's own personality and we stopped by Page, Arizona on our way to Las Vegas. Some of those within the group went jet skiing in Lake Powell. It was almost 90 feet under it's normal water level. Lake Powell feeds into many other streams and rivers. It seems most of these lakes and rivers across the west are devoid of the normal water amount. Last year when we went canoeing down the Buffalo National River it was more like a creek and our canoe would hit the rocky bottom tossing us all out of it. We spent a day in Vegas. That's all I could take and I was ready to go.

While we were there we went to see the dolphins and the white tigers and
lions at the Mirage. While we were standing in line to buy tickets a black
helicopter flew really low right over the whole area. When we got past the gate they made everyone assembly in this little auditorium area where they speak for about 5 minutes on the animals etc.. that are there. I didn't hear a word of it. While we were standing there my friend points up at the sky and an airplane of some time had put a huge S and a picture of a heart in the sky. We had no idea what that was about but we thought it was both amusing and interesting.

It was the first time I had ever seen Las Vegas and we did no work for Yah there. I was hugely surprised by the sheer size of the city itself. Coming in by the north side at night time you can see the entire city laid out in lights below you as you drive down toward Vegas. It was an awesome site and a much larger metropolis
than I would have thought from seeing pictures of it on TV all these years. The main strip in Las Vegas is almost 6 miles long. There are 2 million people living in Las Vegas now and there was construction and tourists everywhere.

I felt no leading from the Most High to do anything there and as we left He said, "They can have it. I'm going to destroy Las Vegas." It certainly is sin city as pornographic cards litter the sidewalks of naked girls and their phone numbers. I was more interested in heading back north of Vegas and finding the 'alien cafe' I had seen featured on TV somewhere around Area 51. But we never did find it. There certainly weren't any road signs indicating where Area 51 or this cafe were and so we went off of a few exits hoping to stumble upon it but we never did. You would have to know exactly where it's at to find it.

The whole time we were there you could see black helicopters flying over the area. In fact what I noticed driving out west was how all of the taller
structures like pipes from factories etc...were all covered in what resembles Christmas lights at night so the helicopters won't crash into them. They should take the lights off and let the things crash. I thought we had laws restricting planes and helicopters from flying so low to the ground on a constant basis. But as usual, our laws pertain to everyone but the government and military itself who seemingly think they can operate above the law. I wasn't harassed while I was in Las Vegas. Perhaps the fact because I was among so many people in various
different places they couldn't zero me in and target me.

I have to agree with Yah on that one, "let them have it." Knowing
Yahuah fully intends on destroying Las Vegas any believers in the area should take heed and leave that state.

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