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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Part Seven....Annihilating Strongholds

This is the last of my reports on Roadtrip 2007 - Annihilating Strongholds

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Annihilating Strongholds...Part Seven

I had one more state to conquer for Yah and I knew it was going to take me all the way almost home. But I had a stop to make first. I wanted to take another trip to Cheyenne Mountain and in doing so would come down from the North traveling through Cheyenne, Wyoming and Denver to get to Colorado Springs. Denver was a lot different than I thought it would be. I imagined it on top of a mountain peak or something. They always refer to it as 'mile high' so I always imagined it to be a mile high on top of a mountain.

I'm sure the elevation itself was but other than that it was a huge metropolitan area we got through pretty quickly. I had more things to do in Colorado Springs and wanted to make sure I had done everything I had set out to do. Our second time through Colorado Springs went pretty easily and it was a long hike through Kansas to go through Kansas City and on to St. Louis.

I knew St. Louis had some meaning within the wicked circles and that Kansas City has a huge underground city underneath it that the UN owns. When I got across the border into Missouri I heard a resounding "*itch" in my head. Haha I knew Satan was madder and hotter than hell that I had already conquered most of his strongholds in this country and I was about to claim another stronghold of his...St. Louis itself.
It was even getting to St. Louis that became half the battle. I know it was Satan behind trying to make me wreck two different times on the highway. He's such a sore loser. Yah had my back and He's all I needed. He kept me awake and alert to see what was going on around me.

We accomplished what we set out to do in St. Louis and I would pay for it in Ohio. About 40 miles from home I came under severe DEW attack once again. Blasting the air conditioner in my car I could still feel the heat wave attacks. My legs and face were burning and I ended up getting lost for 2 hours because Yah didn't want me to take my regular route home, "they were waiting for me." I eventually got home after much confusion and laughter. I drove clear across the country and couldn't get home from Akron, Ohio. LOL. What I was even doing in Akron is beyond me since it's quite a bit out of the way. I sure didn't know where I was or what I was doing so anyone following me would have long been lost along the madness of all my erratic driving at that point. I thought I would never get home. I was in pain, tired, and completely exhausted from driving 24 hours straight.

I don't know what else the Most High will lead me to do while there is still time, but I also know He will stand up others to cover even more strongholds of Satan's. I remember as I was driving through Denver and seen a sign for Denver International Airport. I wanted to take a detour and go attack that stronghold but Yah told me He had other people for that.

He has had servants and warriors throughout the country securing their areas from the coming and even present wickedness and evil that is inhabiting and has been inhabiting and will be inhabiting this country. There have been many who have ignored His call but there have been many who have answered Him as well. The Lord doesn't need the strength of numbers to accomplish His will on earth, just the obedience of a few or even one person that will listen and obey Him. And that's what has always amazed me, it only takes one person to make a difference and today they are everywhere.

Now that many of Satan's strongholds have been conquered and jeopardized he is going to be on the attack. Yah has told me to prepare for harsh weather as Satan attempts to gain control of the creation of dead orgone energy (DOE). If he can't do so through weather weapons and HAARP he will have his followers via the black ops of our government and military start fires and whatever else he needs to create this DOE.

Positive Orgone Energy (POE) doesn't affect humans, it's a positive healing energy. It only affects the evil and wicked fallen angels (aliens) of Satan and inhibits and torments them in many ways. If you orgone an area with POE then claim that entire area for the Most High and rebuke Satan in Yahushua's name and give that area's ownership to the Most High to do with as He pleases. Ask Him to fill these orgoned areas with His Holy Angels and command Satan to leave them in Yahushua's name. That will leave Satan's minions homeless. And that's quite a task. Not to mention comical.

I wish I could see into the spiritual realm and see all that His people have accomplished but from the backlash I've received from even implementing this war between POE and DOE several years ago I can see it coming to a head in the near future. As they desperately try to regain control of their strongholds and this country it will be a battle that I simply leave in the hands of the Most High.
Remember Satan will win battles as Yahuah allows him to to fulfill His own purposes but Satan has already lost the war.

The Bible says that in the last days His people will stand up and do exploits.

Many already are.

Yah Bless His Warriors!

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