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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Part Three....Annihilating Strongholds

Annihilating Strongholds...Part Three

By the time I was on the road and headed out west I thought I had been pretty discreet. I didn't publicly announce when I was leaving and tried to mask as much as possible the time I would actually be gone. Not because I didn't want the Lord's people to know I was gone but because I didn't want Satan's people bothering me when I was on the road. I thought it best to just be discreet about it. And so I was very discreet. I paid cash for gas and hotels. I didn't use credit cards (I don't have any anyway) or debit cards as any kind of electronic cards leave a paper trail.

I think the first thing that surprised me was heading into Colorado Springs and one of the first things I recognized was Cheyenne Mountain. Colorado Springs is a beautiful place as it sets at the base of the Rocky Mountains. It's a huge metropolis and I had for some reason imagined NORAD and Cheyenne Mountain as being a private and hidden place. But there it was, out there in the open. There was Cheyenne Mountain boulevard, Cheyenne Mountain state park, and the Cheyenne
Mountain Zoo. And right in the same area out in the open was Fort Carson. There was also just a few miles away Peterson and Schreiver Air Force bases. So I drove around the area tearing down Satan's strongholds with the things the Lord had led me to use and the way He led me to do things. It was interesting to see all this stuff first hand instead of just reading about it on the Internet or from others.

I eventually got back on the road to head to Taos, New Mexico where I would be meeting two of my friends, who I will call Lisa and Tom, who are also great Warriors for the Most High. I was still being discreet about using cash for everything to hide where I was. In fact, I got all the way to 20 miles outside of Taos, New Mexico and lo and behold I got a speeding ticket! So much for being discreet. I had to laugh. It was, after all, nothing but a speed trap. I was driving down a state route in the middle of nowhere and the speed limit was 55mph, the police officer got me going 71mph but knocked it down so it would look like I was only going 65mph, 10 miles over the speed limit instead of 21 which made the fine a considerable amount of money less than I would have otherwise had to pay. Just us (the two people I had with me) and the desert and
a speed limit of 55mph. I thought it was insane. Especially coming out of
Colorado where everything 10 miles out of a major metropolis is 75mph.

I knew at this point my solitude was over. Once my name was in the database for a speeding ticket I knew everyone (government black ops in particular and those who work in them via various federal agencies) would know where I was. And they did. They descended on Taos like flies on horse poop.

I met Lisa and Tom at a hotel in Taos. It had been a long drive from Ohio to Taos, NM and I was glad to finally be at our meeting destination point. We had a lot of work to do. There is a huge underground Reptilian base in Taos. And underneath Taos is the central hub for the underground super-shuttle system that connects all of the underground bases from the east and west. You wouldn't know it from looking at Taos, but you could feel the evil energy there as you come through the mountains to get there. The town itself isn't that large. Not as large as I expected it to be seeing it's so popular with the underground civilization of both human and alien bases that it's the central hub for the shuttle system that encompasses not only America, but criss- crosses around the entire world. It's basically a tourist area. They say it's an area for artists etc..but from when I could see it's mostly Indian, Hispanic, and tourists there going hiking in the mountains or on rafting trips. I felt sorry for those who had spent all their time and money to go to Taos on a rafting trip. The Rio Grand River was a creek, not very much fun for rafting because there simply wasn't much water in the river. And not only that, it was so cold on one day we thought it was just drizzling rain when it actually turned out to be snow. It was cold almost the whole time we were there. That was something I
didn't expect. I had also expected to be knee deep in sand and cactuses just driving there and instead it was beautiful...the desert was green with various bushes etc..and the mountains in the background made the entire northern part of the state very beautiful to be in.

The second day I was in Taos it became noticeable that more and more
commercial vehicles were loading the parking lot at the hotel we were staying in. It actually became amusing. At one point there was a postal service van complete with ladders and extension cords and various equipment in the back of it that you could see through the window. What does the postal service need with ladders and equipment? I didn't see any mailboxes that needed climbing in Taos. There was also a forestry service truck (since when do they need a hotel), and various others with even government license plates. The first night we were there we had dinner at a restaurant near the hotel and I had gotten sick from eating there. I didn't think anything of it until the second night when we ate at the same restaurant again and I about died from food poisoning. It was then I
knew without a doubt that something weird was going on. It didn't stop us from getting our work done. I can't go into details about the work we did but we got it done regardless of their attempts to stop us.

We were in Taos about 4 days. On about the 3rd day I was in the hotel room and just as I was bending down to get something out of my bag a beam of light came through the room and hit the wall just where I had been standing before bending down. Those with me in the room saw it as well. We weren't quite sure what it was but it had come through the window so we thought it might be a car driving by. A few seconds later the same thing happened again. I decided to get something else out of my bag and as soon as I bent over the same beam of light hit the wall where I had been standing. I talked about it to one of the people I was with and we then realized it was a DEW (directed energy weapon) and what I
had seen was a Tesla beam from one of their Microwave Energy Weapons. The next morning when I woke up my face was sun burned red and hurt like I'd been severely sunburned. The problem was, I hadn't been in the sun. I stay out of the sun and it had been cold in Taos anyway. I couldn't figure out where I got 'sunburned' from since I hadn't been in the sun. The following night as I was sleeping I noticed I was getting hit with heat waves. All of a sudden a flash of heat would hit my legs and then my entire body. I knew then exactly why there was so many feds interested in our stay at the hotel and what exactly they were
doing. This weapon they were using was definately satellite oriented or coming from the hotel somewhat adjacent to ours. When I got up and looked outside I saw nothing unusual in the parking lot outside our window. By the fourth day Yah told me we had to leave the hotel, that 'they' had it surrounded. We were ready to go by then anyway, we had accomplished everything we went there to do. In fact while they were sitting at the hotel waiting and planning for my demise we had traveled 18 hours around the central/northern part of the state in one day,
returning to Taos just to sleep as our central base area.

It wasn't just Taos, New Mexico that the Lord had us take care of, but Dulce and Los Alamos as well.

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