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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ice Age...Fires..Fierce Winds...

As much as I complain about the insane weather Ohio seems to always have it amazed me that I would travel across the country and actually have to come back to Ohio to experience temperature in the 80s.

Wyoming was cold and a week earlier had been snowing when we drove through there. Northern New Mexico was cold, and what we thought was rain was actually snow.

Northern Arizona wasn't as unbearable as I thought it would be. Las Vegas was humid.

As they continue to lose their grip on controlling and suppressing the living energy of the earth several of the cause/effects of their madness is colder temperatures, fierce windstorms that can create tornadoes, and they will even create forest fires to pump DOE in the air to suppress the living and healing energy of the earth.

I expect a backlash real soon as a result of our combatting them with POE (positive orgone energy) vs. DOE (dead orgone energy).

Their entire system is built to run off of DOE and when they can't get enough they'll create havoc weather conditions.

All I can say is, be prepared.

Be prepared for fierce weather, unexpected bad weather, and power outtages as a result.

There's a lot of stuff coming out about enhancing and changing DNA. You DON'T want to do this. Tinkering with human DNA is Satan's agenda and allows for easier demonic/possession and soul scalping by them to take over your body.

Vitamins, herbs, they make it sound like it's a healthy thing to do...don't listen to their rhetoric and garbage. If the Most High wanted you to change your DNA or wanted to change your DNA He would do it Himself!

Remember that all things come from 2 sources, God or Satan, and it's your free will choice to decide whom you will serve. But don't be stupid and think something is of God when it isn't!

The New Age Alien Agenda is crawling everywhere into our science, medical, religion, and even technological areas.

They don't want to help you they want to control you and dominate you. They want to take over your body (soul scalp) and kill you.

In the guise of being "helpful" they will destroy you, just as when Satan comes in the guise of "peace and safety" and then destruction comes.

There are no "good aliens." The biggest lie of the day is that "not all aliens are bad." And that's going to come from the Alien-UFO Disclosure camps and many others.

As more and more people wake up to their presence and the reality that they exist they are being led and deceived into believing the lies that hide who and what they really are.

If God Himself was coming to earth do you really think He would need to change our atmosphere so He could breathe or survive here? Do you really think He would establish His Kingdom on earth via man's ways and revamp our economies and create a global world order to rule from? Ha!

Yahushua isn't returning to earth to restore it, He's coming to destroy it!

As the Satan freaks know their time is coming to crap or get off the pot they are going to become more known and visible and attempt to condition mankind into believing they are spiritual beings as they quote Scriptures a mile a minute so most won't recognize the twisting and manipulation of them as they're doing it. And of course it will work, pastors have been doing it for almost 2000 years and the masses can't discern truth from error for themselves. That's why religion is such a big business...because people won't search the truth for themselves or ask the Lord Himself what the truth is in all things.

Like sheep to the slaughter millions will die in the coming onslaught or through their choices be deceived into allowing their own soul scalping to take place by the ones who claim they are helping them.

By DECEPTION Satan will rule the world.

That means the majority won't believe they are being deceived!

Yah bless His Warriors,

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