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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tick Tick...Distractions...Tick Tick...

Time is winding down.

We only have one more prepare for the coming war, plagues, holocaust and famine that ARE COMING to this nation. And that could be shortened.

Politics are a distraction it doesn't matter who is in office these things ARE COMING and Hitting in 2008-2010.

The murderous Satan Sons of Esau-Sons of Cain freaks are here and they aren't leaving until America is destroyed and their own destruction chases them out.

It doesn't matter who is president. These events Cannot be stopped.

The Most High is leading His faithful into how to prepare while the dumbdowned churchianity crowd sleeps and is caught unaware.

In 2009 life on earth as we 'knew it' is going to basically be over.

If not before then. An economic crash is inevitable and the banks can close in this bankrupted America at any time. HUD in NY can't even pay their bills, thousands could be homeless soon in just that one state.

In 2008 the Real ID Licenses are going to start being enforced. No Believer of the Most High can get this license 'eye scan'=forehead, 'fingerprinting'=right hand!! Without this license you can't drive, work, bank, etc.. Are you prepared to say NO!??

Things are creeping up folks! Are you prepared? Are you ready?

The church has conditioned you to believe certain events will happen in certain ways...the Bible says BY DECEPTION Satan deceives the world. It's right in our faces folks and it's creeping closer by the day, week, and month!

How many Christians will be snowballed and blindsided because the beast churches and Satan's prophets have lulled them to sleep? How many Christians have refused to pray for the truth in all things and get it from the Most High Himself instead of seeking and trusting in pastors for the truth??

Millions are going to fall for the deceptions!

Many Millions!

Wake up folks!!

Yah bless His Warriors

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