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Friday, September 21, 2007

Weapons, Harassment, and Even Death

The military is promoting a new weapon for police state use...a ray gun

These weapons feel like you're on fire.

They can fry you from satellites...AKA Lazer Beam Weapons, or Microwave Weapons, or DEW's = Directed Energy Weapons.

They say it only penetrates a certain depth of the skin..yet under repeated exposure your skin turns bright red from burns...just as if you had a bad sunburn...and how can they claim it doesn't affect internal organs?

People have died from being microwaved/burned/zapped...

They use it for assassinations...

They've had these 'ray guns' for 20-30 years. They've been using them as part of their cache of weapons for security in underground bases.

The only defense I've seen is mirrors..mirrors can deflect the beams away from you.

They roasted and toasted me back in June when I was in Taos, NM...then again in St. Louis and Akron , Ohio. Once they have you locked in via satellite it's hard to get away from them. You have to get out of the view of the satellite or source beaming at you.

If you have windows make sure they are covered small crack of visibility and a lazer beam can get in at you.

For those being harassed by night terrors you need orgone in your bedrooms...

This particular orgone combats evil beings and evil energy. Not all orgone does the same things, not all orgone is made the same way. Orgone is an can be a positive, living energy or produce a negative energy. I make positive, living energy orgone as the Most High directed me to do to combat Satan and his minions.

So why use orgone and not just rebuke them in the name of Yahushua? If you use orgone they won't come near you to begin with. You can either spend your nights in warfare all night or get some sleep.

Yah bless His Warriors

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