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Sunday, October 10, 2004

A lot of buzz lately about sightings in Ohio. I don't live to incredibly far from where they took place and a lot of the areas are my old stomping grounds. Do I think they're UFOs? No..I don't think aliens who have been surfing our skies for thousands of years are going to be stupid enough to crash into a residential area, or forget their cloaking devices.

However the military is.

And I don't think the bright lights being described are of alien origin either. I think the military is trying to hard to mimmick them.

Aliens don't care about nuclear power plants. However the military does. They're dependent on atomic fuel to keep their man-made UFO fleets in the sky. Power plants are nothing but gas stations for their fleets.

Ahh..the real reason for so many of them. Do you really think power plants are needed in every state to make nuke bombs? Nice fairytale.

Atomic energy. One of the trade offs for abducting and eating human children and adults. It's what they would call, "collateral" damage. In some way. Just give "us" (the government) the technology and we'll allow you to abduct someone elses children and family members (I can hear it now). Maybe the aliens SHOULD start taking the government's own children.

In this day and age, they would just be feasting off of their own kind.

I live in reality. I crawled out of the box years ago. If you don't like the truth that doesn't mean it's not true.

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