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Friday, October 29, 2004

I just posted a new article Prisoners of Dulce Base at

This article is something that the Lord has led me to write after the past several months of His leading me back to the research of Dulce and revealing and confirming things to me about this base. He has called me to bring this topic up again, to bring more awareness to it, and to encourage His people to pray for the release of the souls that are imprisoned there.

Several of the original people who brought the information to the public about this base and other underground bases have died. They were murdered. Let's not forget their deaths. Let's not let their deaths be in vain. They gave their lives so that this base and others could be exposed, and for the captives in them to be set free. We need to carry the torch for them. We need to demand that these captives be set free and pray for the release of the souls that are trapped there.

I am now going to be broadcasting two radio shows back to back.

I'll be doing my 8pm EST show with Reality Radio Network on Saturday nights and then at 9pm I'll be switching over and doing an hour show with the Micro Broadcasters Association. The MBA is on FM stations across the country as well as the internet. A listing of the states that carry their programming is on my site at

All I can say is..Art Bell and George Noory..Move over..I'm moving up! I'll be up there sooner or later with my own national show to tackle on Paranormal issues head on.

I did another interview with Zeph Daniel and you can hear it at That's probably the 5th interview we've done on the Z Channel. I always have a great time doing interviews with Zeph.


Election day is coming...I'm just sitting back and watching it like anyone else. Either one can win, the codes don't specify, for every code you find Kerry winning, there's a code that shows Bush winning.

Depending on which one wins, then I know the direction we're heading into and the events to expect. So it's a wait to see where we're going with future events based on who pulls it off. It's the ultimate war of evil fighting over this one. Factions 1 and 2 duking it out.

Whoever wins, the other will contest it. I wonder what Bush Sr., has up his sleeve for this one.

I don't think this one will be decided until January. If either wins by a landslide, then fine. If it's a close race, it will be complete hell.

This is going to get interesting. Meanwhile, I'm not giving it much thought, I'm busy with other things right now and there's really nothing anyone can do but wait to see which evil freak wins anyway.

My mind stays on Yahweh. My focus is on Yahweh and what He wants me to do and He hasn't been leading me into the election arena.

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