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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yes, There is a Crises.............

There truly is a crises in DC... a beast has been inaugurated as president of the United States, if people don't wake up then they will be judged with the wicked, plain and simple.

The only "crises" I see in the Codes for right now, is that Obama and 'clan' will not be able to tolerate DC because of the Orgone. In fact he was probably affected yesterday on his "inaugural walk"


I spent early into the morning hours praying that Yah will now step up His judgment against the wicked of this nation. All those who hate Him and worship Satan in their secret societies, buildings, homes, rocks and caves, and anywhere else..

I asked Him to crank up the Power of Orgone to where it was 'hidden' before to where now there is no place to hide from it for the wicked. Let HIS Judgments rain on them. IT IS TIME and all Power, Glory and Honor is to HIM, the MOST HIGH.

Yes, they will seek to stop us in their desperation, but let HIM be Glorified and Exalted and let HIM go before us and guide us in our steps for where HE is they can't stand the LIGHT.

It's not time to sit down but to stand up for HIM and be Bold and Brave in HIM.

If any warriors are in DC or can get there, it's now even time to pound it with even More Orgone. Get the lake/pond that is in the mall area, get the Potomac river, the capital, get the roof tops, the water, anywhere Yah leads you. We need a good focus and concentration on the DC area. Sure we have some there already, but we Need Even More. Let's really make a statement that the Orgone Warriors will not be threatened, mocked or Stopped!

I'm in the middle of a deep freeze, I can't get there. Others are going to have to stand up and target those areas.

Let's get it done!

Yah bless His Warriors,

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