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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Heads Up...

There was no radio show this week so someone suggested I write an update.

Frankly I enjoy the time off at times, I get tired of talking. When things really start happening moreso in the physical realm, like the physical appearance of Maitreya and Satan's goons I'll give daily reports. Until then it's just time to keep preparing folks and getting ready, not so much for the future, but the present.

Loss of jobs, an economic crash, a candidate for the Antichrist as a president, it's not time to wonder about your next vacation, but your next meal.

Obama is an animal, a lizard, a creature. He can be incarnated, literally possessed by Satan to lead the world into complete chaos and destruction. Don't be fooled by the ELF and hypnotic charm they spray over the audiences. I don't know how else to describe it. Yes, crowds can be ELF'd to be forced to feel a certain way, an induced euphoria. Demonic power can cause the same thing, ELF is just an easier imitation. You've probably seen it from Pentecostal churches where the people are induced into frenzies, they mistake it for euphoria and call it the "Holy Spirit" when it's simply a fake and forced inducement to cause you to feel a certain way either by demons or even technology that can be used that way today.

How many people are getting trapped by ELF inducements? It's everywhere from inducing people to fantasize about being rock stars, sexual deviants, or even one of the 2 coming prophesied witnesses. They are using their technology and even demonic harassment to dumb people down, keep them distracted, and lull them out of reality into dreamworlds. I don't know how else to describe it.

Yes this is the "New Age" and Yahuah has warned that Maitreya and the "Ascended Masters" have hypnotic powers and can induce hypnotism over people who are watching or even listening to them. Satan is prepared to deceive, not only with what he says, but "how" he says it. And his goons are no different.

How many times in the past year have we all heard of "change" that is coming. Obama spent his entire campaign on it. The wave of something new and different in the air, that we're going into a new phase, a new time. It's not just a changing of the guard in Washington D.C, but a complete changeover from humans to aliens of rulership over this planet.

The Alien Agenda isn't coming, it's here now.

The time I've been warning about for the past 8 years, is here. The New World Order was just a stepping stone for the Alien Order that is now upon us.

I've talked about Orgone over the past several years ( ) and the death and destruction it would cause these aliens. I've warned about UFO and Alien Invasions, underground bases, and their plans for world rulership and dominance in the Last Days as prophesied in the Bible.

Most people just can't put 2 and 2 together so I've done that over that years to spell it out so people can understand the things that are happening and coming.

As I started to suspect, the death and destruction of these aliens isn't always quick. There are many plagues coming upon them where they die slowly. And what I"m seeing in the Bible Codes is that the healthy Aliens are segregating the sickly ones away from them. Just as their hybrid human offspring on earth will do with the coming plagues that are coming, and are already here but kept quiet. Like Leprosy. They report 15 million have leprosy worldwide, we all know they under-report everything, so there's much more. I've seen in the codes where Benny Hinn will be in a panic over Leprosy. He either already is, or will be, and what's amusing is, he may just get it himself. Imagine that, the worldwide "faith healer" won't be able to heal himself, or anyone else for that matter, as if he ever has. He's a con, a fraud, wake up people!

And it even gets more amusing as all those coming as "Ascended Masters" and "gods" are themselves suffering, getting sick and dying of plagues. "God" is sick? "God" is in a wheelchair? "God" has boils??? What exactly is it are they going to have to offer mankind but their humorous lies?

And what's worse, most of mankind won't care...they'll believe what they're told just so they can try and continue living and making a living in Satan's illusions and delusion of grandeur as he leads the world through his puppets like Maitreya, "Jesus" and Obama who will all work secretly alongside Satan to help him propagate the deceptions and lies that will entrap the souls of those who follow and believe them into hell for eternity.

A Kingdom of God on earth filled with sickness, death, plagues, hunger, poverty, and war?? When will people figure it out that it's not the Kingdom of God but the Kingdom of Satan????
There's a Blue Star coming out of Orion that will signal the arrival of Satan to earth. I've heard that there are actually preachers teaching that "God" will come out of the Orion Constellation. The Orion Constellation is Lucifer's home base. Satan's "seat" in space. He has many, such as temples and habitations on Venus, Mars, Saturn, and other planets and moons, but the Orion Constellation is the main constellation of many of his forces. Our Creator and Father is NOT from Orion. Interesting that Orion is the constellation of the 'hunter.' Fitting and interesting that Satan is the hunter of the souls of mankind to kill, steal, and destroy isn't it?

Don't be fooled by the rhetoric coming from false teachers and false shepherds. Ask the Most High Himself for the truth in all things every day. He will lead and guide you into the truth. Don't seek man, seek HIM. Any true shepherd of Yahuah's will lead you directly to HIM, not themselves. They want to sell books, videos, newsletter subscriptions, they commercialize His name and live in abundance while you earnestly seek for the truth and just get led astray by one after the other.

That is why Yahuah has led most of His people out of the churches today. I have seen in the codes where a majority of His people are isolated. And that can be literal and symbolic. Most of His true believers and followers feel alone because they are surrounded by religionists (modern day Pharisees) and brain washed sheep drowning in apostasies and errors who follow man and not HIM for the truth.

Watch for the continuing uproar in the Middle East to hide the real news of the Negev, Sinai Desert, Gulf of Eden/Aden, and other hiding places of the Giants who are getting sick and segregated and at war with even each other (pirates) to survive.

I've even seen where the "Philistines" are getting rabies and cast to sea. Are these the "pirates" we're hearing about in the news? I know they're pouring phospate bombs over Gaza for a distinct reason. Are we seeing a war between the Israelis and Arabs or the Lizards vs. the Giants....?? It's going to get interesting folks.

I don't know how phosphate plays into affecting them in their underground bases and tunnels, but it does somehow. Unfortunately humans are the collateral damage in this war. They have no idea what's really going on.

Remember Satan's kingdom is just divided and fractioned as our own world is. We have different countries, races, cultures, etc..well, so do they. And they are fighting it out for territory and who gets to 'rule' over the earth with Satan. These are things they don't teach you in the churches today and things most people can't even imagine, because they have no idea 'how' Satan operates, they just know he does. So at least that's something, better than nothing I suppose.

I don't doubt that this "Blue Star" coming out of Orion could be the "New Jerusalem" that the New Age plans on lowering to earth to mimick the real New Jerusalem that Yahuah will later. The Bible Codes call this Blue Star a "Spaceship"...consider my website at makes a lot more sense now doesn't it? I hope it crashes. Now that would be a grand entrance wouldn't it? LOL...

Satan's forces are crashing to earth every day, and he himself is next folks. You'll see great lightening and probably hear great thundering when "he's" finally cast to earth and out of space for good. It's coming sooner than most people think.

I'm also seeing Yahuah writing His name on His peoples foreheads soon. Not the ones He's going to allow to enter martial law (Satan's War on the Saints) to be tested and tried for the faith, but those He already has tested and tried who have shown themselves to be worthy of Him, His 144,000. Nevermind how the churches have chopped up and destroyed that one over the years. Their teachings are wrong because their interpretation of the Scripture is wrong and they all share each others false teachings instead of going to HIM for the TRUTH in HOW to INTERPRET what the Bible says.

Follow Him and Seek Him with your heart, not your head. It's not your knowledge that makes you's whether He sees from your heart that you really are. Whether you're seeking Him daily for guidance and truth, and companionship and not your religions and doctrines and the ways mankind has established for themselves to judge whether they are worthy. He doesn't see things the way mankind does. All we've collectively done as a race for the past thousands of years is chop up and destroy the meaning, intent, and truth of the things He has said. Which is why we must go to HIM direct ourselves to find the truth folks. Just keep asking Him.

The economy is NEVER going to get better and return to what it once was, the weather is going to get worse and unpredictable, and in general, everything is going to get worse. So take your eyes off the misery and put them on HIM. Stay in Him.

Stay in Him folks.

Yah bless His Warriors,

Sherry Shriner,

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