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Monday, August 18, 2008

It's Crunch Time Folks

It's crunch time folks.

The Lord has shown me a huge open gateway that the Chinese are going to use to invade this country. Through Arizona and New Mexico from Mexico.

I had been hearing about it for the past several years, how the Chinese were amassing down there...but the reality of it doesn't hit you like when the Lord hits you with it Himself.

It was an eye opener.

He showed me they would come up through the southern borders of those two states and destroy and kill every person they see as they march through the countryside, desert, and cities, on their way to America's heartland.

A couple of years ago I travelled across the northern border area of Arizona and parts of New Mexico. From what I can see, the Chinese, when they reach these orgoned borders, will start to get the time they reach the heartland states of America they will be decimated.

The problem is, by the time they are decimated they would have destroyed the infrastructure and millions of lives in Arizona and New Mexico.

So we need to get busy.

We need to orgone the southern border areas of those two states so that by the time they even cross Mexico they will start to get sick and decimated and too weak to carry out their planned march of destruction.

Someone, or even pairs or groups of people need to drive from east to west, all the way across each state and throw an orgone puck every 2 miles. This will create an orgone border across each state. To the southern most areas as possible by the Mexican borders of those states.

When the Chinese leave Mexico to advance into the United States they will hit this orgone and get the time they reach the middle of the those two states they will be to sick and decimated to accomplish the total destruction they have planned.

So we have work to do folks.

Millions of lives depend on it.

A couple of years ago the Lord showed me there were a group of men He had blessed with an abundance of finances to use in these last days for this ministry. These men assumed I was not of the Most High. They didn't think He would stand a woman up in these last days to lead His people against our enemies. What they assumed was wrong, and they never went to HIM about it. Instead they gave much of the financing to someone elses ministry, someone the Lord had not stood up, but had taken it on himself to declare the Lord had. He lied.

Meanwhile this international ministry, the Orgone Warriors, and myself have suffered greatly because of their arrogance and errors. The Lord showed me that one of them, actually knows they made a mistake, and was cowardly not approaching the others out of fear of what they would say and think. This is their last chance to do the right thing and support this ministry. If they don't, the Most High has told me the blood of millions of people will be on their hands.
I know they will read this, I know the Most High will lead them to this. This is your last warning from Him, DO THE RIGHT THING. And to all those who the Lord said, "Yes, she's mine" and led you to financially support this ministry and you haven't, you have a very short time left, DO THE RIGHT THING.

When the Most High annointed Esther as Queen of Israel, the nation was unarmed and about to be at war and destroyed by the coming invading armies. She armed the people and led them to victory against their enemies. Is it so far fetched that He would once again stand up a woman to lead Israel, His people, to victory against the coming invading armies? Of course not. He stood me up years ago and we've accomplished much. But there's still much to do in the short time that's left, and I mean SHORT TIME that's left. We could be looking at a matter of 2-3 weeks here folks.

This ministry, what has become Yahuah's last days Warriors Ministry, needs financing to finish what we need to do. We need money to buy supplies and pay for expenses incurred to take the road trips necessary to finish protecting this country with Orgone.

More work needs done in our southern border areas. Arizona and New Mexico will be destroyed, and millions of lives lost. We need financial help to make it possible to get these areas and others protected. It takes thousands of dollars just for supplies for the Orgone, and we need a new vehicle to even make it possible to take another road trip. I'm afraid my 1994 vehicle just won't make it on another trip.

So Yah's 'bride' can either stand up and do something to protect this country and get Orgone out there in key areas, or support my ministry so I can get out there and get it done.

If you're waiting and hoping others will stand up, well guess what? Only 2% of the Orgone Warriors themselves will even leave their areas and go on road trips to do others. Most warriors have covered their own areas and that's it. And that still means and says much more than the tens of thousands of those who claim they are believers of Yahushua who haven't done one thing!
While they sing about how He will protect us from the coming storm they seem to ignore that HE gave us the weapons to protect ourselves with! And if they are caught in the storm it's no one's fault but their own! Because He's already done what He's going to do. The rest is up to HIS FOLLOWERS to do what HE has told them to do!

I started this ministry 8 years ago. People used to laugh about aliens and UFOs, most were in total unbelief....until now that they can practically see the UFOs nightly for themselves! And people around the world can see the effects of our last days it is knocking our enemies out of the skies as flashes of light and decimating them with ALIEN flu they wrongly call Avian Flu! And this ALIEN FLU will and already is affect the serpent seed hybrid races!

I've warned of the coming UFO and Alien invasion for years...and guess what? China's armies are part of the forces of the Antichrist! They are a serpent seed race and will do Satan's bidding in these last days. And conquering America and the Christians in this nation is the first plan of his agenda and they've been building up and getting ready to implement it for years now!

They're at our BORDER folks! All they're waiting for is the signal to cross over! Do you see our President and Congress doing a thing about it? Of course not, THEY'RE IN ON IT!

The Secret Societies that our members of Congress and President are involved in are working to bring about the one world domination of the Antichrist and the destruction of the United States through their contrived and planned terror attacks, wars, economy crash and martial law.

The Lord has blessed many with finances to be used in these last days to be supporters and backers of those HE stands up to lead His people. The problem is, they're supporting wolves instead of the sheep! They're supporting pastors and ministries the Lord Himself HAS NOT stood up and ignoring those the Lord has!

Maitreya, the Iran mahdi, who will attempt to conquer the world for Islam, who is the first beast of Revelation 13, could arrive in September folks. Are we ready? Are you ready or are you still wasting your time believing some big rapture is going to save you from this beast to come? Wake up people you're drowning in false theology! Get back to the teachings of Yahushua and the Apostles and what they taught and not what Apollo-Paul-Satan led the church astray with! Stop assuming I'm wrong and ask the Most High if I'm right! Millions of peoples lives are depending on it!

I need those with finances to back and support this ministry NOW or it will be too late if/when Maitreya arrives in September! I need to raise about $25,000 immediately, right now to guarantee the work in the southwest is done in time, within the next 2-3 weeks, or we do nothing and just pray someone else does the work, and you know how that goes!

It's up to you's up to you.

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