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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Radio Show Transcribe 9-01-08

Sherry Talk Radio

Aired on 9-01-2008

Transcribed by Liz Patton

And hello everybody. You’re live; it’s Monday night September 1st. If you have a question for the show, you can send it to I’m kind of having some difficulties tonight so if you can’t hear me, let me know; if you can…good. Everything seems to be going in and out on this end, so I’m not sure if I’m being clear or not.

Anyway, I was thinking about the show tonight. What do you talk about when every show could be your last? When there is a couple of seconds left in the 4th quarter and any day the game runs out. We’re at that point folks; there’s a couple of seconds left in the 4th quarter. I’ve been swamped. I’ve been too busy to think about it; but I have off and on.

Two weeks ago I know the Lord wanted us to cover the southern border…really put a fire up my butt to do that. I know, I got some emails about last weeks show…”how come last weeks show and the show before that was a complete 180°? Just two completely different types of shows?” It was funny; I didn’t want to say too much last week. We had a lot going on. Obviously I didn’t go down to the southern border areas; there were warriors who did stand up to go get those areas. So day in and day out I was busy making Orgone. Other warriors had made Orgone and sent that off to the people covering the southern borders. From that point until now, we have finally succeeded in getting the southern border covered. We not only got Arizona and New Mexico , but a huge chunk of Texas . I was real excited to get Texas . I wasn’t real sure that we would be able to. I knew there were a ton of warriors in Texas ; I got a lot of support from Texas .

I want to thank everybody for your support over the last two weeks; without it we simply couldn’t have gotten the work done at all. Just the expenses covering that for the warriors; just getting Orgone made. I sent out about 600 – 700 myself in different directions. It was constant day and night….getting Orgone out. Everyone who has been waiting for their Orgone orders; I spent all weekend getting caught up on those. I just couldn’t do anything else. When the Lord said He wanted that southern gate covered, He didn’t have to ask me twice. All my efforts and attention have gone towards that in the last two weeks. Everything else was put on hold. Everybody else’s orders will be getting out tomorrow. I have about 30 orders to go out tomorrow and more after that. I’m getting caught up on that end.

One of the things that I heard from a couple of them that went down was the increased border patrol on the southern border. It makes you wonder what the hype is all about all these illegal aliens crossing the border. Every time you turn around there is a stop point and border patrol agents. I heard it from two different people that were down there; the whole time that they were down there, all you could see was border patrol agents and even getting stopped at numerous checkpoints by them. You have to wonder; where are they coming across? If our people alone are being hassled by them and they are American citizens, I don’t think that too many Mexicans would be taking the chance of crossing the borders in those areas. Something’s up; something’s going on. We just did what the Lord asked us to do. Our southern gate is covered. I’ve already seen in the codes (speaking past tense) so I knew our warriors would be successful. I knew our southern area would be covered. I knew it would be. It’s all those who stood up and contributed Orgone and contributed finances that made this possible; so I thank you very much.

It’s getting crunch time, folks. It’s getting crunch time. One of the things that I’ve pretty much…did neglect the last time that I was on a road trip. I know that we don’t; think of the deserts to much. On my second road trip out west last year…as I’m going through the desert I’m like…okay Lord why am I putting Orgone in the desert? There are no people out here. He said because I was the only one that would. You know, He asked me to do it, and I’m out in the dessert. It didn’t dawn on me until now that one of their stomping grounds is our deserts. That’s probably why the Lord did want Orgone out in the deserts. So I think we need to target not just populated areas, but the deserts as well. Just kick them out of the country once and for all. Don’t wait for them to come to us; let’s go after them. Lets go on the offensive.

So many times people don’t wake up and realize what’s going on until they’re on the defensive. Its time we just went on the offense. It’s definitely a war between the wheat and the tares in this country. So many tares; our entire government, our banking, our economics. Tares have gained control and monopolies over it. I sent an email out this week to my list: When it comes to the Lords’ People, you’ll know them by their fruit. When it comes to Satan’s people, you’ll know them by their boils; simply because Orgone has an adverse effect to the satanic and demonic tares. Even demonically possessed humans; you’ll see them break out in boils. I see it all the time in the Bible codes. Very interesting.

I think its going to become more and more noticeable because what I’m seeing in the codes is that the war is on. The war is on. Maitreya has an arrival date of September 10th. I found it interesting; someone had sent an article out on the Hadron Collider being in full operation on September 10th, the same date for his arrival on Earth. I don’t know if he’ll actually…what kind of arrival he’s going to have. One minute they’re hiding in our Negev desert, the next minute they’re hiding on our moon. So I’m not sure who is where. Who is arriving…since one of them is already here hiding in the Negev desert? If it’s not this Sananda – Jesus; he’s on the moon. That I know. What I’ve been trying to figure out is where Maitreya is. Sometimes it looks like he’s already here on the Earth, sometimes it looks like he’s not here at all. I don’t know what moon they are on. They could be on the moon of our earth, or on a different moon. They are definitely hiding out in

One's on a moon, one is in the Negev Desert .

Another thing I’ve seen is that they are burning their dead. I’ve told you, back when I did a show and talked about the sun, I talked about how Orgone can penetrate inner-dimensionally. It’s an inner-dimensional weapon. Not only does it work as a life-force energy here on Earth, but also goes into their dimension – which is a dead dimension. They are just dead beings. It’s killing them. It’s not only killing them in this dimension; its killing them in their own dimension. What I’ve been seeing in the codes is that there are so many of them dead they are just bundling them up, stacking them and burning them in an incinerator on the moon. I don’t know if it’s our moon or somebody else’s moon, but they are on a moon a burning all of these dead alien bodes from this Orgone. It’s inner-dimensional; not only is it killing them in our earth, but in their hiding places in space because it’s saturating the atmosphere. It’s saturating the skies above us.

We had Orgone down in New Orleans . I thought it would be funny…I had sent very little down there, so I thought it would have been too insignificant among to make a difference. I had heard from somebody yesterday who said he had gone and put Orgone throughout the French Quarter area and Ward 9. It was insignificant amounts and we didn’t really think…. it was one of these wait and see what it does. I’m cheering on the Orgone as Gustav hit land…and here it just totally by-steps New Orleans and goes west. I was ecstatic. They really wanted another Katrina. They really wanted to destroy that whole area down there again. Typically from what I’ve heard from people in Florida that have Orgone in their area, when a hurricane comes towards them it changes direction and moves to a different area. That’s what I think happened with Gustav. He was getting ready to go right towards New Orleans and get the same places Katrina had gotten…and hit orgoned walls and ended up being knocked to different areas. One for the Orgone and zero for them. That’s one for the Most High.

It definitely is amusing when you think of everything when you think of what this stuff can and will do to protect people and to protect the Lords people. It’s a weapon that He’s given us to protect out selves with.

I was looking in my codes and seeing that finally they’re going to figure out that everything that I’ve said about Orgone is true. I just had to laugh. There’s some real investigative work for you when all you have to do is listen to one of my shows where I lay it all out for them (LOL) and they’re finally going to figure out that everything I’ve said about it is true. It knocks out chemtrails. And this one. I was kind of aggravated with this one…I told my friend, I’ve got to shut up. I’ve got to tell everybody right out what’s going on because were never going to get this show on the road. They keep stalling. It’s like they have an arrival date of September 10th of this year…so, I don’t know if this one still stands or not. I know that they had one before this. They’ve been postponing and postponing and postponing because every time that I say something on this show, if it aggravates them they’ll postpone their plans. I’ve talked about how the Orgone can knock out the chemtrails and their little Hollywood production in the sky isn’t going to work over America because chemtrails can’t stick in a lot of areas in America . So they’ve postponed their plans. They’ve postponed something because of that. I thought it was funny. You can’t exactly have the second coming of “Jesus” being shown over Hollywood and Las Vegas and not being shown in other parts of the country or even in the same state because there are no chemtrails. They need the chemtrails as aerosols to run their holograph programs. It’s very amusing.

I don’t know about other countries in the world; I’ve sent plenty of Orgone to the UK , Canada and Australia . There’s like 3 or 4 warriors, maybe 5 in both Australia and Canada that pretty much carry the whole burden of their own countries on their shoulders; getting the main cities and areas. Just a handful; pretty much how its always seemed to be here in America as well, but so many others standing up and saying, “I can’t go, but buy some resin and make some Orgone and send somebody else.” We’re getting a lot more people to participate and help out so that does help out in a huge way. Even our brothers from Canada that made it possible for one of our warriors to even get Arizona . Just different warriors around the world helping each other out. That’s what we have to do in the last days. It’s amazing to see. Right now we are all kind of divided by countries, oceans and coasts. One day we’re all going to be together just as an army. That’s what I look forward to; when we’re all together and we get to come back to earth to kick some more butt in bodies that can’t be destroyed.

So anyway, I just wanted to talk about things that I’ve been seeing in the codes. Definitely, there’s a couple of seconds left in the 4th quarter. I keep seeing Bush leaving in September; he’s going into hiding. Lord knows, Cheney has been hiding for months; nobody ever sees Cheney. He’s always hiding. I’m not really sure why Bush himself would go into hiding; it’s not really him. His clone is going into hiding for a while. Our battery pack president, Mr. Clone is going to go into hiding. At about the same time that they’re going into hiding, you have Maitreya’s arrival. You have his bride that arrives and kind of hits these Orgone defense shields that we have all over the earth and it’s going to kill them; they’re going to die. Then you have the Chinese soldiers in the desert that are now pretty non-significant because they’re going to die. It’s just the Orgone. It’s this alien flu that they call Avian Flu. It’s just a war between the wheat and the tares folks. From what I’ve seen, the whole reason that Bush and them are taking off and hiding is because all of the deaths that are going to be taking place and Bush feeling responsible.

You have to laugh. If the security of a nation relies on our intelligence agencies, we would have been nuked to powder a hundred years ago. It makes you realize that it’s the Lord Himself who watches over this country because I know that all the intelligence agents that I have run into are so stupid. They are so stupid. There is no way they could protect a flea in a box let alone a country. They can’t figure anything out. They’re just stupid. I don’t have any other words for them. They’re stupid; they can’t comprehend. They don’t think like we do, so they can’t comprehend things like we do. When they try to fit in they make themselves look like retards. They can’t grasp…they’re just handicapped and mentally challenged everyway that you turn around and they’re so easy to spot. That’s why we’ve been able to get so much work done without being stopped. I know they try smear campaigns to try to discredit and slow down me and this whole Orgone Warriors faction. My websites on the internet, my radio show, the smear campaigns. They’re so amateur. Even trying to infiltrate to where they think they can get close to me as a friend, as an insider; its almost laughable. Some of them I’ve been toying with for years. I know exactly who they are and I just toy with them.

I don’t have anything to hide. Everything that I do is out there for everybody to see. Everything I say is recorded in an article or radio show. I have nothing to hide; never have, never will. Everything that we do; everything that we’ve planned and accomplished is recorded somewhere in an article, on a show. I don’t hide anything; everything is outright. The Orgone Warriors…everything is out there. Why we do what we do….and what we’re going to be doing next is targeting them.

Eventually, their going to figure all this out. All of a sudden a light bulb will go off in their heads and they’ll put two and two together; the correlations. I’ll tell you some of the correlations that I’ve seen that they will put together. The Orgone combating the barium which is chemtrails. They’re going to figure out the link between that. They’re going to figure out the link between all the deaths at Dulce Base and the Orgone and what we have over there. They’re going to put the southern border areas orgoned with all the Chinese deaths over there; they’re going to link that together. We’ve got a bunch of things that they will all of a sudden start to link together. It’s taken you how long now? I talked about that last year.

I think I was at Dulce Base 2 years ago. They’re not going to figure out exactly what’s causing a lot of the derision in their bases because they are in complete derision. Another thing that they can’t do is pin it all on Orgone because we don’t have just one thing that we come at them with; prayer has always been a really strong point of ours. When we released that list several months ago, The Things to Do List. I have that posted at Sherry Talk It’s just praying for different things; different types of disasters and catastrophes to hit Satan and his kingdom and his underground bases. That really pulled the rug out from under them and it still does because there are still warriors that pray those points on it everyday; from their equipment malfunctioning, computers malfunctioning, their vehicles malfunctioning, and their tech equipment. Just even trying to plan anything…to get groups of people and/or aliens together – just so much derision and chaos. It’s always derision and chaos and why we’ve seen such a delay in their arrival.

Maitreya was supposed to be here in July. That was the big plan. I still keep seeing it in the codes; I don’t know what happened; something malfunctioned. We know that The Capricorn malfunctioned back in March and came crashing out of the skies into the Pacific Ocean . I haven’t been able to figure out what happened in July. The Lord isn’t letting me see it for some reason. So he was supposed to be here in July; I’ve always said throughout the years on this show that July was strong month for his arrival – May, June and July. That July would be a strong month and there would be a huge alien flyover of DC. I had posted a warning about DC; Congress being on fire in July. That still stands; it hasn’t been cancelled or negated. That’s still a code that stands; it could be next July. I find it interesting that he was supposed to be here in July. They had to delay that one because their equipment malfunctioned. I know the reason why; just know what exactly they had planned. The next date is September; this month. I don’t think they can keep pushing these off. Eventually, malfunction and all, they’re going to have to show up. They are allotted a certain amount of time; not from the time that they get their act together.

It really puts a lot of pressure on them because they’ve made their entrances so huge…we’re ascended d masters from Heaven. They can’t even descend to earth as angels because they need technology to help them with that and their technology won’t work. We keep asking the Lord to destroy their technology, melt their circuit boards and chips and whatever is running their technology. The Lord keeps putting wrenches in their plans; they have to change their plans and at the same time hold appearances…keep up the lies and facades of who and what they are as they arrive here. Personally, I just want to get the show on the road. At the same time we scream about their delays, we’re the very reason for the delays. You just can’t win.

Watch for further exposing of these creatures in our midst; these satanic soul-scalped humans that are here. Aliens in human bodies that are here. Watch for them to start to breaking out in boils. Watch for them to start getting this mysterious alien flu, because they are going to start arriving.

Somebody sent me an interpretation of Isaiah 13 from the Septuagint. I thought it was really cool. I’m going to read what they sent me.

If you read Isaiah 13 in the Septuagint it is very clear that God is saying that a "Giant" army will be coming from outer space...sent by HIM to destroy the earth.

He will then use 'them' to fulfill His purposes on earth: (Sherry: I think that was my own little two cents.)

2 Lift up a standard on the mountain of the plain, exalt the voice to them, beckon with the hand, open the gates, ye rulers.

3 I give command, and I bring them: giants are coming to fulfil my wrath, rejoicing at the same time and insulting.

4 A voice of many nations on the mountains, even like to that of many nations; a voice of kings and nations gathered together: the Lord of hosts has given command to a war-like nation,

5 to come from a land afar off, from the utmost foundation of heaven; the Lord and his warriors are coming to destroy all the world.

6 Howl ye, for the day of the Lord is near, and destruction from God shall arrive.

7 Therefore every hand shall become powerless, and every soul of man shall be dismayed.

8 The elders shall be troubled, and pangs shall seize them, as of a woman in travail: and they shall mourn one to another, and shall be amazed, and shall change their countenance as a flame.

9 For behold! the day of the Lord is coming which cannot be escaped, a day of wrath and anger, to make the world desolate, and to destroy sinners out of it.

This kind of goes with what I keep seeing in the codes; Joel is coming about. I’ve talked about Joel chapters 1 and 2 before and how he’s talking about the utmost outer parts northern part of heaven is in space. I’ve talked about the return of the Annuniki. These giants…these 9, 10, 11 feet tall giants that are coming. These giants come before the Day of the Lord begins. Its pretty much right there at the same time that the day of the Lord. The Day of the Lord is an hour. An hour is a period of time; its 42 months in this instance. These giants….these 10, 11, 12 foot tall Annuk are going to arrive; they’re going to be the kickoff of this hour. This whole day of the Lord, last half of the tribulation. Their presence is pretty much going to be the kickoff for the last half of the tribulation period. This is one of the next things that is going to be happening on the calendar. It also aligns with the arrival with Maitreya. Because Maitreya….especially Jesus are noted as giants; they’re Titans…giants. I don’t know how tall Maitreya will be, but Jesus comes up as a Titan all the time…as a giant. He’s going to be very, very tall.

Jesus and Maitreya are two different beings; Maitreya is Aryan, Arabic and Jesus is going to be more of an Aramayan beast. Maitreya is very specific; he is just a double of Cain. I’ve talked about this on the show before where he is just a DNA double of Cain. He is the Arab beast. He’s the one who I believe is already here in the Negev and is waiting. Since his arrival was thwarted in July…whatever malfunctioned. He’s waiting for Sananda to arrive. The New Age teaches that these two will be together; they will walk the Earth hand in hand with Mary who is nobody but Eve herself…mother of god…queen of heaven. She’s Eve. There’s going to be at least 4 beasts. I’ve seen Barack Obama as the Negro beast being anointed at this time. I don’t even know if….why should we go ‘til January if Barack Obama is being anointed as the black beast that I’ve been talking about for 2 years. He’s already been anointed as this Negro beast; this black beast. Very interesting that we have these 4 beasts all in place right now; Barack, Jesus, Maitreya, Eve….even their own St. Germaine could still come. Like I’ve said, there’s always plenty of room for more beasts as well. I’m trying to keep up on the ones that we really need to know.

Barack Obama is a walk-in; he’s a lizard; he’s not even real human….he’s one of them. I had a piece that someone had sent me a while ago of reversed speech on him talking about the UFOs or whatever that were above. He was having a conversation with beings that we in UFOs above him. It was really interesting. I wish I would have got that up. It was interesting and confirmed everying that I had said about him. He’s not even human but one of them….here. I don’t know if the person we’re looking at is Barack Obama was ever human who was a soul-scalped. I don’t know. But the Obama that we’re seeing now is not human.

With a possible arrival of Maitreya this month, things could be set to go; ready to go. It makes you wonder what they’re going to do with Iran and the stock market. Everything else just pales in significance when we have an Annuniki invasion around the corner. Everybody is always looking at different things and I look where no one else dares to tread…to look. Wherever the Lord has me focused is where I’m focused.

That’s all the good news that I have for you tonight. (LOL) It’s always something isn’t it folks. If you have question for the show.

Question from a listener; Jupiter’s moon looks like the Death Star.

Sherry: Jupiter comes up a lot in the codes. I don’t know if it’s because they’re going to blow it up or maybe perhaps because it is Jupiter’s moon.

The Death Star…a lot of you have watched the Star Wars series. They always have the Death Star; the evil star. They’ve located this on one of Jupiter’s moons. Very interesting and very well could be where they are burning their dead aliens right now; I’m not sure.

I’m going t read some questions from listeners and that’s going to be it.

Hey Sherry, greetings from up here in Canada. Due to the huge success and introduction of Orgone on the bad ones, how does prophecy, tribulation and the 3 ½ year reign play out?

Answer: It’s always been apocalyptical. I’ve been saying all along that Orgone is apocalyptical. You’ll see it very prophetic. Even in the Bible, the plague of boils upon all those who receive chips. The boils affect the tares and the evil ones and even normal human people; the wheat; who accept the mark of the beast and join his kingdom are all of a sudden going to become adversely affected by this Orgone as well. It has a number of things it’s going to do and does do. It fulfils prophecy. It brings it about. It doesn’t make anything new; it just brings about what the Lord has already said. It is the cause of why it happens and how it happens. Always very interesting to watch.

Question: from a listener: Hello Sherry. A thousand thanks for your work. I live in the Saganee Lebay, (sp) Canada and I would like to know if there are Orgone warriors besides myself in my area.

Answer: Somewhere in Canada because I can see the CA. I have no idea where Saganee Labay is, so I have to assume that you are the only warrior out there. I’ve never herd of it before. There are great warriors in the Toronto and Ontario areas in Canada. As far as every place else, I really couldn’t’ tell you.

Question from a listener: They are sending the Armada of Doom to instigate World War 3. What’s with that? Is it the main cause of starting the chaos or just a distraction?

Answer: We have two different factions fighting against each other. We have the alien faction fighting for dominance and control here in America. World War 3 and all that was kind of like the Illuminati spin. Their own little faction whether they wanted the Korean Peninsula on full fire; nuclear bombs…the whole shebang and then Jesus arrives in the clouds. That was always their way of bringing him in; through a nuclear holocaust in the Middle East. So, you just have two different factions fighting against each other. How they’re going to bring this Jesus/Sananda to Earth…it’s interesting. Also with Syria; he’s Aryan. He’s going to be the Iranian messiah. He’s also going to appeal to the Syrians. You’ve got Syria, you’ve got Iran, Ethiopia, Kenya, Libya; you have all these Arab countries over there that are going to embrace him. There are going to be 10 of these nations that rise to power with him for one hour. I know that everybody always interprets that as the European Union and all these different….like we’re going to break the world spheres into 10 regions and there will be 10 kings. That one I could go with farther then this European thing. There’s going to be a lot of country’s that stand up and give him their allegiance; Russia being one of them. Russia very well could. That’s the one to watch out for. If Russia gives this Maitreya their allegiance, that is huge… and along side China, that is a huge score as far as numbers and military support that goes for him. I would expect that the orgone to affect the Chinese, but I wouldn’t expect it to affect the Russians. That would be with Russia and China…Iran aligning and these other different Iranian countries…all of a sudden you have these 10 nations behind this beast that no one would have thought of putting together. That’s what you have to watch out for. Either way, the destruction of America is so close you can almost taste it. People need to be ready and prepared; not just physically, but spiritually and psychology for the things that are coming from this nation.

Question from a listener: Hi Sherry, I wanted to share my experience I had while watching a TV program the other night. These representatives were gathered together for a meeting about giving rights back to home schooling parents. This one guy behind the speaker was constantly flicking his tongue out. As the camera panned around the room all of them were doing it to some degree. Was this a meeting of the lizards?

Answer: They’re not going to be able to hide it as well as they always have; they’re going to start losing their cloaking. It’s just that time where everything that’s been hidden will come to light. Orgone will be a huge part of that and the Most High will be a huge part of that. We’ve got thousands and thousands of lizards controlling our schools, our government, our media, and the entertainment industry. They’re just everywhere. As people start to wake up and realize you can do one of two things; you can stand up and fight or be herded as sheep to the slaughter. I’m not going to be herded…slaughtered anywhere. If they’re going to herd me, I’m going to take at least 100 of them with me.

Question from a listener: Hey Sherry. Was this hurricane a way to get people to relocate and implement martial law? I read there were 8,000 National Guard sent to New Orleans and herding people on buses and trains to shelters.

Answer: You guys remember hearing me talk about on this show how these white trailers were being stocked in Lexington, Kentucky. Here, it’s where a lot of people from New Orleans had been taken to as one of their relocation centers. This is how long they’ve been planning Gustav. We’ve been watching these trailers being stocked and loaded in Lexington, Kentucky for the past year, and it all has to do with Gustav. They’ve been planning Gustav for a long time. This isn’t just a hurricane out of nowhere. Cuba very well has a lot to do with it. I think they have some weather weapons over in Cuba; they come up in the codes all the time. Its all being manipulated, folks. I think they wanted a Katrina 2 and we just took it out from under them.

Question from a listener: Hello Sherry. I appreciate all the work you’ve been doing lately and am very thankful to the Lord for you and all those who have helped to spread Orgone this past week or so. My question pertains to past Bible codes and the beasts that show up in the last days. You said one is a woman and speculated that this woman is Hillary Clinton. Do you think this has shifted now that Sarah Palin has been nominated?

Thank you for your time and dedication.

Answer: There is a woman beast; I think its Eve and not Hillary. I know I used to joke about that…about her. She is a beast, don’t get me wrong. I don’t think that it’s even going to get to Sarah. If we keep going on and on and on in the present façade, I don’t think there will be an election in January. I don’t think there will be anything going on in January. I really can’t tell you about John McCain and Sarah Palin at this point because right now its all about Obama and him being anointed as the black beast….and Maitreya coming and giants coming. I’m not seeing anything past that in the Bible codes and so I really couldn’t tell you what’s going to happen in January. Let’s get through September because September is a packed month. A lot of things happening this month and John McCain just not…just an insignificant twiddle of a pin as far as September goes. Can’t tell you a thing about her right now..

Comment from a listener: I saw the black helicopters for the first time. They were flying around St. Paul Minnesota on Sunday, I assume to intimidate protestors. To anyone who doesn’t believe in black helicopters, I can say now that they have them.

Sheer: Or course. Anyone on this show has had them over their houses. Anyone who listens to this show already knows what black helicopter harassment is about just from visiting my website.

Hi Sherry, What are your thoughts about October 14th day of disclosure announcement by the Galactic Federation on You Tube? They say that they plan to be visible for 3 days, then the ascension will occur.

Answer: October 14th? I don’t know. I’m looking at September 10th for their arrival. They’re announcing October 14th…they always have an arrival date. If you follow their own garbage; for 3 years they’ve been coming up with different arrival dates. I really don’t know. So many of their plans have already been blown out of the water because they keep on malfunctioning. When do you know when they’re not lying and to take them seriously? You just can’t. I don’t pay attention to them; I pay more attention to the daily events going on. They do everything they can to keep their whole New Age audience pacified. They’re losing control of them. They’ve been crying wolf so many times that even their own audience doesn’t believe them anymore. The whole New Age crowd is losing interest and stumbling on to the truth. The longer they wait to come, the more and more we’re learn the truth about what these beings are. I have websites about them at It’s a good website with all their plans on it. Really, this whole New Age agenda is just going to be married with American politics through Barack Obama. He’s going to be their Al Gore; their linking piece - agenda wise. You’re going to watch this whole Muslim/Islam and New Age merge into one agenda and it will all happen through Barack Obama. That’s what we have to look forward to, folks.

I think I’m going to end it here for tonight. Again, I just wanted to thank everybody for their contributions and support in helping us get our southern border protected as quickly as we needed to; when we needed to because we only had a short window of time to get it done. I can say in confidence that it’s done. Real happy about that. Thanks to everyone who had a part in that.

Until next week….like I’ve said, every Monday could be our last show from the way it’s looking. So, if we are here next week, just answering the typical.... Just taking things week to week for now; just revealing what the Lord wants me to reveal.

‘Til then everybody, Yah bless.

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