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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Space Aliens Will Overthrow America

Space Aliens Will Overthrow America

Recorded in 2004

by Sherry Shriner

Transcribed by Liz Patton

Hi, I’m Sherry Shriner. This is just an audio series that I’m doing on the last days on what the Lord wants me to speak and what He wants me to get out there. I’m just His servant; a watchmen and He has called me as a prophet to the nations to wake up the nations as to what’s coming down the pike in the last days and what we can expect. A lot of it is a lot different what the churches would have you believe or what you’ve grown up believing all of your life; because we’ve all been molded into the box that they wanted us to be in and not really know the truth.

Over the last year, the Lord has been showing and revealing to me the overthrow and destruction of the United States of America . It’s been a sombering realization that nothing is going to happen the way I always thought it was going to be. The way that I was conditioned to believe. I grew up in the church system; attending church every Sunday and attending the Christian schools; doing the whole religious nine-yards. To realize that not everything is the way that you’ve been conditioned to believe. When you break out of that box and you realize that things are so different. At first it’s really sombering, then after that you’re just angry and you want to wake everybody else up that’s been put in that same box and believing the same things.

In 2004, we have reptilians in the White House, Draconians in the Vatican , and grey aliens in the skies abducting people and using them for medical experiments and food in their underground bases. One of the biggest lies out there today is that these extraterrestrials are from galaxies millions of miles away. Or another lie is that they’re ascended masters that are coming to earth to help mankind. Even the lie that they created us and they’re our forefathers and are coming back to help their creation out. These lies are going to get more prevalent as the days go. That’s all they are; lies.

I’ve always said this and people hate this and expect me to burn in Hell; The KJV has been manipulated from the first verse on. There are so many things that have been twisted and added in that weren’t in the original translation. In the church today, they stay with the KJV; they stay with the knockoffs of the KJV. So the deceit and manipulations go on. Yes, the main message will always stay the same. The Son of God Jesus Christ, Yahushua came on the earth, died on the cross, rose again 3 days later and He is our only redemption for salvation. That main message will never change. It reminds me of something that I had read in Enoch’s book a long time ago. Enoch, a great apostle of God was taken up to Heaven in chariots; he had never known death. What he said…and this is a man that had written 365 books; he said that over time his books would be translated and changed, but that the main message in them would always remain the same. So I keep that in mind even with the KJV, that no matter how many drownings and destructions and manipulations of people’s words over the centuries through translations appear, the main messages will always stay the same.

Yes, the Word of God is something that I treasure and I live by, but you have to recognize that just as in the Garden of Eden where there was a tree of knowledge of good and evil and the tree of life; we have the same thing in this book the KJV in that you have the tree of knowledge and the tree of life. Then you have the tree of knowledge of good and evil which is Satan’s corruption and manipulations just as in the Garden when the Lord allowed him to be there to manipulate and deceive mankind which he did through Adam and Eve, he’s doing today through this word that Constantine and King James got a hold of and twisted and manipulated.

So a lot of this isn’t going to come into play until you realize what the aliens are going do with it and the foothold they have with it and how they are running with it. They implanted some of these manipulations so deep and so long ago that people are going to stumble over the translations. They’re going to stumble and lose their faith because they thought that some book that could never have errors in it or translation errors could lead them astray. The thing is, it’s not the book, it’s the errors. I’m going to reveal those today; it’s something that the Lord has shown me over the past several months that a lot of these translation errors that we’ve over looked over the years are going to come into play in the last days. Those people with strong faith in the Lord will be okay. They’ll be able to recognize what truth is and who the Lord is. When you know who the Lord is, you know who He isn’t. These people that have been grounded and founded in the Lord will be okay. The ones who are weak faithed and weak kneed and haven’t set that foundation in the Lord will be deceived and their faiths will be shaken. That’s why I’m here… trying to wake these people up and put something out here so that if I’m gone….if a lot of people are gone, then at least be able to stumble on this information somewhere down the road. Maybe something that I say will strike something in someone out there that they’ll remember down the road.

In Genesis chapter 1 where they translated the word Elohim. In the original translation they took out the Name Yahweh. To the Jews, it was too holy of a name to write. Over the translations they put in this plural word Elohim; so it says “Let us make man in our image.” Taking out the meaning that Yahweh said “I will make man in My image”. So they’re going to use this; the Illuminati will use this. The Satanists will use this and are coming out with it now. That Elohim in plural, Let us make man in our image. This Elohim which was the gods back then is nothing but these Annuniki. They’re going to claim that they created mankind; that they were the ones who originally created Earth in the 6 day creation in Genesis chapter 1. With that slight translation error, they’re going to take it and run with it. They’re going to use that word Elohim, which is plural and say that it refers to them.

Just a warning of some of the stuff they’re planning to do if this whole Moravian bloodline thing doesn’t wash. It doesn’t look like its going to, but you never know what’s going to happen. Today’s hogwash is going to be tomorrow’s truth; that Jesus had children with this Mary Magdalene and that’s where this Moravian bloodline for the Windsor bloodline in Europe comes from today. We know that’s hogwash. We know that He did not have children. Mary Magdalene was a follower of His, but nothing more. They’re trying to take this whole teaching into something that it wasn’t just so they can legitimize their own bloodline. They have no royal bloodline. There’s not an ounce of royal blood in today’s royal family. Prince William through Princess Diana has royal blood because she actually did have royal bloodline back to David, the tribe of Judah . Without this Moravian thing, Prince Charles and the Queen herself can’t legitimize themselves being in power in Europe today as a royal family because there is no royalty blood in them.

I stated before that we have Reptilians in the White House and Draconians in the Vatican . If you look at the secret societies that have ruled our government; since 1776 they’ve taken control and one by one every one of our presidents have fallen in the house of cards and they have come out of these secret societies. Even today Bush is a part of Skull and Bones, a secret society out of Yale; and that’s a secret society out of the Nazi faction of Germany . It all goes very deep into Satanism. All it is are different forms and branches of pure Satan worship. They worship Lucifer and take loyalty oaths to him. You have to recognize that when somebody comes up to you, especially a Bush on national television with a Bible in his hand or not, but he uses terminology Christians identify with. He may say, “I’m born again.” But to them in Masonic terminology, born-again means “born again unto Lucifer”. They may mention the word Christ or being washed in the blood; its Christian terminology that to them has totally opposite Masonic meanings. Christians don’t pick that up today because they want to believe that George Bush is a Christian. They want to believe all the lies and hogwash that he has spit out and venom over the years instead of waking up to the truth and having to accept the fact that they were deceived. It’s never too late to realize that you’ve been deceived and get mad and move on. Move on. Embrace the truth that you were deceived and move on instead of trying to keep your pride that you were deceived and sit back and let this guy stonewall you all the way to the death camps. This is exactly what he plans to do; all the way to the death camps. He’s ready to begin to start this antichrist war on the saints. I’ve said repeatedly that if the antichrist was going to rise today (2004) it would be George Bush. He is a top candidate even in the Bible codes to be the antichrist. I know this changes all the time because future events aren’t set in stone in the codes. In fact, there are 5 paths and routes that can be taken.

A lot of you are thinking, well who would the false prophet be. This Sananda coming out of the NESERA/Omegan agenda. I don’t know if you’ve been catching the signs at peace rallies where they are conditioning people and starting to show more and more this whole NESERA agenda and the ones behind that are Sananda and Germaine. They could be candidates for the false prophet. Another candidate is Benny Hinn. Some of you aren’t surprised at all and others of you are stopping to listen right now because you love Benny Hinn. Let me tell you something; Benny Hinn is not of the Lord. He is a beast prophet; a Baal prophet. He has been put into position where he is today by the Vatican . The Vatican as I’ve said we’ve got Draconians in the Vatican . Draconians are dragons. We know that Satan is a winged red dragon. These are actually a species of aliens that were turned into when they lost their angelic looks when they were judged by the Lord Himself for their rebellion. Satan and all the angels that rebelled were judged. Part of their judgment was to lose their angelic looks and a lot of them took on species. Satan lost his angelic looks and now looks like a dragon. It’s the Draconians; Lucifer’s seat that is really behind the Vatican Vatican . He’s in the background and pulling the Popes strings and he tells the pope what to do and leads them in this whole Catholicism façade; it’s just another religion and form of Satanism. So he sits in the background. He runs the Jesuits. The chief Jesuit general has an office called the Black Pope. It’s behind this Black Pope that Lucifer resides; where his real power base is. You look at all the different groups that come out of the Jesuits; the Knights of Columbus, the Knights of Malta and all these come out of different secret societies coming out of these with the Masons, the Free Masons, and Scottish Rites. They are all different groups in different ranks of power and who answers to whom. It’s all very hierarchal in rank. Satan sits on top of all of this and he does it through the Vatican , right behind the Black Pope position. today. I’m not talking about the Pope himself; he’s just window dressing. He’s sitting in the front window for everybody to see when they think of the

It’s going to come down to the wire with world religion and world government. It can go any which way. They are playing several different cards themselves. They don’t hold the one hand either. They can have different plans and the Lord can stop them and ruin them or the Lords bigmouths can start exposing their plans and they have to go a different route because their initial plans were too exposed. Anything can happen; nothing is set in stone. We do know the things that are set in stone. The second coming of Jesus Christ. He’s going to judge this world and he’s going to destroy His enemies. We know this is fact, but to get to those things that are going to happen, different routes can be made or taken and that’s what we’re looking at today; the different routes that are being played.

Our government has been in cahoots with the aliens for probably 100 years now. The earliest treaty that we know of with the aliens is in 1933 when Roosevelt signed an agreement with them called the Hundred Treaty. Then we have treaties with Truman and Eisenhower and on up the chain. Every president since then has made treaties with these aliens. It could have been done a lot earlier. The only tangible evidence that we have is 1933 with the Hundred Treaty. What they’re doing with these aliens is exchanging technology. They sit at a bargaining table with these aliens; the government says, “We want anti-gravity technology and microchip technology and laser technology” and the aliens will say, “Okay, we’ll give you that, but we want your animals. We want to conduct experiments on your animals. We want the right to mutilate them and abduct your people. And we want the right to experiment on some of your people and abduct your people. In doing this, you’ll hide our presence here. You’ll deny that we exist and you’ll cover up anything that we leave behind.” These kinds of agreements take place. They’ve taken place and the government has always had the official policy to deny the alien presence here on earth. It’s been their official policy since they began. Another thing they started to do was create joint bases underground where their technology could take place. Dulce Base is one of the many underground bases that have been created by our government and paid for by our tax dollars so that the government and the aliens could have a place to work and exchange technology. The thing that the aliens did that kind of blindsided the government themselves is that they gave them this technology but they couldn’t run it without the aliens. So the aliens were always going to have a hold on the technology that they were giving us. We weren’t getting anything for free. Of course I’ve said in previous articles, you can’t go to bed with Satan and come out like an angel; it’s not going to happen. When our government had agreed to these agreements with the aliens exactly what happened to them is they would become overcome by these things. It’s almost like…how did they ever feel like they could win one over Lucifer? Give credit where it’s due. The guy is a genius, he’s brilliant and been in power these thousands of years behind the scenes. He’s going to get to rule the world for 42 months. He’s going to deceive millions of people and he has over the years. He brilliant and knows exactly how to deceive people. He smooth talked Eve. It started back there in the Garden of Eden. Our government didn’t escape either. They’re Eve number 2 or 2 billion depending on how you want to look at it. Just more pawns, more victims of Lucifer’s. Because they had agreed; they had decided to get this technology off of them because they’re going to abduct our people anyway….there’s nothing we can do to stop them. So we’ll get some technology out of the deal.

With that kind of thinking….with our nation not too far away from having been founded as one nation under God, it didn’t take them very long to totally abandon God and go to their committees and secret societies and secret governments and abandon the Lord and look for wisdom from these committees and secret societies that they created. Instead of going to the Lord for wisdom in how to deal with this alien situation, they turned their back on the Lord. The Lord had always told the Israelites of old; when they wanted a king, he told them exactly what would happen with them under king leadership. They said, oh it won’t get that bad. We want a king above us. We want a king. So this started the whole thing of the Israelite having kings placed above them. They always led them down the wrong path. You had your good kings, King David and Solomon who built the temple, but even in his last days, Solomon went whoring after hundreds of foreign idols.

Today we have the same thing. We wanted one nation under God, and instead today in 2004 we have the most Satanic nation in the world today. This nation is Satanic. It’s the biggest Satanic abomination probably that’s ever been on the face of the Earth. The Bible refers to it as Babylon the Great. If you don’t understand what exactly America is, read Revelation 17 and 18. Babylon the whore. Babylon the Great; it’s all about America . I get sick of hearing these beast prophets stating that America is not in prophecy today, when it sure is. America is all over prophecy today. They don’t want you to recognize it. They want you to stay blind to the fact that America is in prophecy today so that they can keep your focus off of what’s going on here and expect the boogey man; the antichrist to arrive over in Europe or the Middle East instead of looking in your own front yard. They are blindsiding you. If you don’t think that a lot of these beast/guru prophets are working for the Vatican , look at their own material. You’ve got high ranking Masons in the churches today. If you are listening to the Hal Lindsey’s and the Jack Van Impe’s and all of those who have sold out to the Vatican, you’re not going to get the truth of what is coming, what’s happening and what’s very well going on today underneath your noses.

In Genesis 6:1-4, it talks about how the aliens had come; how the Annuniki were here. How they were fallen watchers from Heaven and how they mingled with the women of Earth and created their own hybrid races. It goes beyond me why churches today refuse to acknowledge the obvious and they state that the giants and hybridization of old were nothing more than just terminology for the fact that the good son….Seth’s sons mingled with Cain’s and intermarried. So more or less in today’s terminology Christians marrying non-Christians. That’s hogwash. It’s such a subtle way for pastors to say, “I don’t know how to answer your question, let’s not discuss it at all.” Coming out and embracing these ludicrous theories to try to snowball and get you not to think about why there were giants, or how they were crossbred with animals…where the unicorns came from….where the dinosaurs came from. Instead of doing research, they just want to blow it off and say, they didn’t exist or they were just plants from Satan. All these archeological findings were plants from Satan. Mind you, some of them will be in the future, but you can’t plant millions and millions of dinosaur bones, the Cro-magnum man and all these early aberrations of man that they were able to use to try and come up with this theory of evolution.

Christians really don’t have an answer for these Cro-Magnon people and these races that existed before. I’ll tell you where they came from; as much as the aliens today are trying to create a human…they are still trying to perfect creating a human with a soul. They can create beings, but they can’t create beings with a soul. They cannot duplicate the master number of our DNA which is the blueprint for our DNA. You’ll see those numbers all the time in occultic circles where they have all those occultic meanings to them. 11, 22 and 33. I can’t even approach half of them in how they use these numbers for occultic significance. That is the blueprint of DNA because what it represents is the 11 ribs of man, the 22 bones in the skull and the 33 bones in a humans vertebrae. They can’t master it; they can’t duplicate it. That’s what they’ve been trying to do with the super human. That’s what they’ve been doing with their own human. I believe that these Cro-Magnons and these earlier races of humans were probably created by these watchers; these aliens; they were probably creations of them. The Lord destroyed them in the flood because they were never quite human. They weren’t created by Him. The Lord created Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, the rest that were created during that time were not created by Yahweh, but created by the aliens.

Yes, we do have their presence here at the beginning of time. They’ve always been here, they had nothing to do after the Lord destroyed Atlantis and the other angelic civilizations that all existed here before Adam was created. They were all here on earth and on Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Rahab. There was an angelic civilization that was multi-planetary. Lucifer was the archangel and ruled over all of it. When he became prideful and boastful and decided that he was going to rebel against the Most High God and lead millions of these other angels against the Lord, the Lord judged them all. He destroyed Earth and destroyed all these other planets with hailstone and fire. I’ve seen that in the Bible codes when I was doing some research on pre-Adam. There is a lot of information there about the pre-Adamic civilizations at that time, how they were destroyed with hailstones of fire.

The earth was knocked into voidness; there was nothing left by the time that the Lord destroyed it into oblivion. It sat here dormant. We don’t know how long it sat here dormant. We do know that a lot of these angelic beings escaped the judgment; they were able to get in the hollow Earth, underneath the earth and survive there for a time. When the Lord created Adam and Eve, even after the flood, some were able to escape again into the hollow earth. We’ve always had a continual presence here of the aliens. These fallen watchers. That’s all they are; fallen angels. They were all part of the Lords kingdom at one time, rebelled and were kicked out. In Lucifer’s rebellion, they lost their angelic looks. In the watcher rebellion that Enoch speaks about, the watchers who met and decided to come to Earth and cohabitate with women. They were the ones responsible for the giant hybridization and producing 30 foot tall children. They didn’t lose their looks; they look very humanoid. The only difference being they are very tall; 7, 8 and 9 feet. Some of their children grew to heights of 30, 32 and 35 feet.

Some of you might want to say that all of those were destroyed in the flood. It couldn’t have been so, because where did Goliath come from? Where did the giants that Joshua and Caleb had to fight? They had to take over 18 – 20 cities just to get Israel back when they left Egypt . They were grasshoppers in the sight of the giants; these are their own words. Giants existed after the flood. What happened was the Lord eventually allowed for these giant races to be killed off; to die off. The DNA gene was perfected so that giants wouldn’t be the case. That these giants couldn’t reproduce with women the way they once had. The Lord did something to stop that, and it wasn’t as easy as it was for them before. What they did was take it into laboratories where we get artificial insemination. That’s alien technology; part of what the government got in exchange for selling the souls of Americans. Sure, abduct our people…just give us technology. A lot of the medical benefits and technologies are alien technology in exchange for the lives of humans and our children that have been sucked out of them, taken and stored in underground bases by aliens. They abduct humans; they take them to their bases underground, perform experiments on them, they use the women for their eggs and to carry their fetuses for several months at a time until they take them out, put them in incubators. I hate to say it, but they grow them themselves at that point. It’s nasty, but that’s what they do.

This stuff has been going on for hundreds of years. When you wake up and realize that everything isn’t quite the way that you imagined it, it is startling. At first it might make you angry. We just have to deal with it. Its not easy to realize that you’ve been lied to all you life and deceived and things aren’t the way that you thought they were. There are a lot of audios that I’m going to be coming out with. A whole series about these aliens, because every time that I start a thought, I end up on a rabbit trail. What I’ll end up doing is a multiple series on aliens. For this one, what I wanted to tell you is that what the Lord originally told me. These aliens will overthrow America and they are already doing so through our government, through our militaries, through our state governments, all of the top key positions, and they will rule here. They will do so as the armies of the antichrist. The antichrist is going to rule the world and that’s what these aliens are going to do; help him rule the world. Some of them will look ugly. Some of them will be the Annuniki branch and some will look very human. They’ll tell you that they are angels from Heaven or that they’re part of the angelic host from the Lord. The antichrist isn’t going to come here saying he is the devil; he’s going to come here saying he is the Lord. These 7 or 8 foot beings are going to say they are angels. It’s all part of the charade that is coming. I can’t even put into words the things that the Lord has shown me about what is going to be happening and what they’re going to be doing; how evil and terrible its going to get here in America. I’ll try to do that in my second or third series. I just don’t think I can accurately into words what I have seen, but Ill try and try to wake up your eyes to the fact that these aliens aren’t’ going to stay underground for long. That’s why you’re seeing a lot more of their ships in the skies everything; coming out, getting more bold and bold and bold. That war in Revelation chapter 12 taking place. Eventually Lucifer is going to be cast out of the second heaven where he’s been residing.

Most of the church believes that Lucifer is down in Hell. It’s not true; he is not residing in Hell. He resides in the second heaven. He has planets and stars in the constellation Orion. People will tell you that Heaven is located in Orion, and all these other things about Orion. The Lords kingdom is not located in Orion; that’s Satan’s kingdom. They’re already starting to mix the terminology to make you believe that the one coming is not Satan, but the Lord. It’s just going to get more prevalent everyday and I’m just going to keep writing everyday and exposing more and more of what I can about what is happening. I will be coming out with more parts to this alien agenda; this agenda that the Lord led me to 2 to 3 years ago. Showing me how they were working and operating behind the scenes and how they have already taken over our human government, how they are working through humans today.

As you look at werewolves; we know that werewolves who through demonic power can transform into a werewolf. What these werewolves are, are like animals that work for Satan; they’re his henchmen, they’re his bodyguards. What they will do; in coven meetings that these Satanists have, they’ll rip people apart. They tear people apart. He sends them to Satanists who haven’t been loyal; these werewolves will tear them apart. It works the same way with Reptilians. Humans can shape-shift into reptilians. In this instance, the reptilians will shape-shift out of the human form. The human is really hosting an alien. They can do so because of their bloodlines; they have the demonic make-up to do so. That’s what we have today running most of the world. Lizards are running the world. They’re not even real humans anymore; they’ve been possessed and overtaken by Reptilians – which are lizards, snakes; the whole serpent race. That’s what we’re dealing with. It’s us against them. It’s not even going to come down to Christians vs. Satanists, its going to come down to humans vs. aliens.

I’m going to come back with more audios on this. Keep checking back to the website. I’m going to come back with a part 2 of Aliens in America . I don’t want to make these recordings really long. Just something you can listen to; something you can get a hold of and grasp and listen to the next one as you are ready for it. I don’t want to overbog anybody at one time, but probably already have. Most of the people on my sites are repeat visitors, so you’re already familiar with my work and my writings.

Until then, stay focused on the Lord. Don’t let this stuff scare you. We have no fear. Those in perfect peace in the Lord don’t have to fear these things. When you are in the Lord, you have perfect peace. He will give you peace not to be afraid. We have power over these things. Anyone who is in the Lord can use the Name of Jesus to combat any kind of wickedness or evil. Learn to use His Name. Depend on the Lord. Seek Him.

Until then, God bless.

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