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Monday, September 29, 2008

Transcribe 9-22-08 Sherry Talk Radio

Sherry Talk Radio

Aired on 9-22-2008

Transcribed by Liz Patton

And hello everybody. You’re live; it’s Monday night September 22, 2008 . If you have a question for the show you can send it to

Last week I got a couple of questions after the show, so resend those if you want me to answer those. They tend to get lost and bogged down in my email box during the week. I get hundreds of emails during the week; you can’t even imagine. It seems like I’m on everybody’s news lists. So I don’t have to go to any websites on the internet whatsoever. I just read my emails.

There are a lot of watchmen out there. That’s pretty much how I started out years ago on the internet. I put up my first website and then started getting into sounding the alarms on events and things coming and sending out emails everywhere and joining a bunch of lists…and ended up getting kicked off all of them.

So I started my own.

I can’t get kicked off my own lists. People don’t want to hear the truth; truth can be hard to take. It just reminded me how Yahushua was. He never went towards the people. After He preached to them he went off into the mountains, hillsides and valleys. People followed Him. They wanted to hear what He had to say, they went to Him. The Lord took me in the same direction. He put me in one spot and leads people to me. I don’t chase people down. I don’t try to change people’s minds. I don’t have to have ego oriented arguments with people to try to win an argument. I really don’t care about any of that. I just give out information that the Lord wants me to give out. If the people can receive it, they can. If they can’t…I’ve been in this long enough to know that they’ll be back in a year or two. It’s happened quite often over the ten years since people first going to my websites or listening to my show, a year later the Lord leading them right back. He does that. He leads them back. It’s a learning process. Sometimes the truth can be hard to handle and we all know that one; especially the truth seekers that have been on a journey for the truth in all things. It’s not easy to handle.

A couple of things I wanted to talk about tonight. Again, if you have a question or comment, you can send it to

I’m seeing a lot of the word “boom” in the codes. It’s pretty much relative; I see it all the time. It’s more intense now because I’ve always warned about this time of the year. I’ve always warned about September 2009 and on; and definitely being in September 2009 now. Even though in America its 2008, it is definitely in the codes 2009. I find it interesting that the clock really starts ticking now. I told you it started ticking back in March with the whole Temple One façade with NASA and bringing down Sananda’s Capricorn and all that. So much stuff happens in the background that if people really understood what was going on they might actually be able to relate the Bible to today’s events.

I don’t know how you could overlook it now, but people do. There are so many media blackouts. It’s amazing when you can look in the codes and look for three months from now….ten months from now and see exactly where it’s going to be a media blackout; a government blackout; there’s going to be complete silence. Something’s going to be happening and no ones going to know it because there’s a complete blackout. They do that all the time and plan that all the time.

That’s why it’s very important to Satan’s crowd the New World Order to control the media because they impose blackouts. They don’t want people to know exactly what’s going on in the background and what exactly they’re doing. I find it interesting. And we're always trying to play wake up…wake up the sleeping masses because they don’t understand what’s going on.

If it’s not being talked about in today’s media, they don’t think its happening. That’s why alternative websites on the internet have become so popular. It’s the only real place you can get real new, true news. They can’t get a hold of my websites any longer. They’ve put a block on my websites in certain countries and in certain states. Business and schools that try and access my websites can’t get a hold of them. It’s not just me, its going to be a permanent lockdown; a ban on this type of journalism or even Bible prophecy speaking on the air will be taken off. It’s just a matter of time. It’s interesting that I always see Obama’s name around that. He really hates the freedom of speech on the computer and wants to crack down on that. Definitely if Obama was to step in as President, one of the first things he would do is change the internet…completely change the face of the internet. I’ve heard that they have a plan of taking Biden out and putting Hillary on the ticket. I’ve warned you about that – she’s going to be on the ticket. I don’t know what this Joe Biden stuff was; it was interesting. That didn’t last too long. Supposedly they’re already looking for an exit card for Biden so they can put Hillary Clinton on the ticket.

George Bush is recording messages. I had seen this for this month. When I see him on the news, I look to see…is that a real, live interview he’s doing or is it recorded? He is recording messages. It’s almost like he’s going to wimp out. Something’s going to happen here. Instead of facing the public and facing the music, he’s going to just start playing recorded messages because he’s already done, gone and hid somewhere. That will be interesting. Not sure what’s going to happen; where they have these recorded messages they can pull out. Apparently they have some kind of their own plans going. You never know if they’re going to pull out one of their domestic terrorism cards for a false flag operation. Its interesting that I’ve seen “carpet bombing” for October. That’s interesting. I don’t know of particular cities in the codes; nothing mentioned. But the fact that just a lot of carpeting "boom". There’s that word boom again; its everywhere…boom, boom, boom.

It’s interesting with the economy right now. They’re annihilating the economy; annihilating the economics. Of course we’ve seen that; we’re seeing that now. Lehman Brothers going down; Bear Stearns going down. If you haven’t heard Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanly are converting themselves into banks. They’re no longer going to be investment houses. They were the last two big investment houses on Wall Street. I’m looking at that alert and I’m thinking, “What part of a crash don’t we hear?” but they’re not saying the C word yet? Very interesting.

This is all planned and timed out. They’re annihilating the economics and they’ve done a good job of it. What we have now is just completely propped up. One of the first things you want to do is panic. You’ve got money in the bank…or you don’t have money and this isn’t the time for the economy to go to Hell in a hand basket because you’re not prepared.

One of the things that the Lord has told me is to stay focused. Stay focused. Don’t panic, just stay focused on whatever He has been leading you to do; stay focused on that. Don’t worry about all of the fireworks going off; Wall Street crashing and our military coming in. I’ll talk about that in a little bit. Just stay focused on what He has led you to do. Our protection, our salvation, our redemption – everything is in Him. We are in His Hands. Don’t worry about the world crumbling around you because He will always have you in His Hands. So just stay focused on Him and what it is He has been leading you to do. I’m staying busy on the same things I’ve been doing forever.

A lot more satellite surveillance going on. I found it really funny; an article going around this week on how the Pentagon has legalized domestic spying. They’ve been doing it for 10 years. I’ve gone out there with my camera trying to get a picture of this satellite and can’t even find it in the viewfinder and can’t get a picture of it. This thing is so big in the sky, but my cameras only so big; I can’t find it to get a picture of it. I need one of those telescope cameras or something I guess. These satellites are obnoxious. I was noticing last night, it was out there for 3 hours and then moved on to go and harass somebody else. What they’re doing is taking pictures, taking videos of the Orgone Warriors. They want to catch you making Orgone, packing it up…whatever. They just sit there and while you are inside your house they can find exactly where you’re at in your house and what you’re doing. They keep logs; they keep tabs of the warriors and so if you notice this satellite anywhere near the vicinity of your house, you can pretty much believe that they’ve got you on a list. I know that they’ve put various people on a list and then throughout the night just go from person to person and log and mark what they’re doing….see what they’re doing. That’s what they do. The fact that it’s legal now; how quaint. Before it was illegal, so can we retroactively go back and sue them for domestically spying on us? It’s almost amusing.

The Lord has told me that things are going to get much worse, folks. Much, much worse than what we’ve seen. There is a lot going on this month. I’m not really going to say tonight exactly on what, but those with eyes can see. Look at Asia . Keep your eyes on Asia because everything that is happening in Asia is going to intensify and it’s going to get worse much, much worse. The Bird Flu, the milk sickness or whatever they want to call it is going to get much worse and then it will spread to the west. Just watch everything over there for now.

We do have a dollar dumping coming and everybody knows its coming. They’re just not prepared for the when. It is coming; they’re going to dump the dollar. That’s just a matter of days or even weeks at the most.

Two things I see back to back. Everything is going to happen like an avalanche. Like I’ve been talking about, the bathtub effect. Things are going to happen very quickly once they get rolling and actually are starting to roll now. Someone had sent me an email that somebody else had been sending around; it was about some of the things that are coming and supposedly they had some kind of inside information. I don’t know how inside information works; you can never tell who it is because I used to receive emails from people in the various military agencies that would send me info. They don’t anymore because I’m under surveillance. I used to get information like that, so it was really interesting. I used to always get thumbs up from the Air Force years ago when I started coming out with Bible codes and had done a Bible code on chemtrails.

I find it interesting that NASA and the various Air Force bases are the biggest (as far as the government goes) amount of traffic that I get; being from NASA and the United States Air Force. They want to know what I’m doing with their chemtrail program. I’m messing it up. We’re putting wrenches in their chemtrail program with our Orgone and they’re very aware of it. Like I’ve said, this information that was going around and somebody sent to me talks about that in the first week of October, a Declaration of an Economic Emergency may be declared by the President. It may coincide with a terror event or a false flag or some kind or terrorist attack on our own soil or an attack on Iran or by Israel or US forces. The whole pre-text being that the first week of October we could see a Declaration of an Economic Emergency. Anytime he calls one of his "Declarations", that means that he can implement any one of his 500 Executive Orders and start putting this country into Martial Law.

Another thing is that you can go to the Army’s website; they’re talking about how they’re assigning an army brigade to NNORTHCOM for riot control and/or effects of terror events. Interesting that October 2nd is the date where short selling can begin and also the date when stock and bond markets as well the dollar in foreign markets could collapse via an organized world-wide dumping of the American dollar.

We’ve already seen Asia and Russia make moaning and groaning about how they’re going to have to bail out our debt and it won’t work. That’s already kind of in the rumbling and could cause a lot of panic here; the full out stock market crash. So interesting because they’ve already assigned…of course it’s illegal and it’s unconstitutional. You can’t have an army assigned or working on US soil. That’s why we have the National Guard. That’s why we have militias. It’s unconstitutional for the army to do so, but nothing our president does is constitutional. This isn’t anything too far for him to do and nobody stops him. Congress doesn’t stop him. The American people haven’t stopped him. He pretty much does what he wants.

The first week of October looking to be…if it doesn’t happen earlier. September was always a strong month for an economic crash. We’re seeing that now. They’re still hiding it; still propping it up. Setting dates is more their thing. They’re going to say, “Okay…by October 2nd we’re going to have a whole army brigade assigned to us and NORTHCOM can send them anywhere in the United States.”

What I find amusing is these soldiers actually think…this army brigade is out of Ft. Stewart in Georgia . They actually think they’re going to be here to help the American people, so they’re excited about this. How stupid they are! They’re not going to be helping. If they’re going to be assigned to an American city, they’re going to be arresting citizens. They’re going to be arresting American citizens. They’ve got all these portable prison cells unloaded in Utah and these white trailers everywhere and these internment camps.

They’re going to be imprisoning American citizens.

First thing they did with the police departments and SWAT teams was to demonize the citizens and turn them into the enemies of the militaries and enemies of the governments and just treat you like you’re just squash waiting to be squashed. They won’t treat you with any kind of respect; they are very rough. Our police forces started acting like Russian forces years ago and the same thing will happen with these military forces. They will be asked to detain and arrest American citizens. These soldiers really have no idea what they are getting involved with.

Already 26,000 preachers, pastors, priests and rabbis are ready to become spies for the government. They’re going to be willing to turn in any of their congregation; anyone who they think might resist the continuing destruction of our Constitution, our Bill of Rights and our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Our own pastors are going to turn into government spies. That’s what I’ve been warning about for years; that Satan is running the churches today and that’s what they are going to be used for.

I don’t know how to make it any clearer. I’ve been talking for years to get out of the churches. Anybody graduating from our seminaries today has been overseen…all the major seminaries are overseen by very accomplished and high ranking Satanists.

Another heads up; on October 1st will commence planned assignations of any US citizens who are on the Red List. That is to begin on October 1st; the Red List assassinations. I don’t see pick ups, but there will be pick ups. What they will supposedly do is instead of just killing people where they’re at…assassinations; hit and runs; they’ll pick these people up, and that’ll be the end of it; you’ll never see these people again.

They’ll come in....William Cooper talked about that where they’ll have goon squads come in and arrest people out of their homes when they start doing Red List roundups. That’s pretty much what they’re going to be doing and they’ll be using different types of paramilitary groups – SWAT teams, Fed teams…whatever; just using maybe even some of these private mercenaries. Picking people up that are on the Red List and they’re going to disappear; never to be seen or heard of again. That’s supposedly a heads up from somebody that would begin on October 1st. Again, I think it’s been going off and on again for a while. People have been talking about seeing trains since 9-11, so systematically it just kind of keeps going and moving up the list. Like I’ve said, I don’t have any telltale if these things are going to happen for sure, but things I have seen in the Bible codes. Things can be delayed, folks and pushed back.

Certainly one of the things I’ve always dreaded the most was that there would be martial law in the winter time. It’s very cold, there is snow on the ground, and people are cold. They are taken out of their homes and taken to these internment camps and are going to freeze because they’re not prepared for the weather. The government certainly doesn’t care if you have shoes and coats on and if there’s 18 inches of snow. There could be martial law round ups and Red List round ups in the winter time.

It's one of those things that you always hoped would just push forward and go into the spring months to the summer months. Like I’ve always said, there is always several months listed with any one event. Like this has to happen in September and if it doesn’t that’s it for the year; you can find other times throughout the year where the same event can happen.

In some of these other months I’ve seen the arrival for Maitreya and Sananda if they didn’t come in September or March or July (their big months to come) I have them in the winter months, November being a big month. January being a month for Red List roundups.

I’ve seen Cheney involved with that before. We’ve really lucked out that this is 2008; that this is the last year supposedly of Bush and Cheney and try to get out of the January martial law type scenario with Cheney, because January is such a cold month. I’ve seen that before in the codes, so I’m hoping that is something in the past that didn’t come about and so it just disappears, is canceled and they go to a different route from that point on. I certainly hope that is the case. We can’t stall this stuff forever and a lot of this stuff just isn’t going to go away. We know this country is going to be under martial law. We know this country’s economy is going to crash. There is no gold in the reserve. I told you last year and earlier this year the gold’s been gone for a long time and they’re just propping it up over whatever. They knew last October that they had no money. Look how long we’ve gone; almost a whole year with them just propping things up.

Any questions, just send them to

I don’t want people to panic over the coming economic crash and things like that. Certainly when you think about it…when you think about the implications to you or your family, just go straight to the Lord; don’t let panic set in. Ask Him what it is you need to do. What it is YOU need to do, because everybody’s situation is different.

One of the things I’ve seen hand in hand with this coming economic crash and the fact that we are totally demolishing them with our Orgone war. I love that one. I see a rapture coming of the Orgone Warriors themselves as a faction that has just stuck it to Satan’s butt for the last decade.

We’ve been taking it to him with the Orgone war and we’ve annihilated thousands….tens of thousands of his demonic forces. Orgone is dimensional. It not only stays in the third dimension here on Earth, but also into the fourth dimension and wipes them out.

When he arrives, watch for them to start dropping out of the skies like flies. I’ve played that song, Its Raining UFOs because I don’t know if a lot of us will be here to see that or not, but it’s definitely caused from the Orgone being in the atmosphere.

I see a lot of us leaving. It’s almost like, when you see the government planning to take us out, at the same time you see the Lord Himself taking us out. It’s almost like they think they’re going to get us, but the Lord takes us first.

So you wonder…like there’s almost like an assassination and assassin standing in front of you ready to shoot, the bullet stops in midair, time just stops and the Lord appears in the skies, holds His Hands out and takes you home, then the bullet hits your body and it drops dead.

It’s almost like…what’s going to happen here? What happens first? I always see the terms, “rescued, escaped and removed” in the codes and at the same time they are coming after us. It’s definitely going to be clincher; who’s going to get us first. We already know that one. We already know for some of us, I hope everybody, but not everybody on the Red List is one of the Lord's people. Just because they are red-listed…there are a lot of big mouths that don’t have any kind of love for the Lord or His kingdom on Earth. Just because you’re a patriot doesn’t mean that you’re a warrior for the Lord. It doesn’t mean that you are a believer of His. Just people disappearing, websites going down. You’ll know; that’s a heads up.

I think the internet will still be up for a while. Like I’ve said, Obama is usually the one that’s around the internet being taken down. That’s because he’s familiar with it. Bush has never been familiar with it. I don’t think he’s ever been on the internet. He’s clueless. The problem with that is Obama is very aware. Obama hates big mouths and he’s going to do what he can to shut them up. That’s what’s in store if Obama comes to office. I wish I knew more about why Bush is recording messages and exactly what he’s recording. It’s almost like he’s going to run…he’s going to run. He’s going to record messages and just leave America to handle things that are coming by themselves. I don’t know, but apparently they’ll think we don’t know that he ran; they’ll think we think we’re looking at live messages from him when they are just recordings. Interesting how he’ll get around that one. Bush has already done ran. He’s always in an underground base somewhere. They’re afraid of death and dying, which is amusing because they are already dead beings.

I’m going to get into some questions for the show.

I’ve asked the Lord about things that are coming and He just says things are going to get much worse. That’s a heads up to you, folks. Don’t panic; stay focused. What is it He wants you to do? I’m still getting Orgone out everywhere. I’m looking at getting a standby generator for my house. I know a lot of you know what these generators are. Instead of getting a gas hog one, I’m looking to get one of those standby ones that switches automatically when your power goes out. Your electric automatically comes back on; it’s an attachment to your house instead of having to fool with it, pumping it up with gasoline. I’m wondering if it’s because there is only 2 gas stations in my town. What if they closed? What if the stock market crashes and a lot of businesses just close? It would be hard to get gas then. I live in a two-horse town out here. Just stay focused on what it is He is telling you to do and don’t worry about all the other fireworks going off. That’s the biggest advice to everybody right now.

Question from a listener: Are there female named angels and fallen angels? If so, did fallen female angels mate with male humans? If so, could they still create giants? Were there female giants?

Answer: Yeah, there were whole cities of Nephilim. To get a grasp of what time and life was really like the in the Old Testament, there are at least 10 – 20 different races starting with the Canaanites; all those cities of giants. Even Caleb and Joshua when they went to spy on the cities and came back and told Moses that they were the size of grasshoppers compared to the giants that were in the cites; that were in Israel that they had to conquer? They were going to reclaim the land. There were huge cities of these Nephilim. It wasn’t just a giant here and there back then.

The church has a whole wrong picture of what life really was like in Old Testament times. When you start to look and research on what it was really like, it’s eye-opening. Just eye-opening. Enoch talks about two brothers being 33 feet tall. The actually found a skeleton that is 33 feet tall somewhere in Saudi Arabia . Of course they blocked it off, but there’s a picture of it on the internet. You can probably see one on Steve Quayle’s site. He has a book about the giants and pictures of them. Just a huge, mammoth being; 33 feet tall. Enoch talked about it and here it is in Saudi Arabia . They unearthed it.

As far as female angels, the problem with Hebrew scribes is that women were never recorded. Everything was the men, and genealogies were always male. If there were females, they just didn’t record it. When you look in the New Testament and the Strong’s Concordance and it talks about men, it always refers to women as well. “Men” was a general term. I can’t tell you one way or another if there were female angels that fell with the males and if they mated with human men, because the Hebrew scribes always left any kind of history of women out. You always want to know what they’re hiding by doing that.

I have seen in pre-Adam times that there were many female angels. So, from what I’ve seen in my own research and what I’ve ran into, especially if you’ve ever been in the deliverance ministry and you run into female demons. It’s not a sex based thing or a male dominated thing. There are a lot of female…they take the name of Mary and Elizabeth; biblical figures, the same as the male demons do. Pre-Adamic races were male and female. I would assume, but I can’t say yes to that question because it’s not written anywhere. The Hebrews didn't ascribed women in their historical writings. Its very odd that they did it that way, but just the way that they did it.

Question from a listener: Why don’t you have a recent picture on your website? And also, will you be on Daniel Ott’s show again?

Answer: He hasn’t asked. I usually go on Dan’s show when he needs somebody exciting on his show for a while. If you want me to be on Daniel Ott’s show, then just send him an email and tell him that you want to hear Sherry Shriner on his show. The reason I don’t have a recent picture on my website? ‘Cause I looked better 20 years ago then I do now, and I like being anonymous. My life is hard enough alone without letting everyone know what I look like.

Sister Sherry, do you know as described in Daniel who the King of the North and South nations are?

Answer: I believe the King of the North to be Bush and the King of the South to be Maitreya. There are a lot of people that have a lot of information about Bush being the King of the North and I would have to agree. People think he’s the King of the West, but you have to remember this is relative to Israel and some other things. Do some research on that; you’ll find it very interesting.

Question from a listener: Is Michael and Yahushua one in the same?

Answer: No. That is the biggest garbage coming out of the New Age camp that there is - that Michael, the Archangel and Yahushua are one and the same beings; it’s not true. They are two separate beings. Michael is an Archangel and Yahushua is the Son of God and He sits at His Right Hand. Definitely two different beings. Our redemption comes through Yahushua, not Michael. The New Age crowd and the ascended freak crowd has elevated Michael to the status of Ascended Master. They’ll call him God. They’ll call him Jesus. They elevate him almost to a status of worship as an Ascended master. Michael is the defender of Israel and trust me, they would not want to run into Michael….the real Michael. He would readily have a sword and chop all of their heads off and I’d be cheering him on.

Question from a listener: Who do you think the Red List will entail? I have been involved in the military for some time and seen lots of wicked things. Just wondering…when do you think that Yah will crank up the yickies that we make? Soon I pray.

Answer: As far as the Orgone being cranked up; it already is in the East. Like I’ve said, watch the East. It’s coming over to the West. Very interesting. I think people will get their first real taste of it when they start seeing this big heavenly procession of Ascended Masters (aliens) coming to earth and falling out of the skies like popcorn. The Red List is government employees that they want to get rid of: people who have put the New World Order together. This is the part that they don’t want their people to know, but I know. People that have been involved….I would expect to see a lot of the Illuminati families on the Red List. I would expect to see other then the obvious, the Patriot big mouths, the ones who run radio shows and blogs on the internet, the patriotic citizens of America, the Watchmen, the church leaders; the church pastors (the ones who are a threat to them, not the status quo) the general church status quo is no threat to Satan. Sorry to say, but really no threat to Satan. There are a handful; a faction of them that are and those will be red-listed. Anybody that will speak for the Lord boldly. They stand for Him and they don’t back down. They are working to bring down and tear down the strongholds of the New World Order. Those people are a threat to them and will be red-listed. And like I said, they’re even going after their own people.

Hey Sherry, how do I know for sure that my Orgone works?

Answer: I don’t know how you tell that it doesn’t work. It depends on how much you have. If you’re suffering ELF attacks and you put Orgone in front of your monitor and no longer get ELF attacks, you know its working. Put it under your bed and you no longer get night terrors, you know its working. Saturate your yard with it and you no longer have chemtrails over your head, you know its working. General peace around your house. It keeps demonic and alien beings out. If you’re one of these people who never get harassed by anything, then good for you, but there are a lot of us out here who have been targets since we were born and now we’ve found a weapon that can give us some peace.

Questions from a listener: have you heard about the severe gas shortage in Nashville ?

Answer: No, I haven’t heard anything about it.

Do you know why there has been a complete media blackout in the Houston area? No fly zones etc.

I heard it was because there were people hanging in trees and washing up on beaches. I don’t know if that is true or not. Some things people were saying that they were seeing people in trees. What I saw in the codes was really freaky. I wasn’t really going to mention it tonight but it was the same kind of thing I saw back in Katrina. I’ve talked a little about it a little on this show, because I really don’t like freaking people out too much. The aliens eat people. I’ve talked about it before. How they‘ve been destined; forced to eat the dust of the earth and of course humans are the dust of the earth. Its not literal dust that the Bible was talking about, it was us it is talking about. They eat humans. They like wars because what they can do is make people disappear. They take their bodies and stash them in their refrigerators. That’s what has happened to a lot of these people in Katrina that are missing and the same with Hurricane Ike in Houston with these people that are missing. I figure that a lot of them are just in alien refrigerators. There’s a processing plant on the Moon and also on Mars; that’s where a lot of them end up, folks.

Another question: What is your opinion of the web-bot project predicting a huge calamity the first week of October?

Answer: October, just like September is just a very busy month. We could have missile attacks here in America . We could have bombings. October has always been a month for missile attacks; I’ve been saying that since 2004. I’ve seen missile attacks in October in America for whatever year; I didn’t know what year.

It’s always there; always just a possibility that October is the month that we get hit by missiles. Whether it’s the first or second week, I can’t give you a date. The Lord doesn’t live in our timing. He doesn’t say okay October 6th a missile is going to hit San Francisco . Of course the government will say it was a missile attack from boohoo in Iran or Iraq or somewhere. I can see very clearly that they are coming right from our own Midwestern missile silos and hitting our cities on the West Cost. It’s always a possibility.

Have you heard of the soldiers in Afghanistan having to kill a giant?

Answer: No, I haven’t heard a thing about that.

Question: Is the super collider just a stargate project?

I think it has multi purposes just like the chemtrails do. The chemtrails have 101 uses, our Orgone has 101 uses and the super collider has 101 uses.

One of the biggest things its going to do is open that stargate and I believe it already has. It already has. That stargate is going to allow the aliens that are on Niburu to access the Earth, and they’re coming in droves, folks. The thing about the invasions; I wrote an article years ago, The Silent Invasion Has Already Begun.

So many people have already been soul-scalped and taken over. You assume that something is going to happen one way and it happens another way. Like you would assume that all these aliens would be on Earth in their own ugly shapes and forms. What they are doing is taking human bodies. I got an email from somebody out in California; maybe I’ll go over that next week. Just a bunch of different info. I always seem to get a lot of these emails from people in California. For some reason they just always send me this stuff. It confirms everything I already know. The way that he’s talking about is the way that a lot of these internment camps being set up because they are going to be filling them with people, then all these people are just going to get soul-scalped.

These people just disappear off the roles. No one knows where they are. All the records; the government records are erased. I’ve seen that in the codes. I’ve seen “erased” and “eraser” I never understood what that meant. I didn’t know if it was a mind erasure type thing. What they do is erase all your files that you ever existed on Earth; totally erase you off of any files and you literally just disappear. Then these people are soul-scalped and go back into society, but are no longer who they were; an alien has taken over their body. I know it sounds like science fiction. They come to my websites for movie ideas. I’ve given them a handful.

Simply because truth is stranger than fiction. You couldn’t make this stuff up. It’s just hard to explain. I’ve had my websites for years to try and educate people to what is going on and Hollywood has done the same thing. Look at some of these movies that they’ve put out. They give good information. They put out tits and tattles of information in their movies of what is actually going on. Even the X-Files, they gave a lot of information. The writers of that were 33 degree Masons. They give out information, most people don’t believe it.

Question from a listener: Is anyone thinking about overthrowing our government? Can warriors get together to do something to stop them?

Answer: The problem with anyone standing up; such as militia’s is that the government already owns all of those groups. Whenever you form a militia or a patriotic group, the government jumps in, squeezes in and sends in their agents to be provocateurs.

They do this on the internet too. They join groups and lists and take everybody’s names. They’re bullies and become bosses to get on the inside. It’s a game. You wouldn’t believe how many times over the years how many government agents have tried to become my best friend. It’s just unreal. The Lord has always kept them away from me and always revealed them to me. They’d be hard-pressed for any real sincere group of Americans to be able to stand up and descend against our government because wherever there is a group of American citizens, there’s going to be a handful of agents amongst them. It’s just the way it is.

Can warriors get together and do something? Yes. Go to We’re taking them out without firing a bullet. We just make orgone and we get it out; and that will be their downfall. The Orgone is going to destroy them all. It’s just going to take some time. It’s in the Lord’s Hands. He can crank it up when He wants to.

Comment from a listener: I live up in Ontario , Canada and my fiancé and I have been spreading Orgone all over the place for the last 6 months. It is an amazing thing to see their chemtrails being eaten up in minutes by Yah’s Orgone. This past week we were hit with tons of chemtrails and within no time our skies were completely white. This bothered me because the chemtrails were spreading and not getting eating up like normal. Is this common? It was like the Orgone took a day off. We put over 100 muffins in our city and surrounding areas.

There are two different types of clouds. There’s the chemtrails and the HAARP clouds. The Orgone doesn’t work against the HAARP clouds. The HAARP clouds are very vicious. Ribbed looking clouds; kind of hard to explain. They are weather control clouds. Just a difference between the chemtrail and HAARP clouds. When you see a HAARP cloud, they’ve got their weather weapons going The Orgone doesn’t really do anything about the weather weapon clouds, but it will with the chemtrails.

Question from a listener: Do you think that the thing with the little girl on TV is just a way to keep us occupied from bigger things going on behind the curtain?

Answer: They always try and use some kind of distraction; any kind of human interest story that involves children or bringing out the celebrity bimbos. Whatever works to keep people distracted.

What about Israel ? How do you think this will play out?

Answer: Israel is going to war regardless whether America gets involved or not, Israel is going to be. We could be in an economic crisis; we already are in an economic crisis. I think people are going to be a little bogged down at home since they’re annihilating our economics; the global markets are planning to dump our dollar this month or next month, the possibility of being struck with nuclear missiles; terrorist attacks here.

I always see that, especially in my town so it’s really interesting. What are they going to do? Fly by and drop a bomb on my house? They’re going to be targeting some towns in America. It’s going to be very interesting. I don’t see any names in the codes, but I just see the possibility. You talk to these people who have been in the military and they know something about chemical weapons; they’ll just tell you that it’s just impossible because of the wind. If you just get upwind of the wind, then a chemical attack; a bio-attack isn’t going to get you. Just stay upwind of it. The weather conditions have to be perfect for a chemical attack. Anytime they’ve planned a chemical attack, the Lord just doozies them with bad weather. I just laugh, because I know when they are coming.

Two instances now where they were planning on releasing a bio-attack in my state and my area and the weather just went to the pits and they couldn’t do anything. Bio-attacks are very hard for them to play off. One of the things that I’ve seen in the codes with these bio-attacks is “parachutes” and “balloons.” Like I’ve said, if you ever see a parachute or a balloon, just run. Don’t go and see what’s in it. That’s one way for them to unleash Anthrax attacks on towns. I don’t know how they do that. Just get a balloon close enough to where it explodes 100 feet above some place and get the Anthrax everywhere? I’m not sure how they’re going to do it, but it’s in the codes, so it’s a possibility.

Question from a listener: Should we borrow money to prepare or work to get out of debt?

Answer: Ask the Lord about it. Ask the Lord about what you should do. I’m not going to tell you to…I can’t tell you one way or the other what to do. It would be the same as stealing, because you know you’re never going to pay it back. That’s why I can’t answer that question. But then you’re like well, its Satan himself and his New World Order and all that satanic crap. That’s why I just say to ask the Lord about it. Yeah, borrow money and go and buy food, generators, bullets and guns…I can’t tell you what to do. Just do what you feel led to do, folks.

Make sure you’re going to be warm this winter in case your power goes out. It’s going to be a really cold winter. I’m already thinking I need to get back up. I get one of those ceramic electric heaters and they last about 3 months and burn out. The next winter, you have to load up all over again. Be ready with backups this winter because it’s going to be extremely cold and that would be a time for them to have the power to go out somewhere on people to make them miserable and they really get into that kind of thing. That’s why I said to stay focused on what the Lord is leading you to do. That way you are prepared, because not everybody’s situation is the same.

Question: Do you think that the Annuniki could be destroyed with conventional weapons (firearms)?

Answer: Yeah, but you’d better be a good shot because I would just as soon have Orgone my area, and that way they’ll just stay out of it. Just Orgone your area and you won’t need bullets for the Annuniki; you’ll just need them for rude military and arrogant police and anybody else that is coming to hurt you; busting in your house at 4 o’clock in the morning. Shoot first; ask questions later. That’s the same thing that they do. Just make sure you get the Orgone in your area because it will keep the aliens out. It’ll keep them away.

They pretty much stay away. I get them near my yard every night now. It’s almost synonymous with every time that I see that stupid satellite in the sky, I will hear them on the ground around my home in the neighbors’ yard beside me. They don’t come in my yard; they go to the neighbors because there is no Orgone over there. I can hear them walk around and they have this weird chirp; just telltale sign when they’re around.

So what I do anymore before I go outside is I have the Lord sweep the area with His angels and grab any that are out there, chain them and cast them into the abyss. Almost have to go on the defensive anymore before I take one step out at night. It’s beginning to be that much of a zoo. So, if you are being harassed and stalked, folks just go on the defensive. Don’t be afraid to ask the Lord to send His angels to bind something and cast it into the abyss. Just do it. That’s what they are waiting for. Definitely can feel a lot of things getting more intense and October could be interesting and we’re not even out of September yet. They haven’t’ showed up; I’m kind of disappointed. I half-way expected Maitreya to show his ugly face already. He’s working behind the scenes. That Hadron Collider has been successful no matter if they tell you that it’s broken for the next two months. Hogwash; they’re here.

Watch for Niburu coming up from Orion’s Belt. The Orion Constellation is the biggest constellation in the sky. Niburu will come through its belt. When you see those 3 stars for its belt in the middle of the constellation – it will come right through that belt. We’ll be watching for that over the next year. It’s not supposed to become noticeable to the naked eye until next year, but still interesting to go out and keep an eye on it at night when you can see the stars and see something other than satellites up in the air.

For the rest of this month, just keep watching for Maitreya’s arrival; Iran ’s Mahdi. This whole race with Obama and McCain should be interesting. Watch for something to happen and Bush pulls out his recordings. That means he’s in hiding. He’s already got it made, so anything that he has planned could happen this month or next month or whenever. They’re planning stuff; some bio-attacks, some missile attacks, the economy crashing, martial law being implemented. A lot of things can happen and winter will not stall it. Like I’ve always said, I have dreaded that martial law would take place in the winter. It’s a real possibility folks. I’ve seen it for January before, where they would be rounding people up and putting them in these internment camps and there is snow on the ground.

Just keep your eyes on the Lord and hear Him. Learn how to hear Him. Be led by Him and stay focused on what He wants you to do so that you’re prepared. Only He is going to be able to get you prepared for what is coming and having you do what you need to be doing and not wasting your time on things you don’t need to be doing.

Until next week everybody, Yah bless.

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