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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Transcribe 9-08-08 Sherry Talk Radio

Sherry Talk Radio

Aired on 9-08-2008

Transcribed by Liz Patton

And hello everybody. You’re live; it’s Monday night September 8th, 2008 . This is Sherry Talk Radio. If you have a question or comment for the show, you can send it to There is also a link on my website at

Just a couple of things I wanted to mention tonight. I’ve been real busy; I actually sat and watched the Republican Convention this week. I didn’t watch the Democrat one. I watched Sarah Palin speak. I wanted to see who this woman was and try and get a feel for her. Very interesting, because I think they have to go a different route. They’re not real sure about Obama; not the fact that he cannot lead, but he represents a whole agenda planned. His whole plan is to unite the Muslim world with the New Age world and bring these ascended masters in as our creators; as our founding fathers; as messiahs from heaven - all this New Age hogwash. It’s the same person (Maitreya) that Iran has been hailing as their coming messiah; their 12th Imam; their Mahdi. Obama is supposed to be like a merger between these two groups of people.

The Bible codes describe him as a lizard, as a creature. It doesn’t even describe him in any kind of nice terms at all. He’s just an empty shell of a being filling a position; a slot. Very interesting because the Orgone; this Orgone energy that we’ve been putting all over the world, unbeknownst to us is just taking so many of the evil ones out that could even fulfill a term at this point. He may go the way of many of them eventually that are coming into contact with the Orgone.

This is truly a war between the righteous and the unrighteous; between the black darkness and the light. It’s a spiritual war.

It’s very amusing when it gets played out on the political stage. Sarah Palin is a prop; they want to get the sheep vote with her. She is one of us. I find it interesting that her code describes her as a kinswoman. It will often do that if you are a believer in the Most High and in particular, an Israelite. She has lineage back to the 10 tribes of Israel . She is also…I’m not sure exactly.

I can see in the codes where the Orgone warriors are a fraction. We are a faction of the Bride. I’ve told you guys for years that we are just this minority group; part of the Bride. Like I’ve always said, I really don’t believe there are 144,000 of us doing Orgone. It’s just a minuscule amount of that actually doing it. We’re considered a fraction. I don’t know if she is going to be sympathetic to us in the way that the Lord has shown us to tear down the strongholds of the New World Order. I don’t know if she would be a proponent or an opponent. I’m still looking for things about her in the codes. Obviously she is becoming more dominant because the preliminary for the Republican Party was just last week.

They’re all dominant in the codes right now; you’ll see John McCain and Sarah Palin and Obama and Joseph Biden. They’re going to be in the codes. Like I’ve said, the codes have kind of moved into an extreme real time….live time; things going on today, things happening last week.

Even the fact that I sat and watched the Republican preliminary last week was in the codes. I had to laugh. There was probably something that He wanted me to see; it was Him directing me to watch it. I just find it interesting. I just really didn’t make the connection with her. It was almost like she was just like looking at a shell. I’m waiting to see what else she does when the true colors start coming out. I can see that she is a prop to try and get the sheeple vote. She is a believer, so those two things alone will stand her out of the other 3 that are running right now. She does stand out as part of being one of Yah’s.

I find that interesting because it’s so obvious that most of churchdom has rejected my ministry online; they mock, they hate, they defame my character all over the internet with lies and slander and libel. I’ve been putting up with it for years. I can see it just getting worse in the codes; it’s going to just keep getting worse because no one else is behind it but Cain and the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency). Cain is furious. As you know, Cain is just Maitreya, this Iranian messiah that is coming. He does have access to the internet. He does have a forum on the internet where they pose as humans. He’s furious about the Orgone movement, so they’re the ones who rile up all these Christian groups to hate us. They go in and they act like they’re Christians and they attack us through those routes. I can see that coming even more viciously in the future. As we are more effective against them, the more malicious they’re going to get.

Everybody has their opinions about me. You’re entitled to your opinion. Opinions can be wrong, but they are your opinion. When it comes down to outright written accusations and lies, that’s just something totally off the wall. Especially if it’s just one or two times….different people, when they put up websites of lies….I’m just gonna start drawing the line on that. I’ve pretty much had it with that. They can’t come up with anything about me. What I’ve seen is even attempts coming in the near future to blackmail me. I live an honest, an ethical and a moral life. They have nothing against me. I do nothing illegal so they have no grounds for legal grounds. They’re getting desperate. Even attempts to try and blackmail me. I don’t know what they’re going to do as far as blackmail goes to try and shut me up. It didn’t work years ago with some people that claimed if I didn’t shut up about them they would smear rumors about me all over the internet that I was a lesbian and all this. Those were blackmail attempts that didn’t work, so I can’t imagine what they’re going to come up with now. I’m a happily married woman with four kids. Blackmail is simply not going to work against me. I have no idea what they will come up with in the future, but when they show their cards, I’ll let you know what they are.

It’s interesting that Satan is just pulling out all his desperate attempts right now to implement a smear campaign against us. When they come against me, they come against the Lord's people and they come against the Lord Himself. We’re all in this together; most of the time I just ignore it, but sometimes you just have to stand up and spend a little bit of time on it and knock it out on the spot and move on. I’m not going to spend a whole lot of time on it. Nothing slows me down. We don’t have that much time and that’s what they want. They want us to slow down and we can’t slow down. We’ve got too much to do especially this month, it’s a pivotal month. We are either heading into the biblical year of 2009. Either way heading in, because October is the Jewish New Year to begin with.

I hate using the term Jewish because it’s not even real Jews in Israel . Jews is a modern name. Certainly most of the Jews in Israel today are not real Israelites, they’re serpent seed. Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 talks about a false Jewish race and it’s certainly them that are running Israel today. The Zionism in Israel is nothing but Satanism. It’s a political agenda. It’s not a religious agenda. I have a whole website,….another website that agitates and angers them.

I noticed as I was walking out to the garage this week. My garage sits about 50 feet behind our house. It’s a little one car garage and usually where I burn up or freeze to death making my Orgone. My husband has one-half with all his junk and I have one-half with my junk and you can barley walk through either half. I have very little space to make it. As I was walking out at night, I happened to look up at the skies. There was this really obnoxious satellite; it was red, white and blue. I had never seen them go blue before. Usually when you see satellites they are emitting red and white lights. Sometimes people can mistake them for airplanes but if you sit and watch them long enough, they don’t move anywhere; they might move into position. It just so happens that as I was walking back into the house, I had stopped there on the sidewalk to look up in the sky…one on my left and one of my right, both moving at the same time to position themselves. I just sat there amused. I don’t know if it was east, west, north, south; everything in front of me is north. There was one on my left and one on my right. I believe that would be east and west. I wish I was a little more technical savvy, but I’m really not. It’s interesting because the Lord wanted me to see that. After I saw that, I started seeing in the Bible codes themselves a satellite reconnaissance that’s going on. I know its being going on; they’ve been targeting me for the last 4 years day and night. Now they’re just taking pictures. That may be what they’re going to try and doctor up and use as blackmail. I don’t know; I hardly ever leave the house. I can’t imagine what they’re up to. They’re under surveillance; they’re building their little file.

What I find amusing is that there are two different programs going on with them. The DIA has the FBI assisting them in this. They think that the Orgone is a money-making scheme; that we are trying to make money off of Orgone. I find that interesting because if that was the case, I wouldn’t have directions on my website teaching people how to make Orgone for themselves, and I’d probably live in a nicer home than one in the ghetto where I rent. I don’t even own a home and my car is 12 years old. If this was all a scheme to make money, I certainly wouldn’t live in the ghetto.

I’ve been doing this for 4 years, so if that was the point, we would have made a lot of money and would be living high on the hog somewhere and not a threat on the internet to them at all. I find it amusing that they’re going to try and pull that angle. It will be amusing who they get; what little pawn on the internet to come up with attacks like that. It’s interesting that the Lord always shows me exactly what they’re going to come up with and what they’re doing. I also think it’s a big reason why they’ve left us alone, perhaps for 4 years, because we’ve managed in the meantime to get Orgone all around the country and the world and it’s the very thing that is going to destroy the unrighteous and the tare beings that are on this planet. When I asked the Lord, “How do we tear down the strongholds of the New World Order?” and He led us to Orgone, I haven’t looked back since; I’ve been busy day and night.

I found it amusing that they find us a threat because we’re very powerful; I’ve seen that in the codes where we’re just very powerful.

What other church, ministry, organization or group on the internet or off the internet that is a threat to them….really, a very dire, personal threat to them because they are powerful? I haven’t seen anything but my ministry here on the internet. The Orgone Warriors. It’s the Lords ministry. I’m just a mouthpiece for Him. I just stand up and do what He asks me to do and relay the information to His people.

They can react anyway that they want. I don’t have a hold over people; I simply tell them – as the Lord’s Warriors what we need to do. So, I find it they are so fearful of us that…and they will come after the Orgone Warriors eventually. I think the Lord will protect the warriors while the rest of the Bride goes into persecution by the antichrist; when he has his war on the Saints. I don’t think that will include the Orgone warriors; I think He is going to protect them because we have laid down our lives for this. We don’t care if we live or die doing this; we just want to do what the Lord wants us to do. The Bible specifically talks about “those who love not their lives unto the death”. That’s certainly the Orgone Warriors.

I’ve heard from people that visit my websites one day and the next day they’ve got black helicopters over their houses. Why is that? If we are just fraudsters and we’re a big joke and just trying to make money, why do they spend so much money on satellite surveillance and military helicopters to harass the people involved? Why do we have so much of their attention? I think it’s pretty amusing for someone who is just a complete "joke" to actually have so much power over them just because of the Lord Himself. It’s definitely a spiritual war going on.

There are different factions in both of these agencies, and they all just work together to assist one another. Naturally sitting at the top of the whole thing is Al Gore and Dick Cheney. Those two in particular are probably one of my two biggest enemies. I’ve had run-ins with Al Gore online before. He uses different names like Albert Schwartz; one of his email names, and Sananda himself. Maitreya usually hides. I know I’ve been in contact with him, but he usually hides behind email names I can’t figure out, then later I’m like …the spirit of that person was just so evil…you just have to wonder. They all have their telltale signs about them. Even if they’re trying to sound nice and loving; like Sananda does. He has this thing going where he likes to misquote the Bible and go on and on about love and unity and stuff…it’s almost nauseating; that’s Sananda. Maitreya-Cain is just evil; he’s a bully. Al Gore is pretty much the same thing; angry…quick to anger and you just end up in shouting matches in emails with these people. I’m typical of them as I am of anyone else; if you send me an email and you’re acting like a 2 year old, I’m going to respond and that’s it. Maybe read one more email that you send and respond once again and that’s the last one I read. I don’t read your incoming emails again and so I just put you on ignore.

I found it typical that there was one Christian website on the internet…supposed Christian website, talking about false prophets and whatever and how I wouldn’t answer their emails. It was because they were such 2 year olds and I refused to get into a conversation with them. They weren’t gentlemen, they were children. Bullies and brats I don’t spend my time with. If you can’t agree to disagree in a polite way or even just cordialness, then I don’t want to talk to you.

I don’t expect people to come out of the sand overnight; it takes a long time. For 30 years I did nothing but memorize Paul’s scriptures. I was a big Paul fan. I had Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Timothy…I had all Paul’s books memorized; I loved Paul. Something kept nagging at me that something was wrong. As an adult I started praying for truth in all things. That’s when the Lord started to open my eyes up about Paul. My entire life I was telling the Lord how much I loved Him and then spent all my time memorizing Paul which was hypocrisy. The Lord showed me all that. Paul wasn’t even His apostle. Peter and James were the leaders of the church, not Paul. When you get pulled out of that, then you start just going to the Lord for the truth in all things and start relearning everything….its a process; it’s a journey and not everyone is going to willing to take that one.

Not everyone is going to be willing to say that they were wrong for 30 years. It’s an eye-opener. Some people are just not going to be willing to admit that they are wrong, or that their parents were wrong or the churches are wrong. They won’t have the backbone to stand up to say they were wrong and ask the Lord to teach them what the truth is. That’s one thing that I’ve been talking about on this show for years; just having a heart and love for the Lord and asking Him to teach you the truth in all things and be ready to throw out everything you’ve already learned and relearn it the way that He leads you.

It’s a journey; it doesn’t take place overnight. I was praying it everyday for a year and not even sure I was making progress, but after that year I looked back at everything I had learned. I even had about 15 questions I had written down and put them in my Bible; about a year later I looked back at those questions and saw they had all been answered. He knows the things we need from Him and want. When you are a truth seeker and you really want the truth, He will lead you into it. He won’t do it overnight. It’s a process; a little bit here, a little bit there. I pray all the time for discernment. Certain things that I pray for all the time…give me more, more, more. Every time that you ask Him for something, He gives you a little bit at a time. He doesn’t give you everything there is all at once. It’s a constant process, folks.

I’ve talked about how to pray and seek His heart for things and not Christmas wish lists. Spend your time in Him on things that matter. Ask Him for things that He will not say, “No, maybe later” to. When you ask for discernment, wisdom, knowledge, He’s going to give you those things. He’ll give you a little bit here, a little bit there. Ask Him for truth and you’ll going to spend a lot of time in research. You’ll learn to listen to your spirit. When you read something it will grab you; you’ll know its right, but can’t explain it. You can’t figure out why it just grabs your spirit. He’ll take you on those journeys. If you don’t pick up something the first time, He’ll lead you back to it later. That’s how He works; He’ll lead you back, back and back.

When He’s trying to get your attention about something, it’s like a constant nag; He’ll keep bringing something to your heart or mind to do back and back and back because you’ll ignore it and He’ll bring it back, you ignore it, He’ll bring it back. You learn to recognize the way He works. That’s part of growing in your relationship with Him; learning the different ways He works to teach us how to recognize when it’s Him. Eventually you’ll know that it’s Him…”Oh, that’s Him…that nagging, it’s got to be the Lord.” You can ask the Lord if it is Him. Sometimes it takes that to get our attention.

But we don’t have a whole lot of time left until utter Hell breaks loose on this Earth. Like I’ve said, last week I’ll be amazed every Monday that I’m on the air in September. There’s just so much going on; just so many different plans. As we plan to tear them down, they’re planning to tear me down. It’s just a war. It’s amusing to see everything that’s coming out. Sometimes things are breaking out into the physical realm where people will see it in the daily events. I look forward to that one more than just seeing things behind the scenes. It’s almost like it’s a private joke; like a joke that you get and laugh about but nobody else gets it. I get tired of those. I want things to break out into the physical realm so you guys can see what I see.

A lot of you have already learned to hear the Lord's voice and be led by Him, so you know what a war this is. You wouldn’t be attacked if you were a friend of theirs. If you were a friend of theirs, you wouldn’t be under surveillance and they wouldn’t be harassing you. They don’t do that to their friends; they do that to people who are a threat to them.

I hear a lot from people that have been harassed and targeted before they even woke up. Somehow they know. I’ve always said this; they know who you are when you are born. It’s like they instantly start harassing you at certain points. "This person is going to wake up and be a warrior for the Lord, and will do this, this and this and we have to prevent them from doing it."

Its like they know the future and the people who are involved and what they are doing so they begin their attacks and harassment against these people even before they know what they’re doing; before they even wake up and finally learn that there is a UFO and alien (fallen angel) agenda to take over this earth. It’s in the Bible, this is nothing new. I’ve put it at a level where people can understand it because the church brushes everything under the rug.

They talk about fallen angels. They talk about Satan, but won’t mention alien in the same sentence so people don’t grasp how it correlates together. Talk about how Satan is the prince of the air, but not talk about how he flies around in UFOs and has a UFO fleet. Our government has a mimic of all the technology that demons have had because they have joint underground bases where the demons teach them this technology.

As Christians we’re taught to put on the whole armor of God and fight against the wiles and ways of the devil because of the demon attacks back then. Now in 2008 we not only have demon attacks, we have high tech weapon attacks. Demons used to possess people in the olden days and you’d hear stories of people being possessed by legions of devils. We’ve always known that Satan can infiltrate your mind and persuade you to do evil and sinful things and then people blame all their sins on the devil.

In 2008 it’s not just the demons, but the power they had to do that to people; our government technology can do the same thing now. Our government technology can harass you and implant thoughts into your mind to where if you dwell on them you can be in sin. You think it’s just the devil bothering you and here it's technology; the church of NORAD . It’s the facility at NORAD in Colorado that has this technology where they can implant thoughts into people’s minds. When it comes to the church age crowd, they can implant prophecies from “the lord.” These false prophecies and false visions that these people have are all technology, so I just call it the church of NORAD.

I’ve always said that the Pentecostal movement is the biggest access to them because these people call upon demons and signs and wonders and things we aren’t supposed to be doing to begin with, it puts these people in sin, so they accommodate that and can infiltrate these people; these Pentecostals and give them visions and prophecies and words of knowledge with all this gibberish tongue speaking. The church of NORAD has a field day with that stuff. They can have all the technology that demons have; they can do it with technology now.

Another thing that I’m seeing in the codes that I thought was really interesting is that this is one of their routes that they can come up with now because they are getting so intensely desperate…with blackmail like I’ve said. It just comes to me now, because they can implant thoughts into your mind. They have a technology where they can record it. They can record what your thoughts are. Almost like Minority Report, the movie that was out a few years ago with Tom Cruise…where you can get the mind to mind police; the thought police. I have an article on that at and

You’ve heard about it, where they’re going to employ these people in airports that can read your mind and access whether you are a threat, a terrorist or not. This is true stuff. This is true technology they have. What better way to blackmail people then to implant thoughts into their minds with their technology and then record it with their technology and then say, “Look at the thought that this person had.”

If they can label people in airports as terrorists because of this technology, can you imagine what they will blackmail people with when they intentionally, purposely implant a thought into your mind and at the same time, record it and act like it was a spontaneous thought that this person had?

I’ve heard it happening with men, who for no reason start getting thoughts on homosexuality and have no idea where these thoughts are coming from, and they’re embarrassed to talk about it. I just tell them it’s the surveillance that’s out. They can implant thoughts into your mind to distract you. People just think it’s the devil attacking them; basically it is because it’s demonic technology that our government is using. But we have ways around that to stop it and destroy it. We don’t have to put up with the crap.

If you are being harassed by demonic beings, you can rebuke them in the name of Jesus or His real Name, Yahushua. Rebuke them in the Name of Yahushua, command them to leave, if they don’t you will have angels chain them and cast them into the abyss. If those thoughts keep reoccurring, then ask the Lord to send His angels to chain those demons and cast them into the abyss. If it is government technology, you’re not sure which one it is but are going to cover both bases with one prayer; ask the Lord if it’s technology harassing you, to destroy their equipment. Ask Him to burn it up and destroy their equipment that is being used against you. That’s two different ways that we can just fight and combat their demonic activity against us and their high tech weaponry against us.

Most people don’t realize how technical our government can be with their equipment. They’ve tried to kill me with heart attacks with ELF waves. They’ve tried to kill me with Tesla beams; burning me to death, frying me from the inside out as I laid on my bed trying to go to sleep. I didn’t know what the heck was going on; I’m just waking up in the morning practically on fire, these microwave weapons. I learned that I could destroy their equipment; that was the best one because you’ll have peace for a couple of months.

You can also put Mylar blankets on the insides of your windows. Just plaster them with Mylar blankets so that the beams can’t get in to begin with. If I have to wait to ask the Lord to destroy their equipment, it’s because I’m mad and I’ve already have been afflicted by their equipment.

I can keep it from happening to begin with by putting Mylar blankets on my windows. You can get Mylar blankets at; they’re like $4 for 12 of them. If you’ve ever seen rays of light coming through your windows, that’s the governments high tech weapons. Put the Mylar on the windows. Also Orgone in your room will keep them out from astrally projecting and remote viewing and demons and cloaked military. Your room can become a zoo at night.

For most people it’s a total zoo, they don’t see it but know that something is going on. Every once in a while the Lord will open up the curtain or veil and they’ll be able to see them. That’s when He led me to Orgone and I was able to combat them with the Orgone. People don’t think that we can do anything about the cloaked military. It took me a while to learn that one. I wasn’t even aware at the time a couple of years ago that our government could be invisible; that they could send invisible people to you. I learned that it’s not so full proof because I could hear them talk, walk, sigh and breathe. You can’t see anything, but you can hear all of this stuff. Just like someone is standing beside you, you can’t see them, but you can hear them breathe. When I was homeless and living in a camper, they would surround my little camper at night and just start shaking it. I’m sitting there at the table with my laptop trying to access my emails or my websites and they’re just shaking this camper. I don’t know how my husband sleeps through this stuff. My husband and kids just sleep through everything. That’s when I learned about the cloaked military. I could see flashes of light; UFOs crashing all the time. I understood then it was the power of the Orgone that was causing some of these UFOs to crash. It was amusing; you get rid of the aliens. They can’t come near you and then they send the military. Then you learn to handle the military. How you handle cloaked military; if there are cloaked military around, you can ask the Lord to cut off the demons that are giving them the power, the technology to be invisible, chain them and cast them into the abyss. My usual favorite; I just ask the Lord to chase them out with angels with flames of fire to parch them; just burn them on their way out. That’ll teach them to come back!

It’s always a learning curve. I wouldn’t know how to handle any of this stuff if I hadn’t been personally affected by it. Every time I get affected by something, I seek the Lord on how to deal with it. That’s how we learn to defend ourselves. I’ve always told Him, anything you tell me, I’ll tell your people. I’ll teach your people; the ones who can hear, the ones who can see and the ones who can understand. I just throw it out there and you guys can chew it, munch on it, swallow it or you can spit it out. I don’t control anybody; what anybody thinks, what anybody does. I just share with His people every Monday night. I’m just trying to help some of you get though; I’ve been there and done that and can conquer it in His Name. So many different tactics; when you figure one out, they come up with something new. Now they just kind of sit afar in their satellites; one on the eastside, one on the westside. Every time I move, they move into position.

I know the one time a couple of years ago, they tried to blow up my house with a satellite beam. I had just come out with my second book Aliens on the Internet. I thought it was interesting because the Lord said, don’t put that book out before you get Orgone around your house. It might have been my first book…they came out about a year apart.

But anyway, I got the Orgone out around my house and then sure enough about a month later, two times within 5 minutes that they hit my house with some kind of really loud BOOM! I thought a truck had literally just ran into the front of my house - it was so loud and shook the house. It didn’t do anything else; any damage. I was at my computer. I jumped up to look at the front of my house; there was nothing that hit my house. I looked at the side of the house, the front of the house, the back. There was nothing that had hit the house. I went back to sitting down and 5 minutes later, that same obnoxious BOOM hit the house all over again. I didn’t know what it was at that time. It wasn’t until several months later where I had seen in the codes there was a satellite attack and they were attempting to blow up my house. How would they explain that one? A gas leak? A gas attack? "Oh, this lady had a leak in her gas line…" I don’t know how they would have explained that off. Sure enough, the Orgone had protected my house. It’s the Lords weapon to use anyway that He wants to. He can protect us with it. He can be on the offense, the defense. He uses it for reasons of His own. I found that interesting.

A word to the wise; get Orgone around your homes. If you live in an apartment building, get it up on the roof. Get it in flowerbeds. Bury it somewhere around your area so they can’t see it. If it’s not going to be found or run over by a lawnmower, you don’t have to bury it. I like it out where it can breathe. The reason I do like to bury Orgone, is so it can infiltrate the earth, especially if there are water sources in the area. It will infiltrate and purify the water in underground water sources. If there are underground bases, it will penetrate the earth all the way through their stupid concrete and penetrate their bases whether they’ll admit if or not. We’ve have effectively taken out quite a few of their bases that way. It’s always a war folks.

I’m going to take some questions from listeners. If anyone has any questions, you can send them to

I had gotten an email earlier in the week from a friend of mine who had asked me to read something during the show. I want to read that.

Dear Sherry, when the eye of storm Gustav landed west of New Orleans , I thanked Yah for sparing us, Kentucky and Tennessee from devastation. Since I heard your 9-1-08 radio program, I wanted to ask you a favor. Would you consider thanking that person on your 9-8-08 show who had muffed that New Orleans area from everyone here in these states that were missed by that storm? It was so bad; it went up to Chicago , the Great Lakes and into Canada . Also thank you from the bottom of my heart for the dedication to Yah’s instruction not knowing where it would lead. You are truly a devoted servant of Yahweh and a great general leader for all, thanks.

Whoever it was that had put the Orgone muffins in New Orleans before Gustav arrived, just a sincere thank you from somebody who lives several states away that missed being affected by this latest hurricane. She is very grateful and wanted to say thank you to all those out there. I know that there were warriors out there after Katrina that had put Orgone around New Orleans at that time because of the annoying demonic helicopters that were flying everywhere and angering the dogs. The dogs would bark every time they were around. Dogs tend to do that when demonic beings are around. So they had put Orgone out there to get rid of them. Agitate and annoy them and they won’t come back because it’s an Orgoned area. There was some warrior out there even before Gustav was even a blip on the screen that had put Orgone throughout New Orleans . Just a thank you from a listener out there.

Question from a listener: If angels and Satan had freewill to rebel against God, can they change their minds and be redeemed now?

Answer: Angels can fall. Angels fall daily. They’re not held as prisoners in Heaven. They fell before the flood and after, according to Genesis 6:4, so they still fall to this day. Can they change their mind and be redeemed? There is no redemption for angels that fall; Just judgment. As far as any kind of redemption, I don’t know of any, and that would be totally up to Him to decide that, but there is nothing in the written word about a redemption for angels, just a redemption for mankind.

Email from a listener: Peace be upon you Sherry. I love your show. You’re brave and an inspiration to me. I found out about your show from (Sherry: I’m not going to say who it is.) My personal friends have called me a heretic because I dare to question the Pauline letters. I prayed for truth and my heart was overwhelmed with this Paul issue. His message was hard to be understood and he used the word “I” more times in one sentence than any man I know. I don’t trust his gospel.

Sherry: There is an actual number…I think I have it on my website….where he uses “I”. What did Yahushua warn? That a man would come in his own name, the people would accept and reject Him. They accepted this I, me, my - Paul. Very interesting.

Question continues, asking about Messianic temples with Paul.

Sherry: I had been warned beforehand that the messianic temple in Canton , Ohio that I wouldn’t be welcomed because of my views on Paul.

Question continues: Who is right? Does anyone have it all right?

Answer: No, no one has it all right. Everyone has bits and parts to the puzzle and no one has put the whole puzzle together yet. Only the Lord has the puzzle.

P.S. from listener: With love, Brother Alex – not Alex Jones, the controlled opposition.

Sherry: There are various news sources across the net. You can get good information from all the different factions and agendas because they’ll always rat out the other faction that they’re against. You just learn various things from all the different groups and people on the internet because they all support one thing; they’re working one thing and reject another. Several years ago the Lord told me not to join any groups or organizations; to stay away from any kind of memberships with anything and stay alone, stay with Him. So that’s what I’ve always done. I don’t buddy up to anybody else. There are people that give good info, but chew the grass and spit out the hay…stuff like that. For that amount you can even go to some of these garbage New Age websites to get good info, but you have to spit out the garbage. You have to be able to recognize the garbage. There are various people across the internet. I get questions all the time…what do you think of this person….of that person? It’s just chew the grass, spit out the hay type of thing with most of them because you shouldn’t put your faith and all of your crayons in any one box, but the Lords Himself; Him directly. Go to the Lord Himself, ask Him to teach you the truth in all things and you’ll see that He’ll lead you to various places and teach you Himself. There’s a little bit of truth here, there’s a little bit of truth there…and nobody has the whole puzzle put together. It’s just that some puzzles are a lot more put together than others. It’s a journey; it really is when you embark on wanting to learn the truth about everything and learning it from Him and not a church and not a man. Just go to Him direct, folks.

Until next week everybody, Yah bless.

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