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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sherry Talk Radio 9-15-08

Sherry Talk Radio

Aired on 9-15-2008

Transcribed by Liz Patton

And hello everybody. You’re live; it’s Monday night. Let me see what date it is…kind of getting caught in the middle of two different things right now. It’s Monday night September 15th. If you have a question or comment for the show, you can send it to

Just sitting here a couple of minutes before the show and then doodling on my paper. I usually have a piece of paper sitting in front of me. I start scribbling and wondering what it is He wants me to talk about during the show. I talked to the Lord a few minutes before the show.

A lot of people are going through Hurricane Ike. I think that everybody knows that it’s a pretty well orchestrated one. Far be it from being a normal one; it’s kind of like a hurricane without the rain. Probably a little bit more formal in Houston than it’s been here. We kind of got the back end of it. It was just wind here; about 50 miles per hour winds. No rain. Not a whole lot of damage; just a lot of downed trees. Most of the area is out of power. In fact, outside of my little strip here in Carrollton and the main part of downtown, every place around in the surrounding areas. I know that Canton is out of power. They’re talking about another week or two before all that will be fixed. All the electrical crews went down South. Then Hurricane Ike Jr. comes up here and there is no electrical…who is it here…A & E Power, American Electrical which is the main power source around here…there’s nobody here to fix anything; everybody is down south. So they're scrambling to get power on there for the thousands of people that are without power. I’m not being affected…and it’s been nice. It’s been really nice for once; maybe the ghetto isn’t so bad; at least we’ve got power. Been able to help out other people that just need basic things like water and hooking up generators and things like that. I know my son has been from one end of the county to the other helping people hook up generators. He’s just a genius with the electrical stuff and he’s only 17 years old. Keeping busy with that.

What I wanted to talk about tonight; there was something I had sent out on the list. Every once in a while if somebody sends something to me right out of the blue, especially before the show, I’ll look at it twice. That’s how the Lord works. To grab my attention.

Something I can correlate to something that I’ve seen already and He’s trying to get my attention on a particular thing. A couple of those I want to talk about tonight. Something one of my long time listeners and supporters sent was about Sarah Palin and her national security clearance. I thought this was really interesting because I couldn’t explain why I was seeing her so much in the codes because she seemed so far ahead of Obama. We’re not even talking Joe Biden and John McCain; we’re talking Obama. Usually when you see Obama…and I’m going to read something that a Jewish rabbi had written about his name that grabbed me as well; things I’ve already seen in the codes.

She is just…I’ve said she is…I probably gave my personal opinion more so on my own list than in my personal radio show about Sarah Palin. She is one of these people…I’ve kind of gotten confirmation on this that I don’t know if you’ve heard me talk about John McCain where I’ve said he is MPD/DID and then therefore controlled by handlers who know how to access his alter personalities. She’s seeming to be the same exact way.

In fact I know someone who is DID that saw Sarah Palin actually switch personalities during a television news interview. It was kind of confirmation on that because there seems to be different aspects of her. When I watched her speak at the Republican Convention last week, it was just like a shell; I just got this shell look from her, like a blank…lights are on, nobody’s home type thing, but real patriotic.

Interesting in the codes that she has a patriotic personality. She has separate personalities programmed for different things. What struck me the most though, because I’m always keeping an eye on not necessarily what they’re doing but what they’re wanting to do to us. The Orgone Warriors; this small little fraction of the Lord's army that’s been out tearing down the strongholds of Satan…obviously we’re their number 1 enemies.

Church folks they have under control; they want you to go to church and be under the leadership of one of their seminary trained pastors because they control the seminaries. They want you to be under religious mind control. They don’t want you to do anything else. The churches will put you to sleep. You go Sunday after Sunday, and think you’re this great little Christian. You stay in the box, in conformity and control. They like that. You’re not a threat to them.

What is a threat is Christians that step out of the box and start to do something; showing their faith by their actions. “Lord, show us how to tear down the strongholds of the New World Order.” And get off their butts and do it. Those are the ones who will be harassed by military helicopters over their homes. Spy satellites.

I’ve got a spy satellite…it moved position tonight. There’s nothing else in the sky tonight because just last night we went through this storm, everyone is out of power and its kind of overcast day. Nothing else in the sky except this obnoxious satellite. So tonight after this show, I’m going actually to go out and get a picture of this thing and put it up on my website so you guys can see it. It kind of moved over today so it could be directly in front of the back of my garage because that’s where I walk in an out of when I’m making orgone. They’re taking pictures; they’re taking film. They’re doing all kinds of stuff. They’re real interested in this orgone making that I’m doing. I noticed the other day when I was out in the garage making orgone at night, came out and looked up and the satellite was gone. So I figured it was off harassing someone else, taking pictures of someone else.

Sure enough I get an email from somebody that the satellite was outside his house that night. He said "I saw that satellite you were talking about". I thought that was funny because it left this area and had sure enough gone a few states over to his house. That’s what they do; they just have a list of people that they target; that they know are Orgone warriors and they go to their houses and sit outside. It looks like an obnoxious star in the sky, but it’s too low to be a star and it’s much bigger. It’s just much bigger. It’s too obnoxious looking. It’s not a round, smooth planet type looking thing. I’m gonna take a picture of it tonight. It’s making its rounds.

I thought what was interesting was that Sarah Palin herself would be interested in looking at the film and the pictures of what they have on me doing Orgone. What does she care about Orgone? Definitely taking notice of the Orgone...

Like I’ve said, there is so much that goes on behind the scenes that they don’t talk about. A media silence; a deafening silence on a lot of things and effects that this Orgone has caused. We covered our southern gate and there’s been a lot of destruction as a result of that that we haven’t yet even heard or seen on the news and probably never will. But more so to the point where Cheney would be involved…Sarah Palin and Maitreya throwing a fit and wanting Bush to do something to stop the Orgone warriors. It’s causing a big enough stink on their end. I’ve always said that it would be doubled, quadrupled in power; that its doing things.

The clearance that she has as just the governor of Alaska . She is commander of the Alaska National Guard. Alaska is the first line of defense in our missile interceptor defense system. The 49th Missile Defense Battalion of the Alaska National Guard is the unit that protects the entire nation from ballistic missile attacks. Unlike other guard units, it is on permanent active duty. As governor of Alaska Palin is briefed on highly classified issues, homeland security and counter terrorism. Her exposure to classified material may rival even Biden’s and certainly by far exceeds Obama’s. Which explains why I’ve seen her so much with more credibility as far as national issues in the codes compared to the other guys.

She is also the commander and chief of the Alaska State Defense Force; a federally recognized militia, incorporated into Homeland Security’s counter-terrorism plans. She’s privy to military and intelligence secrets that are vital to the entire country’s defense. Given Alaska ’s proximity to Russia , she may have security clearances we don’t even know about. So, she is very much versed in the security and has very high national security, much higher than McCain or Obama. That’s why I see her much more involved, but the way that I see her involved isn’t for us either. I see her as buddy-buddy with Cain. Not McCain, but Cain the coming Maitreya.

Some of these higher up Illuminati people that are shells can be used as pawns. They often travel in UFO’s at night around the world. I remember…I talked about seeing Hillary Clinton in the codes a couple of years ago; one of those ladies books’…Thanks for the Memories; I think it was that one, and can’t remember her name…I’m trying to remember her name to give her credit for her own book. There was another book, Transformation of America. They talk about how these higher up Illuminati figures would have parties on UFOs and how the one was taken on a UFO once...I don’t know what she was doing…I don’t know if she was part of the party as a call girl or whatever or a waitress or caterer…I don’t know, but she talks about how they have these parties on UFOs all the time…these higher ups in the Illuminati.

It’s what I was seeing because she was either hitching a ride with Maitreya to view the damage on the southern border. Try to explain that one. I’m sure if she’s just one of these DID pawns, she can leave her body and not even know it. Pretty much like George Bush; he’s the same thing; one of these MPD/DID pawns. They can control him where one goes to sleep, the other goes to work. I don’t know how it works. They just have different personalities within one person. They have different host alter personalities; one goes away, and one comes out. Very interesting. It tries to explain some of the stuff that I see in the codes and try to make it make sense with what going on in reality that we see.

Another thing about Barack Obama. I want to talk about his name tonight. This was actually written by a Jewish rabbi The Honorable Dr. Rabbi Sollog Immanuel Adonai-Adoni. I don’t necessarily think he’s probably…with that kind of a name, but probably (not) legitimate. The article is very interesting so I’m going to talk about it. I’m really skeptical about serpent seed Jews that dominate Israel . When you read anything from a rabbi you think twice; is this a Torah believing Jew or a Satanist Talmud Jew? But you can’t escape linguistics. This is all about what words are being found in Hebrew and Greek in regards to names.

In Luke 10:18 Jesus states, I beheld Satan as Lightning fall from Heaven. Of course we know that Jesus was not His real Name; His real Name was Yahushua

Barack, also transliterated as Baraq in Hebrew, is lightening. Even in Greek, Barak is LIGHTNING. So the ONLY WAY, a Jewish Rabbi can say in Hebrew that Satan is lightening is, Satan Barack. A way of saying that Satan is lightening.

In the verses of Isaiah that refer directly to Lucifer in King James translations of Isaiah, Bama is used to refer to the Heights of Heaven (Isaiah 14:14) So Barak Obama in Hebrew linguistics or poetry would simply be translated as lightening in the heights (or the sky) of Heaven. Barack Obama would mean Satan is lightening in the heights of the Heaven and sky. That would be Hebrew for Satan is Lightning (Barack) and the heights (BAMA) of heaven or the sky.

If you were Satan, or Barack (Hebrew for Lightning), what army would you try to take control of so you could unleash 10,000 nukes upon mankind and destroy what he hates the most; which is humanity? If Satan were to become Barack himself; Barack meaning lightening. Interestingly, another world figure named Barack, is already in control of over 100 nukes and that’s the minister of Defense of Israel. He is named Barack.

In Matthew 24:27, Jesus explains how his coming will be connected to lightening, which is Barack.

Another way of looking at it: Matthew 24:27 For as the Lightning (Barack) cometh out of the east and shineth unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. Barack Obama grew up in the East, in the country of Indonesia and his political career is now about to shine upon the West, the United States.

Can it be the coming of the Son of Man is near?

I find it interesting that according to New Testament verses, Lightning or Barack is Satan and his travels from the East in Indonesia to his accession to the throne of power in the West, the United States, signals the Coming of the Son of Man.

That was really interesting because that is exactly what I’ve been seeing in the Bible codes; that one of the next things…one of the next events to come is the rapture of the faction of 144,000 off the Earth. When you look at this with Barack Obama, and how his name means lightening falling from Heaven…at that same time coming from the East. That could be translated that way and makes a lot of sense with things I’ve seen in the codes. You have the rise of Barack Obama and in the Bible codes he is often listed as the black Jesus; the Negro messiah. Very interesting.

Also the coming almost imminent rapture of the 144,000 which could come at any time. One of the most aggravating things though, is that they Lord does not live in linear time; neither are the codes. In the aspect “next” it could be next week, next year…it’s just next. At least its there. At least it says it’s coming next…we don’t know how soon next is, but it's next.

I’ve definitely being seeing "next" along different events for a long time now. Usually when you see it in the codes as next…the thing that’s aggravating too is that you don’t know if these next events listed will become public or just things that just happen in the background. It’s been one of the most exasperating things since I’ve been in the codes since 2001(I started posting them on the internet about 2002-2003) is the fact that so much goes on behind the scenes and not out as news media spectacles so everybody knows what’s going on. Everything is kept silent. They’re keeping things silent. Whatever the crisis is on the southern border; they’re keeping that silent and away from the media…away from public view. You can see it all over the codes...Bush silent, Cheney silent. They’re all very angry but keeping very quiet. Crisis, pandemic...things like that. So very interesting.

Also the coming leprosy plague. I don’t know what they would call it today; the modern day name. Look for that to rise again…leprosy. I was reading something last week about the star gate. The same time that they fired the Hadron Collider up, about a month earlier there were 21 or 28 American troops assigned to watch the stargate in Iraq and it talked about how most of them had committed suicide. Some had survived. The one comment that was interesting was that their bodies looked like they had been mummified and had been dead for like 500 years or whatever. It came to mind later that maybe they suffered that leprosy plague. Something weird happened to them. They were guarding this gate…this stargate Iraq and they were going to hook up the stargate to the Hadron Collider which is under the Swiss-France border. They fired that up on the 10th (Sept). What I saw in the codes was at that time there was a huge avalanche of the coming aliens, the coming freaks that I’ve been talking about.

Leprosy is Hanson’s disease. So look for a reprisal of that. Keep your ears open for that. It’s one of these plagues of the last days that I believe…I don’t know if it’s just going to hit normal people or just the tares. We’re keeping an eye out on that. Not only does the Lord have plagues as in judgment against the tares on the Earth, but our government has plagues as well that they plan on unleashing on mankind; especially some of these bio-attacks that they’re planning. I’ve seen Anthrax attacks coming from parachutes from airplanes. This is our government sending bio-attacks against American citizens. So watch out for that. Watch out for anything being parachuted from an airplane. Run! Don’t go see what it is. I’ve definitely seen them doing powder attacks and Anthrax attacks. I know they’re going to try to figure out some bio-attack against me here in Carrollton. It goes without saying. Probably many other cities involved. I don’t know why they even bother…Carrollton is barely a blip on a map. They’ll probably say it dropped out of an airplane as it flew by.

They’re up to stuff. They’re always up to something. I just keep my eyes on the codes. I don’t fear what they want to do; what they think they can do. God is much bigger than that; much bigger than them. If for some reason He wants to terminate the protection that He has around me and let them get to me, then fine…so be it...that’s His will. I’m really not worried about that. I’m more amused just sitting here watching them fail attempt after attempt after attempt to take me out and shut me up. So they go on to other people and harass them. It just never ends, folks.

I’ve tried to teach you how to combat them and how to ask the Lord to tear down and destroy their equipment. That’s how you learn how to combat what they are doing. We don’t have to take their crap, folks. If you’re being harassed by helicopters, ask the Lord to move it 100 feet and crash it. Take a camera out and start taking pictures. They’ll leave; they don’t want to be caught and plastered all over the internet. So just take a camera out and start taking pictures of them. Just get proactive. You don’t have to sit and take this crap. They’re enemies of the Lord and we have every right to defend ourselves from them. Do something, stand up and fight back. Do something.

I’ve notice that the orgoned areas; they’re mapping them out. There is some kind of a sensor; I don’t know what it is. She’s got one in Alaska. I thought that was interesting, Palin has some kind of a sensor in Alaska. Somehow they can find orgoned areas. I don’t know how they do it. Maybe she’s just afraid to death that it’s going to get in her area. It’s too late. It’s already there. We’ve got Orgone in Alaska. We’ve got it everywhere; they’re not going to run from us. They can’t run from us. Were not afraid of them, we're going to target where they are and get them.

They’re going to answer to the Lord. He can do whatever He wants with the Orgone. He can have it sit dormant and not do a thing. He can crank it up, make them sick and kill them off one by one. It’s His weapon and He can do with it what He wants. We’re just obedient and get it out where He leads us to get. I was real excited to hear of a warrior getting Alaska last week. Got a HAARP facility, Anchorage and several other places in Alaska. Just real excited to hear of that.

These are kids…these are kids. If it’s not the granny’s, it’s the kids. You’ve got to love this army. We’re one really funny looking army; I’ll tell you that. We're from 60…70 years old to 16, 12, 14, 18, 22. Just a real army. The only requirement you have to have to be in this army is to love the Lord. That’s the only requirement; love the Lord. That’s all He wants any of us to do. If you love the Lord, then He can lead and guide you. He is leading His Warriors to battle; to do heroics for Him in these last days. We don’t have a whole lot of time.

I wanted to give a heads up on the martial law that’s coming. They’re creating a lot of circumstances to try and get people riled up. You talk about Hurricane Ike, which I believe was a Russian weather weapon. Some people believe it’s just an American weather weapon. I believe it’s from Russia, because I believe they are angry that it wasn’t able to do as much damage as they had wanted it to. From listening to reports from people that live in Houston, it sounds to me like the media is hyping up the damage. That may be so that Russia backs off. We’ve already had a hurricane last week and one this week. Probably got another hurricane brewing out there somewhere. Definitely some cheap shots from Russia. I believe that Katrina was a Russian cheap shot. Ike was the same thing; a Russian cheap shot. Just coming after the Americans in retaliation for the things they are doing there; over there. I do believe there were earthquakes in Iran that were probably in retaliation for Ike. Just a lot of governments with sophisticated weapon toys that they have no business having. A lot of destruction caused because of these weather weapons.

Eventually its just going to turn into all out nukes. The United States is trying to push World War 3. Russia is just retaliating for the things that the United States is doing. Trying to be bullies in the Middle East and trying to get a stronghold in Russia’s own backyard. We know there’s going to be a war in the Middle East. Isaiah talks about Damascus being flattened. Damascus is the oldest, longest standing city having never been destroyed in a war. Isaiah talks about Damascus being flattened, so it’s going to be flattened. There is going to be a war coming between Israel, Iran and Syria. You know that somewhere America and Russia are going to be involved. That’s a gonna be…not an “if,” but a “when”; a when it’s going to happen.

What I think will happen is that when this Maitreya comes the dollar will crash and they’re pretty much going to take control of all the oil. They’ll have their own currency. This Maitreya is the first beast of Revelation. He’s the antichrist. I think I may have said in an article on my site that I believe that Jesus is the first beast and Maitreya was the second. It’s the other way around, Jesus is his deputy. Maitreya is a DNA clone of Cain. He’s going to be the antichrist and the one who’s going to set up a 10 nation confederacy and control the Mediterranean nations and the Middle Eastern oil. We’re going to see an attempt by him to take over the world for Islam. You’re seeing it now.

I was reading an article in the paper about Sharia and there are courts being set up in Europe for Sharia Law. Also finances are being set up to follow Sharia Law. I think there’s going to be a war; I talked about this a while ago – this good antichrist/bad antichrist scenario; the bad one would come first (Cain) and try to set up Islam and throw the world into turmoil. Then he’ll suffer some kind of a deadly blow. I don’t know if he’ll die. I see his death all the time in the codes but I don’t know if it’s him or the forces that are with him. I’ve always said they’re fair game. I do think that this Maitreya is going to die. During that time, Jesus will consolidate his powerbase as the false prophet, then Maitreya will come back, be worshipped as god and then they go on to the good antichrist scenario from then…with Jesus pretty much trying to convince the world that Maitreya is god….whatever. It’s kind of a mixture of what you see in John’s book of Revelation and what I see in the codes and putting bits and pieces together – a puzzle that I see.

(Phone ringing in background) Somebody is calling me. Don’t call me. Boy, that was annoying. That’s the first time I ever got a phone call from Yahoo. (LOL)

So anyway, that’s the way I see it; and all coming soon. Like I’ve said the codes refer to things as next, next; so it’s very hard to put a timeline on any of this stuff. The stock market crash is coming. It hits and bounces. What it does is…you saw it with the Bear-Stearns, now you’re seeing it with Lehman and Washington Mutual. One of them takes a hit; they stall and rebound for a little bit. Then a month or two later another bank will take a hit. They’re kind of doing it in bumps. I don’t know why they’re doing it that way. I know a lot of people are thinking that we’ll see a bad economic crash here in September. I know its there; it’s a possibility. If they’re going to pull it off or not. A lot of things that they start, they stop. They finally start to act on some script in their plan and then they’ll stop. Then they’ll delay it and pick it up a month or two down the road and start it again. You see all these bumps in the road…they start, stop, start, stop. I don’t know all the reasons they’re doing that, but that’s what they do. Because a lot of their plans get thwarted in someway. A lot of stuff going on behind the scenes that we don’t see.

Martial law will come, but most people don’t understand martial law. Martial law will be Satan’s war on the saints; the antichrists war on the Saints as described in Revelation chapter 13. It’s one of the first things he does; create a war on the saints. If this Maitreya (who I say is the antichrist) comes, declares a war on the infidels (which are the Saints) because they’re not going to bow to Allah the Moon God or to him as God for that matter. He’s going to be coming after everybody that’s in disagreement with him. You’re looking at a Sharia Law takeover of the world. Anybody who disagrees is going to be killed. It’s pretty much the same setup in Islam as it is in Talmudism. Either way, whoever worships Jesus as Messiah is committing blasphemy and worthy of death by beheading. You get that through the Talmud and the Koran; they both hate Jesus, Yahushua.

So anybody that worships Yahushua as the Son of God is worthy of death. That’s where all these martial law camps are going to come up, because millions are going to refuse to worship Allah as God or anyone else as God. They know that Yahushua is the Son of God. I don’t think the churches will call the duck for what it is. A duck is a duck is a duck; it’s the antichrist war on the saints. That’s exactly what’s coming when he comes to power. It’s one of the first things that he does, folks. When you see this Iranian Mahdi, Maitreya. Ahmadinejad talks about it all the time in Iran . He talks about his coming and his arrival. Watch for that; as soon as he arrives, the war on the Saints is going to start right after that.

It’s going to be nothing but war. It’s going to be nothing but war because you have Russia and the United States going at it over in the Middle East . Between Iran and Syria . Then you have Maitreya consolidating his powerbase with the ten Arab nations over there, so everything will be happening at once. Its one of the things I was telling my friend the other day; there is so much happening, it’s hard to tell what belongs to what sometimes. There is so much happening in the codes right now. Like I’ve said, the codes have moved to real time; the Lord is showing them in real time, the things that He wants me to see. There are a lot of different things happening at once.

I thought it was interesting that I often see Russian and Lithuanian in the codes. Somebody had sent me this thing on Sarah Palin’s lineage. Her grandmother was Lithuanian. I thought that was interesting because I often see Russian and Lithuanian in the codes and wondered where that was coming from. At least I have a start; it could be her lineage or it can be somebody who rises up in Lithuania or Russia . Lord knows, we have enough Russians here in our own government. Michael Chertoff, ex-KJB is directing our Homeland Security. Now you know why our police Gestapo’s are acting like a bunch of psychos. They’re being trained by Russians. It explains that doesn’t it?

Anyway, I’m going to check my emails. I don’t want to talk too long tonight because I’m so exhausted. I know that a lot of you are too. I’m going to have a long week, being one of the very few around here with electrical power.

Hi Sherry, I thank the Lord for your researches and your love towards us. My question is, when the crystals are too long and stick out of the muffin mold, do you lay it down or let it stick out of the resin?

Answer: you can lay it or leave it stick out of the resin. You can take a hammer to it and bust it in half. I mean, it’s not going to hurt it to stick out of the resin a little bit.

Question: How many Orgone do you suggest per tower?

Answer: Probably about 4. I don’t know…it depends on how ghastly the thing is; how big it is. Get various distances from the tower. Don’t get right up on it because they do maintenance to these towers and they’ll find it. Get it near the tower; get a little further out…a little further out. You don’t want them finding the Orgone that you’re putting out around towers. I know a lot of people are targeting towers.

Sherry, do you know that they Dow fell over 500 points today?

Answer: Yeah. Years ago I had talked about the 6th seal. The worldwide earthquake of the 6th seal and the silence in Heaven for one-half hour before the trumpet judgment starts. Interesting that earthquake can also mean crashing, or gigantic, crashing, earthquake. How about an economic crash? An economic earthquake. Because it talks about how all the cities around the world are leveled and probably translated correctly it’s not as drastic as that. But that’s a thought that I had years ago; that the 6th seal was a worldwide economic crash and not this worldwide earthquake per say that flattens every single city, because it’s too early for that. You would have to put the seals at the end of the tribulation period, then that wouldn't make sense. I’m one of these people that I put the 7 seals first, then the 7 trumpets and then the 7 bowls. That’s the way that John laid it out. There is silence in Heaven for the space of one-half hour after the sixth seal and then the trumpet begins. The judgments are in succession to each other. The 7 seals happen, the 7 trumpets and the 7 bowls happen. So, it’s too early in the prophetic script or stage for all the cities of the world to be literally flattened by an earthquake. The way I interpret the 6th seal is a worldwide economic crash.

The Dow Jones falling 500 today…you know it’s coming. It’s not if, but when. Most of the Lord's people have been trying to prepare for years to survive the coming economic crash and things like that. It’s around the corner if you look at it that way. If you look at the seals like I do. I see the 3rd and 4th seals; the arrival of Maitreya and Sananda, then the antichrist war on the saints is the 5th seal and the economic crash is the 6th seal. I still think that before this world-wide economic crash happens there will be the antichrist war on the saints. That doesn’t mean there won’t be some kind of uproar here in the United States , because they do have over 700 internment camps set up to put people into. Whether they are New World Order bigmouths that they want to shut up or begin the antichrist war on the saints and start loading them into these internment camps. That’s the way I see it.

I see the seals as Maitreya the rider of the black horse. Of course, Barack Obama says his name is Mohammed Barack and that means rider of the black horse. I don’t know if these two will switch or not, but we have the black horse rider and the pale horse and the antichrist war on the saints and then the world-side economic crash; direct events I see coming. I do see the rapture of the saints before the 4th horseman arrives. Not the saints as in the entire church, but the faction of the 144,000 that the Lord will protect who have already been tested. He is going to throw the church into testing and that’s why you have the antichrist war on the saints. It is allowed, to test the church believers.

The Lord's warriors that have been doing for the last several years as warriors for the Most High have already been tested. Their faith has already been tested. He doesn’t need to test them anymore. He’ll take them to Heaven to protect them. We’ll be able to come back down a later time in the tribulation with better and bigger bodies. We’ll really kick some butt and that’ll be a lot of fun. That’s what I look forward to the most. Until then, we’ll just be continually spied on and harassed by these spy satellites.

A way of protecting yourself, I’ve told you is putting Mylar blankets on the inside of the windows of your home. That way, tech beams can’t come in. You’ll see these little white beams coming in your windows. You can keep them out with Mylar blankets. You can find them at; they’re $4 for a dozen. Get those; tape them to your windows and they’ll keep the tech beams out. For ELF attacks, microwave attacks, the Orgone will help to an extent; especially with ELF attacks. For the microwave attacks, best I can tell you to do is make sure the Mylar is on you windows; it’ll keep the beams out at least. I’ve been fried by that myself before I learned that one. It’s just miserable, really painful.

Comment from a listener: I was driving from Philly back to Detroit through Pittsburgh with my dad. I saw a UFO falling from the sky. This was no falling star; it was wobbling down. It was a bit past Pittsburgh heading west. About 30 minutes later we were detoured off the highway for about 45 minutes around the highway.

Sherry: Yeah, they’re falling all over the place. You’ve probably heard my song, Its Raining UFOs.

Question: How much can I send to make a sufficient amount of Orgone?

Sherry: Go to, folks. You can order it there. You can get supplies; I have a supply link there. People that live in apartment buildings and condos that can’t make Orgone there, go to a public park. That’s what I do when I’m on the road and need to make more Orgone. I always take my supplies with me. Just go to a park. Get off the road somewhere where there are no other people because this stuff stinks to high heaven and takes about an hour to dry. You don’t want to be around where there are people, because the fiberglass resin really has a strong odor to hit.

Anyway, until next week everybody, Yah bless.

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