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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Is The Earth's Net Going To Catch On Fire This Month?

I've been sitting here thinking over various pieces of the puzzle, things I've heard, or read, or seen in the Bible Codes, or whatever, and trying to analyze possible scenarios that could be played out over this month.

I can't ignore reverse speaking right now without a good reason to, it's basically just a new tool or technology and hasn't been tested enough to know if it's real or garbage in regards to future events. I guess we'll find out.

In regards to Reverse Speech, those who have been analyzed since last year kept talking about an upcoming event and they needed to get off the earth. This from the reverse speech analysis of media personalities and politicians.

They refer to the net being burned.

Not the internet, but possibly the electromagnetic net that surrounds the earth, or, what came to my mind tonight as I sit here..the veil that the Lord put over the earth after the fall of man.

Think about it.

The atmosphere during the Garden of Eden was one unlike we have today. And we've seen in he plans of the illuminati to restore earth's atmosphere to it's original Garden of Eden atmosphere. I believe a veil was put over the earth that changed our atmosphere, and this is the veil or "net" that will be lifted in the last days. In other words, taken off, destroyed, in this instance, burned.

It's also possible these are two completely different nets..I don't know if they are the same thing or different.

I believe the Illuminati has already attempted to do it by blasting us with chemtrails, one of the many nefarious reasons for that program.

There's some who claim that it is PX coming in that will cause the net to catch fire and that's possible.

I've mentioned before on this blog about seeing our atmosphere on fire in the Bible codes and not really knowing what to think about that or why it happens.

So here's the gist, if somehow our atmosphere catches on fire, and this is the lifting of the veil, or the destruction of our electromagnetic net we would probably see a red haze over earth, our skies would be red...i.e. red sky.

Another thing is the incredible heat caused by this. Also, would it cause our satellites to stop working? If so, most people would probably find themselves stranded on roads and highways, under a burning intense heat, with probably no water or protection from the heat. Millions could die of heat strokes alone. Perhaps the electrical grid goes down, millions, perhaps billions on the planet would be without electricity, air conditioning, or even fans to help them against the blistering heat.

I'm not trying to be an alarmist and I don't have a "thus saith the Lord." Just thinking over various scenarios here.

How long would it last? Is this the 3 days of darkness others have talked about or predicted? If the atmosphere is on fire, it would certainly block the sun from shining forth it's light, and the moon.

Usually when you hear about this 3 days of darkness it's usually during the last weeks for a December. What if it's this month instead? Just something to think about. And since no one seems to have a real certainty on this, something to prepare for.

Would heat temperatures reach over 130 degrees? It's possible. Could you survive it for 3 days without electric or being stranded somewhere on the road?

Here's some survival tips:

Stock up on aluminum foil to cover your windows with to keep the heat from penetrating through your windows.Fill your bathtub and sinks with cold water. Not only can use it for water to drink if necessary, you can dunk your head in it to keep cool. You might also want to keep a wet towel wrapped around your head. Do not go outside and be sure to lock your doors. Be ready to defend your home from those in a panic, or looters.

If you have generators, stock up now on gas in case you'll need them to run your AC or fans. Don't put off waiting for a crises to actually happen before you buy a generator. One is always handy to keep around. If you have electric/battery generators make sure they are charged up and ready to go. Keep your car close in case you have to recharge the battery.

Stock up on gallons of water and canned foods, things you won't have to cook that you can eat cold. Get a manual can opener. If you have MRE's or dehydrated, or freeze dried foods you're already way ahead of most people.

Fill garbage cans with water or drums, or swimming pools, or whatever you have that can hold water and cover them so it doesn't evaporate in the intense heat.

At the first sign of an unusual intense heat and/or red skies, get in your home and start preparing by covering the windows and getting water ready and make preparations for the probability of the electric going out. Seal off areas of your house and concentrate on just keeping one or two areas cool.

Do not drive your car. If the satellites go out, all cars probably made within the past 26 years will not run. Most, if not all have electronic chips in them that will malfunction and stop the car from running.If you are somewhere and your car not stay with the car...if you want to survive get somewhere that can shelter you for 3 days. It wouldn't hurt to put gallons of water and some ER food in your trunk. You'll never know when or if you'll need it and you'll be glad you have it if you do.

13-inch tv's won't drain as much juice from generators as larger ones do. Also get a wind up radio so you can stay informed on what's going on. You can buy those at websites that sell solar related products. I also have them at

Even after 3 days, be cautious of even thinking of leaving your home. It could be complete anarchy on the streets once the heat subsides and people who didn't prepare and are hungry will be looking for food.

That's just my thoughts for now based on all the findings from Reverse Speech and what they allude to... and they are all are frantic to get off the earth this month on a UFO the Nephilim, human hybrid children of the illuminati, what are termed as the "elite" have built. This would be most of our politicians folks from around the world! The Nephilim (elite) dominate our politics, economics, banking and religions.

Yes, George Bush Jr. is a Nephilim, as is Cheney, Rice, Dum Rum and all the others..

Yes, they have the technology to build a UFO. They have many already but have been building a huge one in the Iraqi desert or perhaps in an underwater base for years that they all plan on boarding to escape earth at a predestined time this month. All that's been gleaned from Reverse Speech in regards to this UFO and it's whereabouts is that there is a entrance/tunnel leading to it from one of the museums in Iraq.

So don't plan on help from the government! They're all ready and preparing to run to try and save themselves.

I guess time will tell what or if anything happens this month that they're so afraid of.

Time will tell, but it won't hurt to be prepared for yourself and your families for just in case.

Seek Yah and ask Him to lead and guide you for what to do this month, if anything.

Yah bless His Saints!

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